How to have a safe holiday?

Between the hustle and bustle of Christmas and arrival of winter, you may need to be aware of the safety problems the season brings. The weather begins to get chilly, you have to spend more time driving, and the pressures of socializing can also get burdensome!
Below are a few holiday safety tips for San Mateo citizens to make sure the season is safe for you and your loved ones.

Shopping safety:

Christmas is the time for celebration. Malls are packed with gift displays, luring shoppers to buy more than they can carry. Here are some helpful tips that need to be kept in mind during shopping.
Ø  Stay aware of the surroundings around you.
Ø  Park in a well-lit area, near the locked car
Ø  Never carry too much cash. Pay with credit cards when possible.
Ø  Do not get overburdened with packages
Ø  Another important suggestion is to hire a yellow cab to travel for shopping. Using a reputed transportation provider ensures that you are safe during your journey, especially if you have kids.

Pet safety:

Pets need a lot of attention during the holidays. Holiday decorations and cold weather can bring new set of issues. For instance, cats get extremely vulnerable to ice and snow and have to be kept inside at all times. Dogs, on the other hand, can be taken for supervised walks but should also remain indoors most of the time. Holiday decoration is also threatening for the animals if they chew on them.

Vacation safety:

Most people are homeward bound during the holidays. Hence, it’s only obvious that they will be targeted by opportunistic burglars. Here are some tips that must be followed:
Ø  Never publicize your vacations ahead of time.
Ø  In case your house will remain vacant, request San Mateo authorities to drive by your house once in a while to keep an eye.  
Ø  Stop any deliveries of newspapers and mail or ask a friend to collect them when you’re gone.
Ø  Make sure you leave information about where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.
Ø  Allow your neighbor to use your garbage can occasionally.
Ø  Never leave the lights on for 24 hours a day.
Ø  Turn the telephone bell down to low.

Staying safe while socializing:

Parties and lunches are the order of the season. Hence, it’s only natural that you will indulge in some drinking with friends and co-workers. To avoid drinking and driving it is best to call a cab. San Mateo boasts of several cab companies that operate twenty four hours during the holidays. Most of these providers are known to be safe as they offer trained drivers, on constant surveillance.

Tips for Visitors

If you’re visiting San Mateo County for the holidays make sure you’re aware of the traffic and drinking laws of the county. Also, when it comes to travel, authorities suggest hiring a cab or using public transportation to be on the safer side. Apart from this, being aware of your surroundings at all times and never traveling alone at night is advised.
San Mateo has a committed work force that is known for its organizational style, professionalism, and responsiveness. They offer excellent public facilities and make sure citizens and tourists are safe all year round. The authorities are particularly vigilant during the holidays. Hence, the rate of crime is much lower. However, to stay on the safer side, it is best to use yellow cabs instead of personal vehicles and also avoid driving when drunk. It is also a good idea to stay patient and alert so that no one in the family gets injured or hurt.