Thursday, 27 March 2014

Activities for Seniors in San Mateo

Most seniors have to adjust to having a lot of free time after reaching a certain age, and because the elderly need physical movement that match their ability, many states offer social, recreational, and physical activities, created especially for seniors. This is especially true in San Mateo, one of the places where numerous senior centers cater to the requirements of citizens who are sixty five years and older.

San Mateo Senior Center

The San Mateo Senior Center is known to host a mix of several activities. Almost every day, there can be a dozen activities happening from a history seminar to yoga classes, bingo and billiards. The facility even has chef prepared meals.

Regular Senior Center Programs:
  • Bingo: the game is organized every Wednesday from two in the afternoon to four in the evening.
  • Book Discussion Group: the group meets on every 2nd Tuesday at ten in the morning. There is no requirement for pre-registration to join the group. Drop-ins are welcome.
  • Computer Lab Classes: regular computer classes are held at the center to expose the elderly to new technologies and to make them internet savvy.
  • Movie and Lunch: on Thursdays at noon, all seniors are welcome to enjoy a movie with their friends while having hot dogs for lunch.
  • Drop in Billiards: those interested in billiards can sharpen their game every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from one in the afternoon to four in the evening.
  • Senior Center Band: from nine till eleven in the afternoon, every Friday, seniors can reconnect with their musical side with the help of band volunteers who encourage them to sing and play.
  • Senior Center Chorus: on every Friday from ten till eleven in the afternoon, music lovers can get together to sing away with fellow mates.

The San Mateo Japanese Garden:

Apart from enjoying all the activities at the senior Center, the elderly can also visit attractions such as the Japanese Garden. The place is located at central park and is an extremely tranquil spot. The design and variety of flora found in the garden is breathtaking. Seniors can amble around in the garden to spend a day relaxing and enjoying nature.

Central Park:

The park is centrally located and boasts of a swarm of lovely gardens, and sports courts. There are also several restaurants nearby that offer a variety of cuisines. It is a great place to hold picnics and spend a day with family and friends.

Horseshoe Cove:

This is a quiet and scenic beach located between Pescadores and Pomponio state parks. For seniors who love the sun, sea and sand, this is a great place to be.

Pigeon Point lighthouse:

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is believed to be one of the most striking lighthouses in the United States. The tower has been a landmark for approaching ships from the south for a very long time. It stands on a rocky promontory. It took its name from a ship named Carrier Pigeon that wrecked at this place in 1853.

San Mateo County boasts of a variety of services to support the requirements of aging adults and to assist in independent living. Apart from running senior centers, offering senior friendly parks and supporting several assisted living facilities, there are also discounted yellow cabs that run to and from several cities to help the elderly travel. These yellow cabs, if hired from reputed transportation providers, are extremely safe and well maintained. Drivers of these vehicles are well versed with the shortest routes and the best places to go. One of the best ways to find out about these facilities is to look for them online. Most providers have websites depicting their rates and contact information. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Child Care Centers in San Mateo

San Mateo boasts of several child development centers. While some are intimate daycare facilities that have a very relaxed approach to childcare others offer progressive curriculums. Whatever may be your priority, finding the right center for your kids is important. Here are some centers that are dedicated to providing parents with quality and safe childcare.

Bay Meadows KinderCare:

The center has a capacity of 102 kids and caters to children of age group six weeks to twelve years. Bay Meadows KinderCare works towards enriching the child's development, fostering respect for fellow humans, and celebrating the beauty of childhood. The center boasts of a dedicated team of professionals who are eager to enhance a child's IQ.

Beresford Montessori:

Beresford Montessori has a capacity of approximately 40 kids. The center tries to provide a nurturing and loving environment that works on holistic development of a child. The staff focuses on the intellectual, physical and psychological well-being, and enhanced social awareness of a child. The center has developed an applied philosophy that pays equal attention to all these facets and encourages children to grow to their fullest potential.

Bunker Hill:

Bunker Hill focuses on developing language and listening skills of a child. Kids also develop new interests and explore their creativity, learn how to socialize, become self-reliant and grow in self-confidence. The center has a capacity of twenty four kids.

Carey School:

Carey school works on the philosophy to unify the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical dimensions of the students to allow them to gain knowledge in the most modern way. The center boasts of a faculty that is informed by current research. They place a lot of importance on enhancing the child’s natural curiosity with the aim to produce students who flourish at their next school inside and outside the classroom.

Centennial Montessori School:

Centennial Montessori School was founded with the sole reason of creating a program that assists every child in reaching their full potential. Highly trained teachers hold an AMI degree while the assistants are bilingual and have proper early childhood training. The school has a capacity of 54 kids.

Kinder Academy Montessori:

Kinder Academy Montessori provides year round kindergarten and preschool programs for kids in the age group of two to six years. The facility offers full day, half day, and extended care. The teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced. They are dedicated towards meeting every child's emotional, cognitive, and social requirements.

Serendipity School:

Serendipity School’s kindergarten, elementary and private preschool programs promote social, cognitive, academic and emotional development of a child in ways created to further curiosity and creativity. The environment inside the center respects the developmental needs of a student. The curriculum encompasses every child’s participation, enthusiasm, interest, and ideas. Children at Serendipity School are encouraged to express their ideas without having to face artificial or subjective restrictions. The well-educated, loving, and experienced staff encourages and guides students while regarding individual talents, temperaments, and abilities.

If you are a working parent and reside in San Mateo, you certainly want the best for your child while you’re away. Putting your kids in reputed child care centers can certainly take a lot of pressure off of you. You can read online reviews about several childcare providers to know the right choice. Also, one of the best ways to travel to and from the facility is to take a yellow cab. Taking a yellow cab ensures that you will reach the place on time and can spend some alone time with your child along the way. Moreover, because the drivers are governed by strict rules laid down by transportation companies, passengers remain safe.