Physical Activity Programs for San Mateo County Citizens

The local recreation departments of San Mateo County have come up with the Active Access Initiative program that promotes healthy lifestyle within the community by providing the residents low cost and free physical activities across several cities.

The main aim of promoting cost-effective, accessible, attractive opportunities for people is to make them health conscious and more active. The events are normally hosted by agencies that have the required infrastructure to promote and facilitate physical activities. There is no prior requirement for registration and interested individuals can start attending as many activities and events as they like.

Every city has a list of events, including community events and Active Zone events. Active Zone events are hosted and organized by Active Access and are normally held on a weekly basis.

Atherton: Walk the Stanford Dish

The event will take place every second Saturday starting from June 2. The location is Alpine Road & Piers Lane and includes moderate to vigorous four to five mile walk.

Belmont: Low Impact Aerobics

The class takes place on Monday and Wednesday at 9:30PM at Twin Pines Senior & Community Center. It is offered to people aged fifty and over and does not require registration.

Brisbane: Summit Trail

This walk comes under the self-guided walks listing and is about three miles long which takes around two hours.  The location is San Bruno Mountain.

Burlingame: Chan Meditation

Classes are held every Saturday at 2 PM. Participants can learn and practice meditation as per the Chen (Zen) tradition. Instructions and guidance is offered by a Buddhist monk.

Colma: Tot Gym and Jam

The sessions take place every Tuesday. It is a great opportunity for parents and toddlers to socialize and enjoy their play time in a secure environment.  Kids experience different play features that enhance their coordination, mental balance and flexibility.

Daly City: Stretch Yoga, for beginners and intermediate

The class takes place on Saturday from 11:45 AM to 1PM. It includes pilates and yoga to improve strength, balance, breathing, proper body alignment, and teaches how to relax.

Foster City: Table tennis

Parks and Rec Dept. at Foster City holds table tennis events every Tuesday and Friday at 11 AM. Participants can compete with each other or can play to enhance their skills.

Half Moon Bay: Gentle Exercise

On Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 10 AM, Senior Coastsiders holds gentle exercises for older adults. This is to improve the flexibility and strength of their legs and arms.

Menlo Park: drop-in badminton

On Sunday’s at 6:30 PM to 9:30PM, Arrillaga Family Gym offers the drop-in badminton facility. Participants can enhance their badminton skills or compete against one another to stay in shape.

Active Access Collaborative meets after every three months to discuss the success and failures of the project.  The Collaborative has 2 subcommittees: Older Adults and General Audience.  The committees meet on planning specific steps of action and support for the audiences.

This is a great opportunity for the people of San Mateo to socialize while keeping themselves in good shape. One of the best ways to travel to these events and activities is to hire a taxi cab. There are several transportation services in San Mateo County that can be availed to travel from one city to another.