Vehicle Occupant Safety Program for the Kids of San Mateo

With more than twenty million vehicles, and almost two hundred thousand miles of roadway, almost every one of the eight million kids is exposed to traffic-related disability, death and injury routinely.  To avoid such fatalities, experts believe in using child restraints and seat belts.

The VSOP Program:

Injuries related to motor vehicle are avoidable, yet motor vehicle crashes remain one of the biggest causes of disability and death for children.  VOSP or Vehicle Occupant Safety Program tries to prevent deaths and injuries to toddlers and infants in California by correcting misuse and increasing the use of child safety seats.

The agency works very closely with hospitals, local health departments, child care providers, community agencies, municipal court systems, and other agencies to create educational programs related to child passenger safety to benefit families.

During the past few years, VOSP has been able to develop statewide child passenger safety network successfully.  Through this system, local agencies jointly campaign for stronger legislation and policies and work towards changing the administrative practices of law enforcement, hospitals, child care, education, and other entities. They also try to develop stronger local networks; and conduct consistent evaluation that offers accurate information about the data. VOSP, in association with several partners offers the structure to generate a sustainable child occupant system.

General Tips
  • Kids, till the age of 12, should remain in the back seat when travelling.
  • Never use a safety seat that has passed expiration date
  • All objects in the vehicle must be stored in the trunk to avoid injury.
  • Kids must stay in the booster seat till they are tall enough to fit in the adult lap/shoulder belt properly.
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