Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Colleges in San Mateo County

San Mateo colleges are an important part of the overall higher education system of California. From pioneering education offered to women to part-time courses for people of all backgrounds, San Mateo colleges serve to prepare and educate students to become useful members of the society. Here is a list of the best colleges in San Mateo County:

College Of San Mateo:

Established in 1922, the college of San Mateo serves almost ten thousand students every semester. CSM offers 67 A.A./A.S. degree majors, 99 majors, and 67 certificate programs, catering to students with varying academic goals.
Student services provided by CSM include counseling, health services, financial aid, disabled students services and programs, extended opportunity programs, transfer center, student activities, psychological services, employment and much more.

Menlo College

Menlo College is a private baccalaureate institution that specializes in business.  Traditional day programs provide bachelor's degrees in finance, accounting, human resources management, general business management, international management, marketing, psychology, sports management, etc. There are also separate studies program for working adults.

Notre Dame de Namur University  

This is a private Catholic university located in Belmont. It is known to be the fifth oldest college in the state of California. The university has been organized into three main schools: school of business and management, college of arts and sciences, and school of education and leadership. There are 12 graduate and 22 undergraduate degrees and 4 credentials for students to choose from.
In addition, Notre Dame also provides evening bachelor’s degree programs and online degree program for working adults.

Fuller Northern California

Fuller Northern California has two campuses; one in Menlo Park and the other in Sacramento. Students can earn a master’s degree in Theology, M.A in theology and ministry, a master’s in intercultural studies, and several other degrees.

Cañada College

Cañada College is one of the smallest community colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. It offers more than forty instructional programs under humanities and social sciences, business, design and workforce and science and technology.

Skyline College

Skyline College is another community college located in San Mateo County. It provides more than eighty certificate programs and associate degrees. Skyline also offers transfer programs to universities and four-year colleges through transfer admission guarantees.

Online community colleges

Working professionals who want to enhance their skills may be overwhelmed by the idea of taking out time for a full time coursework. One way to avoid a scheduling nightmare is to enroll in online courses. Several online programs offer good quality education that can be completed during the hours that are convenient for the student. A lot of San Mateo based community colleges provide online courses that can result in accredited degrees.

San Mateo certainly takes good care of its students. There is no dearth in the number of colleges and courses available to cater to varying needs. Moreover, the county leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing good transportation facilities. There are public buses and yellow taxis that cover almost every route. Whether the student needs a ride back home late at night or has an early class to attend, yellow cabs are always ready to pick and drop off the student on time.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

6 things you should know before driving in San Mateo

How do you drive in a place where most of the lane changes and turns are done without signaling? A place where accidents can practically bankrupt you? A place where you may need air-conditioning and snow chains in the same hour while driving? What does it take to drive in a beautiful county of San Mateo?

Understand the car culture:

Firstly, you need to remember that San Mateo, like all of California, is a car culture. You cannot survive for too long without a vehicle. The place was designed for cars. The suburban and urban planning assumes that every citizen owns personal transport, and almost all tourist facilities have been built on the theory that everyone at least has access to a vehicle.

Unfortunately, because of this, everyone drives, which means there's too much of dangerous and bad driving. Respect for the law is less in comparison to states where driving is a privilege. Also, in case you’re a tourist, you will feel intimidated by all the mismanagement. You really have to be an experienced and skilled driver to tackle Californian traffic.

Plan your start time.

If you want to drive safe, be aware that people have to commute to work in the morning on the road you'll be driving. Hence, stagger your start time, either wait till the rush hours are over, or till the smoke clears. There's no rush anyway, nothing like the afternoon light as it mixes with wisps of coastal fog.

Slow down.

It may be tempting to make time by trying to overtake cars or breaking free from the traffic snarls, but it’s not wise. The best thing to do in such situations is to pull over at one of the turnouts and relax for a minute. San Mateo is a beautiful county and if the only image you make of it is that it has terrible traffic, you did it wrong.

If you're in a hurry, take the freeway.

Do not drive in a rush through the residential areas or lanes with schools. You are prone to put yourself and someone else in danger. It is best to take a freeway if you’re in a hurry.

Understand the driving rules.

Driving rules vary from state to state. Hence, it is very important that you know the rules well to stay away from traffic tickets and parole.  The more literate you are about California laws, easier it will be for you to drive around.

Always take the yellow cab.

As mentioned earlier, California is a car culture. You cannot expect to hop on a bus or metro every fifteen minutes here. If you want to travel around you will need a personal conveyance. The best and safest option is the yellow taxi. Yellow cab drivers are experts in navigating through San Mateo traffic. They know the shortest routes and the best attractions around the county. Moreover, most cabs have state-of-the-art GPS system installed so that cabs can reach their destinations on time.

Driving in San Mateo is an experience in itself. However, if you want to avoid the nasty traffic and stress, hop into a taxi cab. This service certainly makes life easier.