Wednesday, 27 August 2014

7 reasons why you should live in San Mateo

If you’re looking to live close to famous beaches, metropolitan centers, wine country, national parks, surfing, and more, then San Mateo is the place to be. The county offers a quaint and unique taste of the Californian culture and is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. It engulfs most of the San Francisco Peninsula. The built-up areas of San Mateo are normally suburban with some areas being extremely urban, and home to numerous corporate campuses.

The landscaping:

Houses in San Mateo may not all be fancy but they are extremely welcoming – Small green lawns that are blown neat and edged symmetrically;  perfectly placed grasses planted alongside drought-tolerant plants such as flowering sage, yucca palm, rosemary, lemon, and fig designed to look as natural and casual as San Mateo itself.

Friendly people:

The people of San Mateo are extremely open and friendly.  This may be because of the warm sunshine, mild climate, and blue sky.  Or perhaps the endless ocean and the delicious evening fog that makes the place exude a pleasant energy.  Neighbors are smiling and trustworthy. In fact the whole vibe of San Mateo is trusting and warm that makes it a great place to call home.


San Mateo is a diverse blend of locals and people from across the country and world, living together as a community. People stop and talk to each other on the streets.  Several languages are heard including Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and Japanese. The residents are a lot tolerant; there are no confining strictures or class-based impediments.

Work opportunities:

There is no lack in the work opportunities offered by San Mateo. Living in the county feels like living in a culture that’s driven by achievement.  There’s a motivation for perfection among the working class.

Physical activities:

San Mateo caters to people who like to live healthy. There are several gyms, yoga studios, Pilates, Zumba, and skinny jeans classes that take place throughout the week.  There are also several junior gyms to get the kids started early.  Apart from this, people in San Mateo like to hike, swim, run, road bike, kite board, mountain bike, surf and paddleboard to stay fit and energized.


There’s an impressive pool of restaurants: Italian eateries, Mexican cantinas, Irish pubs, Brazilian Steakhouses and Korean noodle houses.  There are several Chinese and Sushi restaurants, all-American diners, Indian buffets, healthy cafes, juice bars and coffee stores.  Several grocery shops have organic vegetables and fruits, sustainable fish and free-range meat.


Residents at San Mateo are ecofriendly. Hence, they are normally seen driving hybrid cars or taking public transportation such as buses. Some also prefer to walk or use a bicycle for local excursions. One of the most popular modes of transportation, however, is the yellow taxi. There are several privately owned transportation companies that provide yellow cabs for people to avail when they have to travel from one city to another or even locally.

San Mateo is a socio-economically diverse and multi-cultural county that’s laden with opportunity. It offers everything a resident can possibly hope for in terms of a good career, lifestyle, and environment. However, before making the decision of shifting to SM from your home town, make sure you research well. It is also a good idea to pay a short visit to the county before settling in permanently.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Best places to visit for Music lovers in San Mateo

Venues with live bands can be found all over the county of San Mateo. While some places offer only live shows, others bring in a DJ to get the crowd going. Some of the places even double as cafes to add something for those interested in the music culture. Here are some great hangouts for those who love music!

B Street & Vine:

B Street and Vine is a wine cafe located in downtown San Mateo between 3rd and 4th. The eatery is open seven days a week and features a variety of Panini, soups, bruschetta, salads, desserts, wine and a range of beers. There is a live band that plays at the background every night to entertain the guests. The volume is perfect and the music is soothing.

McGovern’s Bar:

Located at 215 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, McGovern’s Bar, offers lively music on the weekends (Saturday nights). The bar has local bands and good DJ’s performing most Saturday nights. The bartenders are extremely friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Central Park Music Series:

The Central Park Music Series is a signature summer event of the City of San Mateo. The city sponsors this event annually to provide the attendees with memorable summer evenings of free live music. Whether you want to socialize or sing and dance the night away, the affair is sure to offer a great time.

O'Neill's Irish Pub:

Located in the heart of San Mateo, O’Neill is a grand Irish pub that brings in exciting local bands to play live music for the customers. The pub also arranges for a DJ every now and then to get everyone to dance to the latest beats. Although O'Neill'sdoes not have its own kitchen, customers can ask the bar tender to get them their favorite meal from the neighboring restaurants.

Lindy Central:

Lindy Central hosts several swing & lindy hop dance venues of the Bay area.  The classes are held to promote dancing in general and partner dancing in particular. These events are a great way for couples to bond and enjoy some time together.

All Spice:

Located in El Camino Real, All Spice is a dining destination that offers evocative American Cuisine. The wine list features producers from across the world. It is a must visit for food and music lovers.

El Sinaloense:

Located in Palm Avenue, San Mateo, El Sinaloense offers a scrumptious variety of Mexican seafood dishes such as raw oysters, shrimps, prawns, and octopus prepared in a typical way. Apart from the good food, customers can also enjoy the live band that plays amazing music and adds to the ambiance and mood.

Yakitori KOKKO:

Located at 509 2nd Ave, San Mateo, Yakitori KOKKO provides its customers with a delectable variety of foods including, beef tongue, gizzard, lamb chops, chicken heart, scallops, and duck breast. The lively atmosphere and pop music makes the experience even sweeter.

Whether its soothing slow rock or peppy dance numbers, San Mateo offers a range of places for music lovers to hang out and have a good time. The good news is, the county also takes measures to ensure the safety of its citizens by providing yellow cabs. There are numerous yellow cab services that work after hours to make sure everyone goes home safely.