Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Safest towns of San Mateo County

There is no bigger responsibility that providing a safe environment for your family to live in. Finding a safe town in San Mateo is the very first step towards achieving this goal. Here are some of the safest places to call home in the county.

Foster City

The average household income in Foster City is nearly twice the state median, and the unemployment rates are as low as 4.2 percent. Foster City boasts of safe neighborhoods and a strong economy. The place has also been recognized by “Money” magazine as one of the best places to live in America in 2009, while Forbes ranked it number 10 on its countdown of America’s top twenty-five towns to live well in.

Moving your family to one of the neighborhoods here will mean you’ll enjoy family-friendly festivals, enrichment workshops, and a teen center dedicated to offering several supervised activities. Dances, sports tournaments, and other special events are also always on the calendar. You can even enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming, or can try a new sport, such as windsurfing or standup paddle boarding.


Nestled between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco, the charming town of Pacifica offers a satisfying quality of life that includes plenty of family related events and programs. The town also promotes healthy living by promoting farmer’s markets.

You can spend date nights in art shows or live plays, or pack your picnic dinner and go to the beach to stare at the perfect sunset. Enrichment classes and volunteer opportunities make sure you’re never out of work. Moreover, if you have kids then Pacifica’s world class skate park, monthly teen dances, family swims, and school music programs are sure to keep them happy. All this, plus the safe streets is a great combination!


If fascinating stretches of open space and tree covered hills sounds appealing, Belmont should be your town of choice. Perfectly located between San Jose and San Francisco, the affluent city is at the center of the state’s technologically and culturally rich area. Known as a quaint, quiet community, Belmont is a town where neighbors know each other on a first name basis, and new residents are welcomed with love.

If you’re looking to make new friends then you’ll find several clubs to be involved with. From Community Theater to Cub Scouts, there’s a body for almost every interest in Belmont. When the weekend rolls around, take the loved ones to the farmer’s market to taste the country’s freshest harvest, plus baked goods, fresh flowers and entertainment. Or, head to the community and senior and center for a range of classes such as hula, seminars, free movies, exercise programs, and also day trips.

Feeling safe is an extremely important part of staying happy, no matter where you live. To add to your safety and convenience, San Mateo County offers yellow taxi services. These private providers are available 24/7 to pick and drop you safely from one destination to another. All drivers are well trained and have to undergo proper background check before getting their license to drive.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to call a yellow cab from the airport?

All of us have been there. Stuck at the airport late at night trying to reach home and there is no taxi in sight. In states like California, it's smart to call a taxi service rather than to wait for a cab to show up. New technology helps connect taxi companies to customers with online booking and mobile applications. Analyze your best option and you'll be taxiing to your destination in no time.
Here are some of the best ways to find a cab when you’re stuck at an airport in California:

Book a cab online

Visit the website of a reputed taxi provider. Enter the required information such as, your state and city, zip code, and pick up time, in the correct fields. Click "Submit" and expect the provider to confirm your booking. It is best to check the reputation of the company before taking the final call. You should also compare the rates the taxi provider is charging in comparison to other companies.

If you don’t have your mobile internet package activated, use the Wi-Fi available on the airport. Use the technology to locate and request for a taxi.

Ask your hotel

If you are already booked at a hotel then one of the best ways to look for a taxi service from the airport is to call your hotel reception. Local hotels and restaurants always have a list of reliable taxi services. Request them to provide you with a phone number or ask them to call and arrange a taxi for you whenever needed.

Locate the information booth

All airports have information booths. The personnel working at these outlets may have good knowledge of the local area and can help you in your cab search. They may also keep contact information of taxi services that serve the location.

Go through your region’s telephone directory

You can still find telephone directories at several airports and public buildings. Search under the keyword "taxi" and choose a listing. Call the numbers and request pickup from a service that looks best.

Tell the driver about your destination and request him for the price of the entire trip. Make sure you confirm the price and destination before entering into the vehicle. It is also a good idea to confirm the mode of payment. There are several taxis that accept credit card payments while others may only accept cash. Remember, do not get into a taxi if you are doubtful about the taxi. Confirm the driver's qualifications and name of the company if you feel suspicious. Taxicabs are very clearly marked to represent their service provider, and the driver is supposed to have documentation to verify employment.

Airports in California are certainly busy, and sometimes there just aren't enough taxis for everyone. If you have an important appointment right after you land and just can’t wait, allow at least one hour for the cab to arrive at the destination. Also, make sure you’re nice to the cabdriver, as he does a dangerous, tough job all day long and certainly deserves your respect.