Thursday, 30 October 2014

Travel around San Mateo in a taxi cab

I have a driver's licence, but the truth is that I hardly ever drive. I prefer to get around by taxi. - Ferran Adria

Taxi services come in very handy for times when you don't have your own car or aren't fortunate enough to have someone drive you to your destination. The quality and type of cab services available may vary depending on your location--different areas provide different kinds of services. However, San Mateo is known to offer one of the best private transportation services in the country.


The concept behind taxi service in California dates back to the 17th century. Riders of horse-drawn carriages negotiated a fee with their customers who needed a ride to a particular location. The invention of cars came as a new revolution in the taxi industry. Moreover, innovations such as mechanical systems installed in the cabs in the 1980s made cab travel even more convenient and affordable.


Location has always played a big role in the availability and price of taxi services. Crowded areas such as, Los Angeles have greater requirement for taxi services because of lack of proper parking space and traffic congestion. Cities such as San Mateo that are close to the airport also have high demand for cabs, as taxi fares are a lot reasonable than charges to park a vehicle at the airport. However, cab prices are higher in rural areas where taxi travel is less common. Also, cities where there is no demand, it is unlikely that taxi cabs are available at all.


The size of the vehicle that a transportation provider uses also varies by the region. Taxi cab services in San Mateo offer standard vehicles, minivans, limousines, and SUVs. The vehicles have trunks that allow luggage space.


If you live in California, then you will find private taxi services more prevalent and convenient. The upside of calling these cabs is that they will be right at your door step, on time. This facility comes in very handy during the busier times of the day especially rush hours. If time is an essence, most private cab drivers know the shortest routes around the city to get you to your destination on time. These services guarantee comfort and professionalism at a reasonable price.


Cabs have really made travel convenient. In case of an emergency, calling up a taxi cab will ensure that you reach your appointment on time. Taxi services make us less dependent on personal cars that may require regular maintenance or may break down in the middle of nowhere. Private cabs offer freedom that is greatly required in the chaotic modern world.

Commuting around California can be very difficult if you don’t own a car. Thankfully, with so many reputed cab services making their way into the market, travelling has become easy. However, when looking for a service provider, make sure you do your research diligently. Settle for someone that does not just offer the best price but is also known to provide the best vehicles and state of the art facilities such as a GPS system, credit card machines, and the like.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Best parks for San Mateo kids

Can you imagine your kids growing up without a neighborhood park? Parks are not just a great venue for exercise, hanging bridges, the swings galore, and swooping slides, it also delights a child's imagination and helps create fond memories. Kids in San Mateo are fortunate to have three beautiful parks right in the neighborhood. You can bring your entire family to spend a warm afternoon at one of these venues!

Central park

The residents of San Mateo are proud of this park, particularly during the spring when the rose garden is in full bloom. This green stretch of land offers a number of activities the entire family can enjoy. Tall, shady trees make the many playgrounds of the park a comfortable area for the kids to explore while the parents sit on an adjacent bench or indulge in a picnic basket with the family.

If you explore the insides of the park, you'll discover the Japanese Tea Garden, one of the best landscaped gardens in San Mateo. The tea house and bamboo groves provide enough shade on a sunny day, and if you arrive between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 pm on summer and spring, your children can help the staff feed the fish. Before leaving, make sure you take your little ones on a mini train ride. It is a child-sized train that was installed in the 1940s. A lot of San Mateo residents have warm memories of riding the train as children and relishing cups of shaved ice later. Irrespective of how your family decides to spend the entire day, Central Park is a relaxing getaway.

Beresford Park

The cozy yet small Beresford Park has everything - tennis courts, barbecue pits, baseball diamonds, wide soccer fields, play structures for toddlers and kids, even a small skate park. Toddler playground is separated from the older kids section, making it a lot easier to keep track of the toddlers to avoid accidents. However, the only downfall is that the playground does not get any shade and can be extremely hot in the afternoons. Beresford Park makes for a great location for picnics. It is also a popular destination among the residents. However, make sure you make table reservations ahead of time, particularly if you're planning to come with a large group.

Shoreline Parks

This is a beautiful new park in San Mateo composed of Seal Point Park, Ryder Park, and the Shoreline Dog Park. Ryder Park boasts of a remarkable playground for old and young kids. It has fun climbing areas, soft surfaces, and a walk-in fountain where children can cool off after playing. Apart from this, the park consists of a beautiful picnic area with hanging bridges and barbecue pits above a creek. Adjacent to Ryder Park is Seal Point Park. Although Seal Point does not have any play equipment, it does consist of winding paths for jogging, riding bikes or walking. In case you travel to the top, Seal Point offers a spectacular view of East Bay and San Mateo.

San Mateo certainly takes good care of the kids. The county also provides excellent cab services that can be availed by parents to take their kids to and from the parks. Yellow taxis can be booked online or through phone anytime during the day. Most private services are safe and reasonably priced.