Monday, 26 December 2016

Tips to Avoid Driving Under the Influence this Festive Season

Get to your parties and get together safe by following our tips and choosing one of the riding options given below!

This is the season to be merry and enjoy a couple of drinks! Your timetable is brimming with parties and what better way to celebrate than with festive cocktails and champagne.  Make sure you keep your car in perfect shape, and most importantly make sure you are safe and stay away from driving under the influence.  Here are a few ways you can arrive safely in every party you are invited to:

Public Transit

A great option during the festive season is public transport. As a measure of safety, a lot of cities extend their subway hours to discourage DIY cases. Sometimes cities may even start free rides on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Even if they are paid, public transit ensures that you can enjoy the festivities freely without the worry that you have to drive home.

Limousine Service

If you make sure to book a limousine in advance you will get a guaranteed ride to and from the destination whenever you wish. The ride may seem pricey, but if you split it with a bunch of friends it will not be as expensive as it sounds.  It is almost impossible to get a taxi on New Year’s Eve.  Booking a limo ahead of time will ensure a personalized and safe transportation method.

Yellow Cabs

Private yellow cab service is available for people at all times. Irrespective of where you are, if you call up a reputed taxi service, they will dispatch their closest available cab ride and make sure you reach your destination on time and safely. This makes for an amazing service at nights such as, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve when calling up other providers goes in vain.  To calculate how much a cab ride should cost you, get a quote from them by either logging onto their website or giving them a call.

A yellow cab is certainly a preferred choice when compared to public transit or limo service. This is because they have the convenience of picking you from the destination, something you won’t get with public transit. Also, they are cheaper than a limousine service.

Calling up a Friend

If you have had a lot to drink it is your responsibility to make sure you either call a cab or a friend. You can either take turns to become the gazette drivers for a party so that each one of you gets the chance to enjoy.

Whichever option you end up choosing, make sure you plan in advance.  The holiday season is the most difficult time to book or hail a cab or take a public transit.  You don’t want to be someone who makes a last minute decision to drive on your own just because you have no other option. Arrive safely by planning ahead. Hope you enjoy the festivities!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Safety Tips for California Commuters

California is a pretty amazing place to live in, especially if you love Hollywood, art and architecture. Of course, no state or city is perfect, and California does have its risks as well. If you have just moved to a city in the golden state, you can certainly make use of these tips to keep yourself safe:

Be careful during rush hours and busy seasons

Rush hours always post more risks when it comes to using public transport. The more packed the buses, the more chances they give pickpockets to steal. Also, there is a greater risk of crime during the summer time, simply because thieves know that there are more tourists during this time.

Map every place you wish to visit

Making it obvious that you are new in the city can attract negative attention. If you don’t have a route planned out yet, make sure you plan it in your mind so that you won’t be caught scratching your head in the middle of a street.

Stay near authority

If you sit close to the driver, there is less chance of something unfortunate happening. Criminals prefer positioning themselves in places where it will be very difficult for the authority to catch them.

Do not keep anything in the back pockets

One of the riskiest parts of your clothing is the back pocket because it is one area you cannot see or protect easily. It is a piece of cake for pickpockets to grab anything without you noticing it.

Keep all the valuables hidden

If you have expensive gadgets worth hundreds or thousands of dollars it is best that you avoid broadcasting or flaunting them on the bus. Expensive gadgets serve as magnets for criminals on public transport system.

Use a yellow cab instead

If you are new to the city and unfamiliar with it, it is best to call or grab a yellow cab instead of using public transit. You can easily book a cab online and ask for a pickup during any time, no matter where you are located in the city. Good taxi providers will make sure you’re taken to the desired destination safely. It is also advised not to experiment with public transportation during the wee hours or at critical times as you are still new.

Public transportation may be cheaper in comparison to taking a taxi but it is not always the best or safest option. This is particularly true for newcomers; make sure you take plenty of time before experimenting with different modes of transit.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Do Taxi commutes make you anxious? Stress-Free Ways to make rides easy!

Commuting is a big part of living in an urban area and California is no different. You will have to ride buses, and cabs to get to places you want to be. However, commuting in any city in California can be a stressful and taxing activity. Some may even consider travelling as a total waste of time. However, this does not have to be the case! Technology has given the means to make the life of a commuter as easy and stress free as possible.

Listen to your favorite music or sing mildly to keep your composure

You can indulge yourself when riding a cab by listening to your favorite music and singing along mildly. This activity helps release endorphins (a chemical inside the brain that makes you feel positive). When singing along, there is no need for you to belt out loudly when in the cab, you can just sing mildly or whisper. Singing or humming in your head is also a great idea as it takes your mind off the traffic and driving.

Another great way you can lower your anxiety is by relaxing your eyes. This is especially important for those who have office jobs that demand continuous work on the computer. So relax your eyes by following the 20/20 rule. Look and focus on an object that is approximately 20 feet away from you for about 20 seconds, do this in every 20 seconds. This helps in keeping your vision accurate and keeps your mind from worrying.

Make your ride productive

Instead of worrying and feeling stressed, use this extra time to do productive things. Read a book during the journey. With modern technology, there is no need to buy a paperback. Just download an e-book and read it on your smartphone.

In case you have an upcoming presentation or sales pitch, use the extra time to practice it! Memorize your lines and improve your body language. Go over the whole thing in your head to make sure you are well prepared.

Use your cellphone or the internet to book a cab

New technology makes it even easier to avoid a tough or stressful commute. Just visit a yellow cab provider’s website, inform them about your location and destination. A cab will soon arrive to pick you up. Reliable, safe, easy and simple, this is the best way you can avoid all the stress and hassle of your daily commute.

By using these tips, you can surely arrive at work as energized and fresh as you were when you just woke up in the morning.

Friday, 23 September 2016

How to deal with rude cab drivers?

Rudeness of any kind is wrong, unfortunately we have no control over the kind of people we encounter in our day to day life. This is especially the case with taxi drivers in California. But, here are a few tips on how to deal with rude cab drivers:
  1. Never respond with rudeness. There is a big possibility that the cab driver is having a bad day. If you reply with rudeness, you will only make things worse and fuel his anger. If the problem isn’t too big, choose to ignore him and stay quiet. The driver will soon realize that his attitude was wrong.
  2. Know your rights. Before hailing a cab, make sure that you are aware of your rights as a passenger. Sometimes, drivers act offensively when they don’t want to do their job well, and use rudeness to intimidate you. If your stop qualifies for a meter rate, make sure you go by the meter. Knowing such things will allow you to respond with confidence when the driver becomes demanding about something that is unreasonable.
  3. Make sure you check your attitude. Unfortunately, there are also times when passengers become rude and offensive. Although, most drivers are instructed and trained to not fight rudeness with rudeness, but it can happen. It’s human nature. But it is always a good idea to check yourself and see if you are using the right tone when talking to the driver.
  4. Report the incident. It does not matter if it’s just a bad day for the driver, or they were merely reacting to circumstances, offensive behavior or rudeness should not be tolerated. It is best to get in touch with the cab company straight away and inform them about the entire incidence. This will ensure that the company takes the necessary action to discipline the driver.
  5. Don’t ask your driver to hurry or to “Step on it.” Many passengers are offended if their driver does not listen to them about taking a certain route to reach the destination faster. The truth is, your driver has been juggling traffic the whole day and has a far better idea of routes than you do. Just be patient. Also, don’t ask your driver to speed up or take illegal turns. This is bound to create problems and does not reflect well on the cab company either.
If a cab driver is rude to you, you have the right to complain and report. However, it is also important to weigh the consequences carefully before you take on a driver and tamper with his livelihood. Ask yourself- “Can I let go of this behavior with a warning or is it too extreme for me to ignore?” Then take a decision accordingly.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Five Behavioral Traits of Passengers That Cab Drivers Find Annoying

Life behind the wheels for cab drivers can be quite stressful. Working hours often stretch beyond normal limit whereas the reward might not be satisfactory always. As if driving in the urban jungle isn’t hectic enough, cab drivers need to handle erratic customer behavior also, from time to time. Many cab drivers have grievance against passengers who never acknowledge or appreciate their hard work, honesty and dedication.

According to a majority of cab drivers, passengers generally don’t care about their feelings or simply don’t acknowledge their presence. Just because they are paying for the ride, customers take many things for granted. Discussed below are five behavioral traits of passengers which annoy cab drivers the most.

Doing Backseat Driving

You may know the route well but if you are shouting directions from the backseat every two minutes then that can be insulting for an experienced driver. In case you want the driver to follow a specific route then that should be discussed the moment you hire the cab. Else as a passenger you should volunteer only if the driver is unsure about the route and seeks your suggestion. 

Showing Disrespect towards the Driver

You have hired the cab and paying for the ride but that doesn’t mean you treat the driver like your employee or worse than that! There are customers who enter the car without greeting the driver and start barking orders at him. This immediately changes the atmosphere as the driver starts disliking the passenger from that moment. Behaving politely with the driver doesn’t imply you have to strike a personal conversation with him; rather it shows you acknowledge his presence and value his service.

Persuading To Break Law

There are passengers who persuade the driver to exceed permissible speed limit or ignore the red light, simply because they want to reach the destination quickly.  Such unlawful driving should never be encouraged. Remember your persuasion can be extremely harmful for the driver and might put his driving career in jeopardy.

Making the Interior Dirty

If you are the type of passenger who starts munching on snacks and burgers the moment you board the cab then it would be a polite gesture to seek the driver’s permission. Cab drivers don’t really like it when passengers eat inside the car and make the interior dirty by dropping food crumbs everywhere or spilling coke on the seat. You can always grab a quick bite inside the car but do so by keeping the place as clean as possible.

Getting Too Cozy with Your Partner

You are riding with your partner, the weather is nice and you two are in a romantic mood to get close with each other. While the emotion is completely understandable, don’t forget for a moment that the driver is just a few inches away and he is not a machine! In fact there are many respectful drivers who do raise objection if their passengers start getting too cozy in the backseat.

Keep the above points in mind, and your next cab journey will surely become more comfortable and pleasant.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How to Address Taxi Scam Issues?

Taxi scams are rising at an alarming rate, mostly due to ignorance of travelers. Many feel that it’s not a big deal paying a little extra, because the taxi driver has behaved so nicely throughout the journey. Again there are passengers who tend to ignore little tricks played by unscrupulous drivers, since they don’t want to welcome trouble in an unknown place. While such sentiments are completely understandable, allowing you to be fooled is simply not advisable.

Awareness about common taxi scams can help you adopt tactful steps and handle the situation smartly. Discussed below are five such precautionary measures one should follow to avoid frequent taxi scams. 

Know Taxi Meter Rate of Particular Location

The taxi meter rate generally varies from one location to the other. Do a little research about the particular locations’ taxi rates that you are planning to visit for the first time. Internet search is the easiest way to find out taxi meter slabs of major cities worldwide. If you are booking a hotel, call their front desk to have an idea of approximate taxi fare.

Opt For Pre-payment Mode Where Applicable

For the first time visit, it is suggested that you go for a prepaid option. Most airports have prepaid taxi booths from where you can hire a cab. Or you can do online booking of the cab from any reliable operator. If any travel agent is planning your tour, you ask him to arrange the taxicab as well.

Hire Licensed Cabs Only

Make sure you have hired a licensed taxi. You will find official taxi stands at major points of the city. Check out the taxi’s license plate and the driver’s identity. Even if you have done online booking or paid in advance, don’t forget to check their authenticity. Rather than contacting an individual driver, it is always advisable that you go for a trusted cab company. This way you know where to approach in case any problem arises.

Keep the Taxi and Driver Information

As you verify the vehicle and driver identities, do note down these details somewhere, especially the license and livery plate numbers. Use your mobile phone camera to take a picture of the vehicle and note down other relevant information. Send these to a friend or family member, so that they too know where and how you are traveling. 

Avoid Unnecessary Discussion or Altercation with Driver

Striking a casual conversation with the driver is not a good idea, even if the journey is a lengthy one. Getting involved in an altercation midway is not recommended. If you doubt any unfair trick like tampered meter, or the driver taking a complicated route, stay calm throughout the journey. You can challenge the fare only after you have reached your destination. Otherwise, you can always lodge a complaint with the cab company, stating the nature of scam. 

Hiring taxicab is the best way to reach your destination timely and comfortably. However the journey can sometimes turn unexpectedly expensive. Follow the above mentioned safety measures to know whether you are paying the right fare or not.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Why Para-transit Service is a Preferred Option for Elders?

Seniors, who prefer to travel independently and yet feel hesitant to use their own cars, depend on public transportation as the only feasible alternative. While public transport is indeed a cost effective option for daily commute they have their own limitations too. This is why para-transit service has become a preferred alternative for elders suffering from disability or movement restriction. Here we take a look at various facets of para-transit services with special emphasis on elder transportation.

Introduction to Para-transit Service

The Para-transit system is a kind of specialized transport service extended to those who cannot use the fixed route public transportation system. Wheelchair accessible vans or specially designed cars for physically challenged are generally used as Para-transit vehicle. Typically the para-transit system provides curb-to-curb service which means the driver would pick up the elder from doorstep but won’t enter the home to help him get into the vehicle. However in special cases, the service provider may make an exception.  Also this complementary service shouldn’t cost more than twice the fare of normal public transports.

Public Vs Para-transit Transportation 

Public transportation systems are mandatorily required to provide wheelchair lift, good lighting, working telephones and other necessary facilities that an elder might need while traveling. However in reality this doesn’t happen as some public transports come with very poor level of service. Also senior people with specials needs might not feel comfortable traveling to the bus stop to catch a vehicle. On the other hand, a para-transit service, as already mentioned, is more prompt and efficient in dealing with elders’ travel needs. Their vehicles are impeccably maintained and drivers are trained specially for this purpose. A thorough background check is done on every driver to ensure confidentiality and safety of passengers.

Who can qualify for the Para-transit System?

Qualifying for the Para-transit system is not easy. Just because you belong to a certain age group, it might not entitle you to enjoy this specialized service. If the ridership load is high, some localities might follow very stringent rules. Generally the application process involves completing lots of paperwork followed by a meeting with the rehabilitation specialist at the eligibility determination center. The rule states a turnaround time of 21 days within which a decision should be taken. In practicality most para-transit services face huge backlog of requests that they generally grant temporary eligibility till the time the case is viewed properly.

Why Para-transit is preferred For Elders?

The para-transit system offers many facilities which make the travel hassle-free for seniors. To begin with, you can schedule a ride within 24 hours. The vehicle reaches your doorstep to pick you up. Para-transit service providers try their best to minimize your waiting time. Further, they take care to follow the shortest route to relieve the elder of the discomfort of a long drive. Some service providers have come up with an exclusive type of para-transit service which picks up the elder from home and drops him to the nearest fixed route bus stop. This is a helpful solution for those who can’t afford a full-fledged Para-transit service.

The Para-transit system aims at offering hassle-free journey, lots of flexibility and much more independence to elders.  Pick up the one of your choice and enjoy your ride!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to Keep Track of the Taxi Meter?

Taxi meter, the little electronic box installed next to the driver can keep you on tenterhooks, the moment you hire the vehicle. As if the chatty or dishonest driver is not enough who keeps deviating from the shortest route, the taxi meter simultaneously starts showing its little tricks too. Though every passenger knows that a taxi meter is an impartial indicator of time and distance which attributes to the taxi fare calculation, still many choose to ignore it. And many don’t understand precisely how a meter works.

Understanding the cab meter is not that difficult, provided you are aware of some basic facts. Here we take a look at few such important information which would come in handy during your next taxi ride.

Taxi Fare Calculator - Basic Criteria

The cab meter basically measures distance the passenger travels and time. Plus it also takes into account the waiting time. These measurements are then converted into fares. Depending on the city or State, the taxi fare basic structure varies. Some additional charges are levied for more number of passengers or if the driver assists in handling the baggage. The rate gets hiked if you are crossing States.

Common Fare Structure

The most common fare structure that is usually applied is the simple pickup charge. If you take a look at the initial taxi fares in different parts of the United States you will find it mostly varies between $2.5 to maximum $4. For instance if you board a taxi in San Mateo, CA the basic charge is $3.10 and then for each mile traveled $3 will get added to the initial fare. San Francisco passengers are charged an initial $3.50 while the rate is $3.00 for Richmond commuters.

Additional Charges

In general additional surcharges are levied for peak-hour or night time travel. Besides these the customer has to pay toll taxes for inter-state traveling. On each cab ride, a certain sales-tax is also applied.

Taxi Meter Related Scams

An accurate taxi meter should calculate the fare correctly. However there are instances when a tampered meter shows an exorbitant figure. Sometimes the driver remains responsible too in hiking the fare unnecessarily. Sensing the passenger’s naivety he adopts not-so-direct routes which result in inflated taxi fare. Even shocking to note that some drivers just steer the cab in circles to increase the fare! All these scams happen either because the passenger is unfamiliar about the city roads or he is unaware of the taxi fare structure of that particular location.


Some simple measures can be adopted to keep a check on the taxi meter. If you are visiting a new location then do enquire about that place’s taxi rates like the initial charge and additional cost per mile. Keep a route map ready to be sure that the driver is indeed following the shortest route.

There are many cab companies which deal with their customers fairly as they believe in building reputation based on trust. Pick up such a taxi service provider to pay the right fare.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Five Best Features of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

When a person becomes wheelchair-bound, that certainly hurts his/her self-esteem. Restriction in movement means you need someone’s assistance with every step, be it going to the local grocery store or visiting your friend nearby. This is surely not desirable if you are hale and hearty otherwise. The one feasible solution which can be opted in such scenarios is a wheelchair accessible taxi. Armed with various accessibility aids, this mode of transport can make your life much easier. Discussed below are five attractive features of such taxi which make it a viable option for wheelchair bound passengers.

Access via Wheelchair Ramps

Boarding the taxi comfortably is the very first hurdle which passengers with restricted mobility face. This has been taken care of with wheelchair ramps which come in portable, vehicle-mounted or modular form. These are designed perfectly and inclined suitably to allow the mobility device to navigate smoothly. Some taxis also have an intermediate step to simplify the boarding process.

Swivel Seat for Seamless Movement

For passengers suffering from limited mobility the swivel seat with good back support can provide adequate comfort. These seats extend to the exterior of the car that allows hassle-free movement of the passenger into the vehicle, without anyone’s assistance. These swivel seats are available in both manual and electrical versions. While some seats are installed on the left side, some can be found on the right side, i.e. the passenger side.

Hearing Aid Induction Loop

The induction loop system particularly assists hearing aid users, who need to communicate with the driver from time to time. The hearing aid induction loop works even in noisy environments thus enabling the passenger to converse efficiently with the driver or co-passengers in the front seat.

Adequate Floor Lighting

Most wheelchair friendly taxis come with ‘ambient’ lighting. These are actually low-level floor lights which are placed in door handles, foot wells, and consoles. Such lighting system is particularly helpful for disabled persons trying to board the taxi at night. The technology not only prevents potential accidents but also renders a rich and expensive touch to the interior, thus making the passenger feel cheerful throughout the journey.

High Visibility Grab Handles

Entering and exiting the vehicle becomes hassle free with high visibility colored grab handles. Especially those who are visually impaired can find these handles extremely helpful. These handles come with soft surface and no sharp edge, thus ensuring utmost safety for the passenger.

Apart from the above mentioned features, wheelchair accessible taxis further provide expansive interior for unhindered movement of the mobility device. Once the wheelchair is positioned properly there is the seatbelt which restraints the device safely and securely. Passenger safety remains utmost priority of the driver. He always makes it a point to check the passenger’s seating arrangement before starting the car.

Depending on where you live, features of wheelchair accessible taxis might vary. So it is always advisable to confirm the facilities in advance, before you book a cab for wheelchair user.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Five Tips to Ensure You Reach Airport in Time

You are a meticulous planner who loves to plan a trip well in advance. You scour the internet for best hotel deals and cheapest airfares. You even do a thorough research of the place you are going to visit and gather precise details about places of attraction, local eateries, shopping centers, business areas and so on. Be it an office trip or a family vacation, you make sure everything has been planned in advance. However the problem is even after adopting such a careful approach you just can’t avoid last minute anxiety. Sleep eludes the night before the trip as you keep worrying whether you have forgotten anything.

If you keep visualizing the ‘Home alone’ situation till the time you board the flight, pondering over whether burglars going to trample your place, then you are not alone! For fidgety travelers like you, here are five simple tips which need to be followed before leaving home to catch the flight.

Keep Passport and Other Documents Ready

You know how important the passport is and plan to put it in a separate wallet but that never happens. On reaching the airport you realize the passport is not there! To avoid such dreadful situation, put the passport in your purse the night before or keep it next to the door so that you will notice it before leaving. If you have done booking of flight, hotels or cars online then take print-out of confirmation mails in case you fail to access your email while travelling.

Keep Important Phone Numbers Handy

Make sure you have all the phone numbers ready, like emergency numbers, service numbers, your friends’ contacts or office numbers, which you might need on reaching the new place. Besides saving the contacts in your mobile, do jot down the numbers in your diary so that you can refer these whenever needed.

Check the Flight Time before Leaving

Don’t forget to confirm the flight timing before leaving. In case the flight is delayed you can have some more time to check out the arrangements before leaving. A good idea would be to verify the flight timing from the airline website the night before and double-check a few hours before leaving.

Book a Taxi in Advance

Reaching the airport in time is very important for which you need a reliable transport option. If you don’t want to deal with the traffic hassle and reach airport late, then it is always advisable to book a yellow cab or shuttle service in advance. Make sure to book a cab which would pick you up from your specified destination and in specific time. A good idea would be to opt for a local cab company who knows the place well and can follow the shortest route to take you to the airport in time; all these while you enjoy a relaxed back-seat ride.

The above mentioned tips can help save precious time and reduce stress thus making sure you don’t have to hurry to board the flight.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Why Yellow Cab is the Safest Transport Option on New Year’s Eve

You must be gearing up for the New Year’s evening and planning to welcome 2016 in style. This is the most exciting time of the year when everyone is in a party mood. The preparation starts few days in advance as you start pulling out those colorful hats, and glittery attires. And of course, the planning remains incomplete till you include some good food and fine beverages in the must-have list. It’s perfectly alright getting bit tipsy on New Year’s Eve, provided you don’t have any plan of driving. There are some alarming statistics which state that a majority of road accidents happen in the month of December only.

New Year’s Eve Drunk Driving Statistics

As per a report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the year 2013 witnessed around 700 fatalities due to drunk driving in the month of December alone, out of the total 10,076 alcohol-induced fatalities which happened that year. What is even more alarming is that death of a person is reported every two and a half hours, even if he/she was not on the driving seat. So if you have plans of going out after downing a few drinks this New Year, then make sure you do it in a responsible way. Look for a safe transport alternative rather than driving on your own.

Why Yellow Cab Is the Safest Transport Option?

You can hire a sober driver for your car and let him do the driving. Yet, the most hassle-free alternative would be to hire yellow cab shuttle services to transport your group to and from the place of event. Make sure that you have the local cab service number saved in your phone while heading out to party. Be sure to check the company and driver credentials before going on a drive.

Special Yellow Cab Services on Offer during New Year

There are many yellow cab companies which come up with special offers and discounts to lure customers, especially around Christmas and New Year. Surprising it may sound but you can enjoy a free ride home after attending the party to ring in the New Year. Mostly these free cab services are offered in limited localities starting from 31st midnight till 1st January early morning. You need to know what your local yellow cab company is offering and whether you are eligible for the special discount.

Other Important Points to Keep In Mind

While partying hard this New Year do remember a few important points. Keep your family informed about the evening plan. After hiring the cab, it’s better if you can message the cab details to any family member. Rather than trying out new destinations, plan the party in a place which you are familiar with. Refrain from trying out too much alcoholic punch. Make sure to include plenty of food in the menu, along with the drinks as empty stomach drinking can turn out to be harmful.

Look forward to a memorable and fun-filled New Year celebration this year and make sure the evening ends safely for all.