Why Yellow Cab is the Safest Transport Option on New Year’s Eve

You must be gearing up for the New Year’s evening and planning to welcome 2016 in style. This is the most exciting time of the year when everyone is in a party mood. The preparation starts few days in advance as you start pulling out those colorful hats, and glittery attires. And of course, the planning remains incomplete till you include some good food and fine beverages in the must-have list. It’s perfectly alright getting bit tipsy on New Year’s Eve, provided you don’t have any plan of driving. There are some alarming statistics which state that a majority of road accidents happen in the month of December only.

New Year’s Eve Drunk Driving Statistics

As per a report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the year 2013 witnessed around 700 fatalities due to drunk driving in the month of December alone, out of the total 10,076 alcohol-induced fatalities which happened that year. What is even more alarming is that death of a person is reported every two and a half hours, even if he/she was not on the driving seat. So if you have plans of going out after downing a few drinks this New Year, then make sure you do it in a responsible way. Look for a safe transport alternative rather than driving on your own.

Why Yellow Cab Is the Safest Transport Option?

You can hire a sober driver for your car and let him do the driving. Yet, the most hassle-free alternative would be to hire yellow cab shuttle services to transport your group to and from the place of event. Make sure that you have the local cab service number saved in your phone while heading out to party. Be sure to check the company and driver credentials before going on a drive.

Special Yellow Cab Services on Offer during New Year

There are many yellow cab companies which come up with special offers and discounts to lure customers, especially around Christmas and New Year. Surprising it may sound but you can enjoy a free ride home after attending the party to ring in the New Year. Mostly these free cab services are offered in limited localities starting from 31st midnight till 1st January early morning. You need to know what your local yellow cab company is offering and whether you are eligible for the special discount.

Other Important Points to Keep In Mind

While partying hard this New Year do remember a few important points. Keep your family informed about the evening plan. After hiring the cab, it’s better if you can message the cab details to any family member. Rather than trying out new destinations, plan the party in a place which you are familiar with. Refrain from trying out too much alcoholic punch. Make sure to include plenty of food in the menu, along with the drinks as empty stomach drinking can turn out to be harmful.

Look forward to a memorable and fun-filled New Year celebration this year and make sure the evening ends safely for all.