Five Behavioral Traits of Passengers That Cab Drivers Find Annoying

Life behind the wheels for cab drivers can be quite stressful. Working hours often stretch beyond normal limit whereas the reward might not be satisfactory always. As if driving in the urban jungle isn’t hectic enough, cab drivers need to handle erratic customer behavior also, from time to time. Many cab drivers have grievance against passengers who never acknowledge or appreciate their hard work, honesty and dedication.

According to a majority of cab drivers, passengers generally don’t care about their feelings or simply don’t acknowledge their presence. Just because they are paying for the ride, customers take many things for granted. Discussed below are five behavioral traits of passengers which annoy cab drivers the most.

Doing Backseat Driving

You may know the route well but if you are shouting directions from the backseat every two minutes then that can be insulting for an experienced driver. In case you want the driver to follow a specific route then that should be discussed the moment you hire the cab. Else as a passenger you should volunteer only if the driver is unsure about the route and seeks your suggestion. 

Showing Disrespect towards the Driver

You have hired the cab and paying for the ride but that doesn’t mean you treat the driver like your employee or worse than that! There are customers who enter the car without greeting the driver and start barking orders at him. This immediately changes the atmosphere as the driver starts disliking the passenger from that moment. Behaving politely with the driver doesn’t imply you have to strike a personal conversation with him; rather it shows you acknowledge his presence and value his service.

Persuading To Break Law

There are passengers who persuade the driver to exceed permissible speed limit or ignore the red light, simply because they want to reach the destination quickly.  Such unlawful driving should never be encouraged. Remember your persuasion can be extremely harmful for the driver and might put his driving career in jeopardy.

Making the Interior Dirty

If you are the type of passenger who starts munching on snacks and burgers the moment you board the cab then it would be a polite gesture to seek the driver’s permission. Cab drivers don’t really like it when passengers eat inside the car and make the interior dirty by dropping food crumbs everywhere or spilling coke on the seat. You can always grab a quick bite inside the car but do so by keeping the place as clean as possible.

Getting Too Cozy with Your Partner

You are riding with your partner, the weather is nice and you two are in a romantic mood to get close with each other. While the emotion is completely understandable, don’t forget for a moment that the driver is just a few inches away and he is not a machine! In fact there are many respectful drivers who do raise objection if their passengers start getting too cozy in the backseat.

Keep the above points in mind, and your next cab journey will surely become more comfortable and pleasant.