Do Taxi commutes make you anxious? Stress-Free Ways to make rides easy!

Commuting is a big part of living in an urban area and California is no different. You will have to ride buses, and cabs to get to places you want to be. However, commuting in any city in California can be a stressful and taxing activity. Some may even consider travelling as a total waste of time. However, this does not have to be the case! Technology has given the means to make the life of a commuter as easy and stress free as possible.

Listen to your favorite music or sing mildly to keep your composure

You can indulge yourself when riding a cab by listening to your favorite music and singing along mildly. This activity helps release endorphins (a chemical inside the brain that makes you feel positive). When singing along, there is no need for you to belt out loudly when in the cab, you can just sing mildly or whisper. Singing or humming in your head is also a great idea as it takes your mind off the traffic and driving.

Another great way you can lower your anxiety is by relaxing your eyes. This is especially important for those who have office jobs that demand continuous work on the computer. So relax your eyes by following the 20/20 rule. Look and focus on an object that is approximately 20 feet away from you for about 20 seconds, do this in every 20 seconds. This helps in keeping your vision accurate and keeps your mind from worrying.

Make your ride productive

Instead of worrying and feeling stressed, use this extra time to do productive things. Read a book during the journey. With modern technology, there is no need to buy a paperback. Just download an e-book and read it on your smartphone.

In case you have an upcoming presentation or sales pitch, use the extra time to practice it! Memorize your lines and improve your body language. Go over the whole thing in your head to make sure you are well prepared.

Use your cellphone or the internet to book a cab

New technology makes it even easier to avoid a tough or stressful commute. Just visit a yellow cab provider’s website, inform them about your location and destination. A cab will soon arrive to pick you up. Reliable, safe, easy and simple, this is the best way you can avoid all the stress and hassle of your daily commute.

By using these tips, you can surely arrive at work as energized and fresh as you were when you just woke up in the morning.