Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cab Safety Tips for Women Travelers

Many crimes against women happen when they are traveling in a taxi cab. However, if you live in a city in California it is almost impossible to live without a cab unless you have your own car. Fortunately, there are many ways you can stay safe during your journey. Here are a few tips:

Ask for an ID proof of the driver before boarding:

You can ask for a driving license, the driver’s company ID or a genuine photo ID. And if possible, click a few pictures of the ID and send it to a family member or friend by message.

Always use the GPS:

Make sure you keep your GPS 'On' in the mobile phone or in the vehicle, if any, till you’ve reached your desired destination. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the driver is going in the right direction and not to a remote spot. Doing this is particularly important if you take cabs at night. This is the time when drivers normally take different routes to quickly get to a destination or if their intentions are not right.

Cab drivers usually recommend shortcuts. Do not agree to take the short cuts, particularly if they pass from isolated patches.

Take the cab’s picture:

It may sound awkward to take a cab’s picture at that time, but since your safety at stake, take pics and send them to friends and family.

Use speed dial for emergency calls:

Make sure that the phone numbers of close friends and family members are there on the speed dial list. When there is an emergency, you can get in touch with someone with just a press of a button.

Cover up any expensive jewelry:
It is best to hide any expensive jewelry, accessories, etc. Anything that may lure a potential criminal should be covered while traveling by a cab.

Call someone when traveling at night:

When you board a cab make sure you dial a family member or a trustworthy friend and talk to them the whole time. Tell them about the cab number and where you’ve reached. This will deter any potential criminal from making a move. This is one of the best ways to stay secure.

Carry a pepper spray:

Carrying an instrument that can help you defend yourself is always a good idea. Make sure you buy a can of pepper spray and keep it in your bag at all times. It is one of the best defenses against criminals.

Hire a cab from a trustworthy cab service:

There are several yellow cab services available in California but not all of them can be regarded safe. There are many with a bad reputation. When choosing a provider make sure you read their reviews online. You can also ask friends and family for references. For instance, Serra Yellow Cab is one of the safest in California and caters to many cities.

By following these tips you can rest assured that every trip will be safe and comfortable.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Traveling with a Disability

Rise in the disabled population has also seen an increase in the number of disabled travelers. This has urged transportation providers to offer better disability accommodations. If you are thinking of traveling and you have a disability, it is extremely important to travel with medications and medical devices and research well about the place you are planning to travel to. This blog will tell you the best way to travel with a disability. 

  1. Ask someone to join you. If you intend to do long and extensive travel, keep in mind that there are many airlines that do not let disabled people travel without a companion. The rights of the disabled vary from nation to nation, so a companion can assist in navigating new environments. You can also hire a travel nurse to escort you on the trip, especially if you suffer from a serious medical concern.
  2. Set an appointment with your doctor before traveling. The doctor can tell you about unforeseen medication or travel risks. Get the required supply of medication for your trip, plus a little extra to cover any delays.
  3. Book the trip with a company that caters especially to disabled people. There are several travel companies that cater to people with disabilities. You can even buy a package or tour that has already been set up to cater to your specific disability.
  4. Use a phone to book your travel arrangements or meet the agent personally.
  5. To receive disabled access and accommodations, you must reveal your disability approximately 48 hours before time. Email or internet booking will not always include a choice to divulge your disability.
  6. Research about the destinations before you get there. You can use library books, such as Lonely Planet, to get a brief idea of how reachable the area really is. There are also several websites over the internet that offer advice on the best places for disabled travelers.
  7. Invest on flights without many layovers. Getting on a flight can be extremely uncomfortable for a lot of people who have disabilities. Getting access to a wheelchair may also take a lot of time, so make sure you book a direct flight.
  8. Call up the airline to request a seat that will be convenient for your transfer assistance and disability. Choose a seat that is closer to the bathroom or an aisle seat. Avoid sitting close to the emergency exit, since those seats require that you stay prepared to help other passengers.
  9. Book cabs designed for the disabled. Cabs for disabled are equipped to house wheelchairs and assist senior citizens as well as the disabled to travel from one place to another with maximum comfort and safety. The drivers of such vehicles are trained to assist the users and help them get in and out of the cab.

With just a few precautions and these handy tips, you can rest assured that your trip will be a fun and exhilarating experience. Happy traveling!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

How to Travel from San Francisco Airport to Downtown?

The San Francisco International Airport is one of the biggest airline hubs on the western coast. Like most metropolitan airports, SFO is located outside the main city. There are several different ways of travelling the 13 miles between the airport and downtown San Francisco. You can either take a taxi, use the rapid transit shuttle or train. This blog will tell you the best way to travel from the SFO to downtown San Francisco.

Begin by selecting the best transportation mode

Choose your desired mode of transportation- taxi, train, car or shuttle. Train or taxis are the quickest.

Use the train:

If you are in the international terminal, you should exit the customs station, and take the escalator to reach the departures level. Walk straight and you will arrive at the train station. In case you have arrived at the domestic terminal, you can walk south and come to the International Terminal and then BART.

Get off the train at one of the following downtown destinations- the Civic Center station, Powell Street Station, Montgomery Street, or Embarcadero Station.

If you choose taxi:

  1. Exit Terminal 3, 2, 1 or International from the Arrivals level. There is a taxi stand at every level.
  2. Get in touch with a dispatcher and queue in to get the next vehicle available.
  3. Load the bags in the cab. Tell the driver the destination.
  4. Once you reach the destination, pay the driver. The cost should be approximately USD 40. This includes the mileage, flagging fee, wait time and a tip.
Another great way to get a taxi is to book it online or via the provider’s toll free number. There are several yellow cab providers who offer pre-booking facility, where in you can book a cab for a date in the future. This will ensure that no time is wasted standing in queues for a taxi.

For rental cars:

  1. Get to the rental car center by boarding the Air Train (blue line).
  2. Rent a car. The rent will depend on the number of hours or days you wish to rent the car.
  3. Exit the airport and head west.
  4. Keep following the US-101 North till you see the Fell/ Octavia exit. Make sure to take the exit and then turn right to get off the freeway. Follow the Market Street east till you reach your downtown destination.
For shuttles:

Reach to the terminal’s departure level. If you have just arrived, you must take the elevator or escalator down a level.

Get to the shared shuttles/ vans sign. Cross the traffic lane and look for the shuttle dispatcher. In case you have pre-booked a shuttle, tell the shuttle dispatcher about it and he/she will point you to the right direction. If you haven’t booked a shuttle yet, they will point you to the next available van.

There are endless ways to travel from SFO to downtown. However, the best and quickest mode of transportation is taking a yellow cab.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Destinations in California

Planning to go for a vacation but looking for places that are wheelchair accessible? California offers a range of different destinations that people with mobile disabilities can enjoy without discomfort. Here is a list of few:

Palo Alto:

Situated in San Francisco Bay Area, this city is home to Stanford University and several IT companies such as PARC, Tesla Motors and HP. You can plan a weekend trip and visit Cantor Arts Center, and Hanna House, junior museum and zoo, and the nature preserve. The place offers wheelchair friendly holiday rentals to make the trip more fun and convenient for all.


This place is home to charming museums such as the California state railroad museum, the Crocker Art Museum, the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center and many more. People looking for wheelchair accessible places can visit Old Sacramento or enjoy a picnic at the McKinley Park.

San Diego:

From scenic spots along the coastline to beautiful gardens to an amazing choice of restaurants, San Diego provides families and couples several great things to do. Tourists can visit the Botanical building, Cabrillo national monument, Torrey pines state reserve, San Diego zoo, and much more.

San Diego is also a haven for those who love food. Discover a variety of restaurants, bars, caf├ęs, and markets while learning about San Diego’s history and love of food. The place provides wheelchair accessible vans for tourists and residents to make travelling more convenient. 

San Francisco:

Whether you plan to unwind on the beach, go to a spa, or wine tasting, there is so much to choose near San Francisco. Make sure you check into a wheelchair friendly resort that offers activities for people of all ages. Some of the places to visit in San Francisco are, The Mendocino Coast, Monterey & Carmel, Sausalito, Napa, Sonoma, and much more. Vacationers can enjoy a combination of awe inspiring ocean views, art galleries, and the like.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is another popular destination located on the Western coast of California, offering a combination of stunning scenery, amazing weather, and lots to do. From gardens to spas and museums, famous sights and outdoor events, you will surely find something fun to do and see in this beautiful Californian desert city. Best things to do include the Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Canyon Drive, and the Tramway.


Visit the art museum or take a tour of the Crystal Palace to learn about the local history when you visit Bakersfield. Some of the best things to do if you plan to come with kids is to visit the Murray Family Farms, and Camelot Park. Apart from these, other popular attractions include the Kern County Raceway Park, Theatre & Music Hall and the nature preserve.

California is bustling with amazing cities and sights that make it an amazing destination to visit. Moreover, because of its emphasis on wheelchair accessible vans and wheelchair friendly rentals and hotels it is also a great place to visit for people with disabilities.