Monday, 24 December 2018

Hiring a Professional Taxi When You Are Traveling Long Distance

You are planning a trip with your family or friends and then the question appears- who will drive? Unless you love getting behind the wheels and are used to long stretches, it can be extremely tiring. Driving continuously can take its toll. To really enjoy your journey and stay away from the hassle, choose the less complicated option of hiring a cab service with trained drivers assisting you to travel to your destination with no disturbance.

There are numerous benefits of opting for a taxi service when it comes to long distance traveling. It helps in saving up on money and makes the trip more fun.

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1. A lot easier on the pocket – Most people make the mistake of taking their own car and that can make the expenses go higher as you will have to pay up for the costs of vehicle maintenance, fuel and even insurance. Hence, using the services of a yellow cab provider to take you from one destination to another can assist you in saving up on the cash as it will take you right to your destination and drive you home safely when scheduled.

2. Hassle-free – Since you will not have to worry about staying awake, watching the road and refueling on time, hiring a cab service can certainly make life a lot easier. In fact, you will not have to worry about car papers, insurance or even your driving license when hiring a professional cab service provider. Good service providers are always updated with the papers and consequentially make travel hassle free.

3. Professional drivers - Drivers who work professionally are trained for traveling long distances and are well versed with how to handle situations when they are on the road. Apart from this, they know the best and shortest routes around and make sure you travel securely to and from your destination. These individuals are disciplined and keep it professional, ensuring that your travel is comfortable and satisfying.

4. Safe - The professional yellow cab services are insured and accredited to keep the customers safe while traveling to a specific destination. They make sure that the vehicles are serviced regularly and are well- maintained to make them run smoothly, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for the traveler, irrespective of how long the journey is. Apart from this, the drivers also keep first aid boxes and know who to call in case of an emergency.

Long journeys are best enjoyed when the ride is smooth and you have the time and privilege to just sit and relax while someone else takes the wheels. Some people may consider hiring a taxi cab a waste of money, but if costs and time is calculated, one may realize that they are actually a very viable option. However, it is very important to hire a professional service that has the experience of taking long routes. It is best to research well about the cab provider and read the reviews thoroughly to make sure your journey is safe.

Friday, 23 November 2018

How to Have a Safe and Pleasant Taxi Ride

No matter how comfortable you are in driving a vehicle, there will always be times when you have to hire a taxi cab for your transportation needs. During the holiday season, or while going out with friends for drinks or when having numerable stops on the schedule, a call to a cab company is the best idea. With reasonable fares and sophisticated vehicles, you can book a taxi at the click of a button.

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However, here are a few ways you can make your ride pleasant and safe.

1. Confirm before getting in and inform someone of your whereabouts:

When your taxi arrives, make it a point to be absolutely sure that the cab is for you. You can do this by checking if your driver knows your destination and your name. You must also ask the driver for their photo id proof before you board. Photograph the number plate and if you get a chance, take the photo of the person driving the vehicle. Before getting inside the taxi, give a call to a friend or a family member, message them the images and let them know where you are planning to go. Also, check if you have the control of your door and window.

2. Make use of safety apps and GPS on your Mobile:

Make sure you keep your mobile GPS turned 'ON', till the time you are out of the car. This will ensure that the cab is on the right track and going off the track. Numerous applications help you connect to the police instantly. You should have the phone numbers of your close friends and family members on your speed dial list. During any emergency, you should be able to call them immediately.

3. Always take the busy roads:

Never let the cab driver take a shortcut. No matter what they say, stay resolute and ask them to take the high traffic, safe routes. Make sure all isolated roads are completely avoided particularly during nights, even if that means you will reach late. The saying 'it is better to be safe than sorry' should be your guiding rule.

4. Indoor safety in the Taxi:

If you are coming back from a cocktail party or if you are traveling at night, make sure you share the vehicle rather than traveling alone. Never wear expensive jewelry and avoid counting your cash in the taxi. Also, just to be safe, carry a stole or jacket for covering yourself if you are wearing revealing clothing.

5. Stay Alert:

At the time of your commute, never have any personal conversations over the phone. During such conversations, you may end up giving away personal information which may be heard by the cab driver and may be used unlawfully. In case the driver engages you in personal conversation, avoid them. Never give out specifics. Stay aware of your surroundings and be aware of all the landmarks passing by. Also, avoid checking email or playing games on your cellphone.

You must never drop your guard and stay aware and alert of all your surroundings at all times. However, you must also make sure you hire a reputed yellow cab provider for best experience.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Why You Should Choose an Airport Taxi Transfer over Public Transport

Thanks to the developing technology, we have multiple choices while traveling from the airport - including, buses, trains, yellow cabs or subway. However, most people wonder what the best mode of transport would be. The mode you decide on must cater to your needs. Selecting the best means, to and from airport travel must not be done in a hurry.

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Multiple options

Bus or train make a very economical choice if they work in optimum condition. However, when it comes to comfort, they may not be the most profitable. Public transportation is not comfortable particularly when you have to carry bulky luggage. Moreover, you also have to book according to the bus or train schedule, which includes dealing with delays.

Self-drives are a comfortable option as you do not have to travel with strangers and there are no delays. However, such transport does not provide you the opportunity to rest during your journey after a tiresome and long trip. As soon as you arrive, you have to begin searching for parking, which may take time.

Subway travel also has its share of shortcomings as those experienced when using either a train or a bus. In spite of being the cheapest choice, it is not always suitable.

Benefits of Airport Taxi Transfer

There are several advantages of airport taxi transfer which include;
  • Someone will help you carry your language, consequentially saving the hassle of carrying it on your own.
  • In spite of being a little expensive, yellow taxis are value for money because of the guaranteed comfort and peace.
  • In instances where you have to go through your office presentation when heading for a meeting. You can go through the agendas and topics privately.
  • Yellow cab drivers are very kind, polite, and respectful and ensure your ride is comfortable and enjoyable.
  • The cabs always come in good conditions thus helping you avoid the inconvenience that could result from delays due to accidents or breakdowns.
  • It helps you save the expenditure incurred because of leaving your vehicle in the parking of the airport for all the days you will be away.
  • If there is any delay, you will not have to worry as your yellow cab driver will wait. Apart from this, taxi transfer works on a flat price and hence you do not have to worry that there will be changes in charges.
  • As the holidays approach, there are usually too many people traveling and this can cause overcrowding of public transportation. Traveling in a yellow cab can help you save the stress of waiting in queues.
After all the comparisons the differences between taxi and public transport, cabs are definitely a winner. Cab transfer decreases all the drawbacks that one may encounter while traveling. It is both efficient and effective and religiously dedicated to making sure the passengers enjoy their trip when using it.

Cabs are certainly one of the best means of transport. However, make sure you sample cab companies before selecting a company for use. You can do this by getting some feedback from family and friends who has used a taxicab transfer before.

Monday, 24 September 2018

5 Reasons Why a Cab Driver is Well Aware of How to Navigate a City

Taxi drivers travel and work round the clock in the city every day, going from pillar to post, anywhere the customer wishes to travel. They also ensure their customers reach everywhere on time. Yet no one thinks too much about why they are so reliable, consistent, or good wherever they go. Let us delve into some of the many reasons why a typical taxi driver is aware of how to navigate the places they work in.

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1. There are certain skills and traits you need to possess to become an efficient taxi driver. Cab drivers require to be observant so that they can remember landmarks and routes well, be effective, and have the right instincts. Cab driving is not as easy as it may seem and not everyone has the actual physical skills needed to take someone from one place to another.

2. Cab drivers go through a lot of training before becoming drivers. They are required to learn the easiest and fastest routes from one point to another and are required to learn all the main places and landmarks of the city to serve their customers and the city well. Driver training teaches them how to navigate as if they were robots.

3. For drivers who wish to work in California, they must undergo difficult and comprehensive training program and exams before they are permitted to drive. Candidates have to steer through the city's busy network of roads and grids and find ways from one point to another point in the quickest possible distance. The knowledge of the city is a tough examination, but with grit and motivation these drivers pass all exams.

4. The experience of cab driving gives drivers the knowledge of their city and the streets. They travel through certain routes and destinations, especially tourist landmarks, so remembering every nook and corner becomes easy and natural. This is also known as knowledge by repetition. The travel also ensures that they are more aware of the best places to shop, eat and stay. Asking an experienced cab driver is as good as hiring a travel agent to book you the best itinerary for a trip.

5. In most cities, cab drivers make use of the GPS navigation systems that helps them reach their destination without any confusion. Of course, there are many poor cab companies that do not install such devices, in turn offering inefficient service to the end client. This is especially true if they hire drivers who are new to the profession. However, all reputed providers own cars that are fitted with the latest technology including, GPS, card machines etc.

Hiring a taxi cab to commute is the best way to navigate the city and its busy routes. These professionals ensure you always reach on time.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage for Your Vacation

While traveling can be exciting, it may come with its set of stresses. Hurling luggage from one place to another while looking for a taxi cab outside the airport can be extremely easy, or may lead to strain on your travel experience. One of the primary things you must do is think of your traveling style and then specifically cater to those needs when you opt for the right travel bag. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of some things you can consider.

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Soft or hard?

It is important to opt for a travel luggage which is based upon your personal traveling needs. For instance, do you mainly travel for business? Or the travel is mostly for leisure? Do you take expensive breakable items with you? A hard carry-on works well for those who carry expensive cameras when they are going on a vacation to areas that have harsh weather conditions.

Soft travel luggage is best for those looking for some additional storage. Such bags have been designed to expand and are best for those looking to carry souvenirs.


It is advisable to never buy a carry-on luggage that is bigger than what you may be able to lift on your head. Another criteria to keep in mind is, the duration of the vacation- while some people can survive with only a few items in comparison to others but when you visit a foreign place, it is ideal to carry a small carry-on. However, be sure to inquire about the airline's domestic and international size limitations.


Buy a bag that has unique colors and prints to ensure you are able to spot it easily on the luggage belt. Also, no one else will mistake it for their bag, averting confusion.


There are two kinds of wheel options available- four or two. Two wheels are very common as they are lighter and easier to maneuver. You may easily yank the bag over the stairs without the need to lift it manually. However, you must understand that such cases tend to easily tip over.

Four wheels can easily stand upright which helps you to roll them easily in shallow or crowded pathways. Make sure you look for bags that have locking wheels to prevent the bag from rolling away.


Make sure your luggage is made up of materials that are water resistant or they have been treated with a coating or sealant from the inside. This is very important as at times your luggage may be placed on sticky, wet, or dirty places.

In case your luggage does not have sealants that are moisture-resistant, then just line the bottom and top of the suitcase with plastic. This will keep your things dry even if the outside of the bag gets wet.

Having the right travel bag and hiring the right airport taxi cabs are two things that can make your journey more comfortable and worry free. Make sure you invest in the right kind of luggage and cab provider.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Enhance Your Traveling Experience in Yellow Cabs

Hiring a taxi when you are in a new city is always a good idea. The biggest benefit is transportation ease and also you don’t have the headache of finding places, as the cab driver will make sure you reach your destination in a professional and timely way. Most business visitors and tourists prefer using a taxi cab due to this reason.

The biggest benefit of hiring a cab is the time saved. You can efficiently and quickly reach your destination with no extra cost. All you have to do is either book the cab online or by calling the taxi company for reservation.

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Fares yellow cabs offer:

All good taxi providers have competitive pricing. They only take what’s fair from their customers, with no extra or hidden charges. Cab fares are usually very nominal with a fixed minimum fee. If you are not sure, you can always call up the taxi company to confirm rates or talk to the cab driver. They will list down their charges and suggest the best route for the destination. Cab companies also offer holiday or festival discounts to attract potential customers. For convenience, they readily accept debit or credit cards for payment.


Taxi drivers have the right knowledge about their area and therefore make sure you reach your destination on time and safely. They are well versed about the traffic situation and can therefore take you through streets that are less crowded so that you are never late. Most of the time, it is actually a better idea to hire a cab than take a self-drive, as taking a self-drive will keep you worried about parking. If you are getting the comforts of a car without the liability, then why opt for anything else?

Yellow Cab: facilities

All good yellow cabs are equipped with state-of-the-art accessories and are fully furnished. You get the best service for your airport transportation needs or any other requirements. Yellow cab companies make sure all their cabs are well serviced, clean, comfortable, safe, and hygienic to offer largest client satisfaction. Taxis come with advanced technological devices, such as telephone, GPS navigation system, and the like.

Traveling through public transportation systems such as, buses or trains can be pretty hectic and tiresome. Apart from the vehicles being extremely crowded, these services are time consuming as they are bound by their own schedules. This is one of the biggest reasons why taxi services are the best form of transportation in California. If you wish to reserve a cab by telephone then all you have to do is get their number through their website or yellow pages. You will find that the websites of reputed taxi operators contain all of their information including, contact details, taxi fleet, etc. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, you can depend on cab service providers.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Outdoor activities you can enjoy in San Francisco

San Francisco is the commercial, cultural and financial hub of northern California. It offers several activities you can take part in while visiting. Here are a few interesting things to do:

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Yosemite National park

Explore the wild and untamed beauty of the Sierra Nevada by taking a tour of Yosemite National Park in San Francisco. You can travel in a yellow cab to reach the Gold Rush towns and then head to the park, where you will be swept away by beautiful natural wonders such as, Yosemite Falls and granite cliffs. Hike through ancient sequoia trees, and enjoy the park’s wonders.

The weather in Yosemite is extremely variable and comprises of snow and rain during winters and soring high temperatures during summer months.

Hire a taxi and explore the city

Hiring a yellow cab is extremely convenient; it makes traveling around and exploring San Francisco enjoyable and exciting. The drivers are normally well aware of all the routes and attractions, making sure you don’t miss anything.

Wine tour of Sonoma Valley

Enjoy the entire day of fun with your private yellow cab taking you from your residence/ hotel in San Francisco to horseback riding and zip lining in Sonoma County and then a wine tour and breath-taking views of the Valley. Don't forget to buy a bottle of red or white wine to take back with you.

Fisherman’s wharf:

You can take a walk to the Golden Gate from Fisherman’s Wharf. Learn about life in the city while walking with a local guide, and understand its fascinating history. Enjoy spectacular Bay views, soaring Marin Highlands, Alcatraz and complete your tour close to the good old Palace of Fine Arts.

Urban Hike

Explore the former military posts and historic parks on a 3-hour hiking tour. Led by professional guides, you will see the Presidio Chapel, Palace of Fine Arts and even the San Francisco National Cemetery. Walk through the Ecology Trail and Lover’s Lane to inhale the aromas of cypress, eucalyptus, and pine with views of Alcatraz. The guide will offer historical commentary about the area while enjoying fresh air and sceneries of the outdoors.

Presidio is a great place to visit not just for its fantastic views but natural beauty. Rather than driving, put on the hiking boots and wander about every nook.

Muir woods

Enjoy this six hour tour that comes with a trip to San Francisco Bay towards Muir Woods. You will be driven across the city to witness its varied geography and neighbourhoods, stopping numerous times for pictures. At Muir Woods, relish the huge redwood trees, and travel to Sausalito and stop over for lunch.

San Francisco is an amazing city with so much to do and experience. With the right guide and taxi cab you can explore the whole city and its many attractions.   

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Things to do in San Francisco in 2018

San Francisco is an interesting place with millions of things to see and do. Here is a list of things you can do while visiting!

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San Francisco Chinatown

China Town in San Francisco is the largest and oldest, being one of the top attractions of the city. Visitors can look at shops, have dim sums, visit markets and temples built during California Gold Rush.  One can go to the Chinese Historical Society or book a Segway tour or Chinatown walking for insight in the neighborhood’s culture and food. Make sure you have some cash handy as most of the small shops do not accept cards.

Muir Woods

The Muir Woods is certainly a must-see destination if you are planning to visit San Francisco. It is home to the last of the coastal redwood forests. You can relax, hike, or picnic among the huge trees for a unique experience only a few minutes away from the city. There are also several outdoor attractions such as, Stinson Beach and Fort Baker, providing great visions of the Golden Gate Bridge.


This is a former federal prison which held infamous criminals and is now a historic landmark and an extremely popular attractions in the area. Hear stories from inmates who stayed there and walk by the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge during your ferry rides.

Golden Gate

You cannot leave San Francisco without stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoying its amazing views. The iconic, bridge spans 1.7 miles and connects the northernmost point of the city to Marin County. This famous landmark sees visitors from across the world due to its panoramic views.

Twin Peaks

Known for offering the best views in the city, these two hills are right at the middle of San Francisco. The Peaks provide visitors a completely free and easily accessible way to see downtown San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and the bay. It is one of the best places to see sunsets, sunrises, picnics, or just to take a long walk.

Union Square

The beautiful grounds of Union Square, surrounded by hotels and department stores, might not look like a very interesting place for hanging out. However, stay awhile at the bench or get a seat at the café and you will discover the best people-watching within the city.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a busy waterfront laden with restaurants, shops, and several attractions. There are sea lions sunbathing and posing with people for photos. There is also a historic ships collection and plenty of other things to do.

With so much to see, San Francisco should certainly be in your list. However, make sure you make your travel easy by hiring a yellow cab to move around!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Best things to do in Redwood City

Redwood City is a part of San Francisco peninsula and while is not the most popular destination in California, it does offer several worthwhile attractions. Redwood is a forward thinking city and has several modern attractions. If you ever choose to visit the City, here are a few things you can do:

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1. History Museum of San Mateo County

San Mateo museum is certainly one of the biggest attractions of Redwood. The museum has several numbers of exhibitions exploring and demonstrating how life was during the past decades within San Mateo County. Displays comprise of an 1880’s general store and a household depicting the life in California. There is also a big collection of archived materials and books.

2. Redwood Morton Community Park

This park is used by locals for activities including, BBQs, tennis, ball games, skateboarding, working out, and baseball. The Redwood Morton Community Park is also utilized for events all through the year including art displays and tea parties. The park is the biggest in the Redwood City and offers a great place to relax or be active depending on how one feels.

3. Pulgas Water Temple

This amazing structure was created in 1934 and was intended to celebrate the bringing of water one hundred and sixty miles to the Bay Area from California. The entire project of bringing water cost a $102 million dollars. Several columns in the temple pay respect to the Greeks and Romans whose techniques were utilized in the water movement. The place is now open for people during weekdays and provides an amazing photo opportunity.

4. Fox Theatre

This is a historic theater and is listed as one of the most historic places. The theater depicts a range of performances such as, comedy, musicals and live music. It first opened in 1929 and several stars including Vanessa Williams and BB King performed there. Fox was closed in 2009 due to financial trouble but it was reopened and was well worth a visit.

5. Gourmet Haus Staudt

A rustic beer shop and garden provides a taste of traditional German cuisine and spices and a range of German beers. If you feel thirsty while looking around the shop, then you can always relax at the adjoining beer garden. The garden has many quality beers and authentic German snacks and dishes. The garden’s atmosphere is welcoming and its a great place to hang out when in redwood.

6. Unleashed Art Gallery

Unleashed Art Gallery is the premier art destination which features upcoming artists. The main focus of the gallery is on offering new artists an opportunity to shine and this in itself has made the site popular with people in Redwood. The art style is normally contemporary fine art though photography and other such works are also displayed occasionally.

7. Edgewood park:

This is an amazing place for hiking while admiring the sheer beauty of the wildflowers and grasslands. The park is easily reachable. The grasslands and wooded areas offer the best habitat for wildlife including snakes, deer, and jackrabbits.

With so much to do and see, a trip to Redwood will never disappoint you. However, make sure you hire a yellow cab to take you around to make the best of your time.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Taxis for People who use Wheelchairs

Yellow cabs are certainly one of the best ways to get around, particularly when public transportation is tough to utilizep. Whether it is to tour the city or travel to the supermarket, wheelchair cabs are priceless for differently abled people who wish to travel across the country.

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Wheelchair cabs: what are they actually?

Cabs that are wheelchair-accessible have a passenger lift and a ramp to help the wheelchair user get into the cab, which is a lot easier than shifting from a wheelchair to a car seat and then undoing the wheelchair. Since the design of the wheelchair is for supporting differently abled people, wheelchair-accessible cabs help differently abled people to stay in the position that is apt for their posture and body.

Wheelchair-accessible cabs are also equipped for securing the wheelchair at the time when cabs are in motion. This guarantees safety and keeps the passenger’s chair still and stationery. There are proper lap belts and seat belts available for keeping the wheelchair user stable.

Equipment within the wheelchair cabs are tested regularly by the drivers to make sure they remain in top condition. This further ensures safety and will mean repairs can be made before something potentially injures somebody or breaks.

Things cab drivers do when transporting differently abled passengers:

Cab drivers of reputed taxi companies undergo compulsory training to make sure the drivers have the know-how to transport people with special needs. These drivers constantly undergo verification to make sure they are qualified.

Good-practices that cab drivers follow include:

           1.  Cab drivers are required to be respectful towards their passengers, including the ones with disabilities, and must understand that some passengers have difficulty communicating.

           2. Cab drivers ask their incapacitated passengers what help they need, instead of assuming what can help.

           3.  Taxi drivers are patient if a passenger is a slow mover or has problems accessing a cab.

            4.  Drivers are extra cautious while taking differently abled passengers around and avoid things such as, sudden corners or hard braking, to ensure the safety of the passenger.

How to get in and out?

Mostly, cab drivers have received disability and accessibility awareness training, and are capable of helping wheelchair users in and out of a cab. Since every differently abled individual’s requirements are different, the cab driver must not assume that they are aware of how to help.

In case the differently abled passengers are traveling with a care giver or personal assistant, their expertise with the passenger and taxi driver’s expertise with the ramp go together for ensuring that the traveler is able to come out and get into the cab without an issue.

When hiring a wheelchair accessible cab, one must make sure the vehicle has good brakes and belongs to a reputed company.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Important Holiday Safety Tips Most People Overlook

With the holiday decorations all set up and the excitement starts building up, don’t forget to take important safety precautions during the holiday season, as staying safe is just as significant as enjoying yourself! As the holiday season adventures starts and it’s time to visit family and friends, many security problems come up that you may not have thought of.

Here are a few tips for the holidays!


When traveling:

Do not disclose your travel plans over the internet. Avoid posting where you’re going, the time when you are leaving, or the time you will be back, as you’re essentially making a thief’s job a lot easier. Its good to let a dependable neighbor know if you are planning to travel for the holiday season, so that they will be alert.

Electrical fires:

Before stringing lights on your trees or house, inspect them, to ensure there are no cracked bulbs or frayed cords. Also, do not use indoor lights outside. Check the tag on your string of lights to stay sure.

A lot of holiday lights that are manufactured today are made for both outdoor and indoor use, but you might come across certain products that are location specific. Indoor lights are not as resistant to dampness, which can cause electrical damage or shorts during the wet weather season.

Heating equipment:

Make sure you hire a professional to inspect your furnace and clear the chimney before heating your home. Search for a professional within your area!

General fire safety: 

Do not leave any candles unattended, and avoid putting stockings close to a heat source (such as, fireplace and chimney). Make sure to check or install smoke alarms, and disconnect your tree during any sleeping hours.

Grease fires:

Make sure you take precautions when it comes to turkey fryers (the oil used for frying the turkey should be of the correct temperature and fry within a well-ventilated area.) Do not use water to stub out a grease fire — rather, cover the fire in baking soda.

Use a reputed cab company for travel:

There is an increase in crime rate on the streets during the holidays. It is best to travel with a reputed travel company to avoid any such problems. Moreover, since the holidays involve parties and alcohol, it is always a good idea to take a cab home, instead of driving on your own. 

Do not let your pets drink from your tree stand:

Tree preservative, usually made with fungicides and fertilizer, can lead to upset stomach or vomiting in pets; bacteria can also reproduce during the standing water. Warmly wrap a tree skirt round the trunk for making the water tough to get to for your pet.

By following these simple safety tips you can ensure that you and your family has a happy and safe holiday season!