How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage for Your Vacation

While traveling can be exciting, it may come with its set of stresses. Hurling luggage from one place to another while looking for a taxi cab outside the airport can be extremely easy, or may lead to strain on your travel experience. One of the primary things you must do is think of your traveling style and then specifically cater to those needs when you opt for the right travel bag. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of some things you can consider.

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Soft or hard?

It is important to opt for a travel luggage which is based upon your personal traveling needs. For instance, do you mainly travel for business? Or the travel is mostly for leisure? Do you take expensive breakable items with you? A hard carry-on works well for those who carry expensive cameras when they are going on a vacation to areas that have harsh weather conditions.

Soft travel luggage is best for those looking for some additional storage. Such bags have been designed to expand and are best for those looking to carry souvenirs.


It is advisable to never buy a carry-on luggage that is bigger than what you may be able to lift on your head. Another criteria to keep in mind is, the duration of the vacation- while some people can survive with only a few items in comparison to others but when you visit a foreign place, it is ideal to carry a small carry-on. However, be sure to inquire about the airline's domestic and international size limitations.


Buy a bag that has unique colors and prints to ensure you are able to spot it easily on the luggage belt. Also, no one else will mistake it for their bag, averting confusion.


There are two kinds of wheel options available- four or two. Two wheels are very common as they are lighter and easier to maneuver. You may easily yank the bag over the stairs without the need to lift it manually. However, you must understand that such cases tend to easily tip over.

Four wheels can easily stand upright which helps you to roll them easily in shallow or crowded pathways. Make sure you look for bags that have locking wheels to prevent the bag from rolling away.


Make sure your luggage is made up of materials that are water resistant or they have been treated with a coating or sealant from the inside. This is very important as at times your luggage may be placed on sticky, wet, or dirty places.

In case your luggage does not have sealants that are moisture-resistant, then just line the bottom and top of the suitcase with plastic. This will keep your things dry even if the outside of the bag gets wet.

Having the right travel bag and hiring the right airport taxi cabs are two things that can make your journey more comfortable and worry free. Make sure you invest in the right kind of luggage and cab provider.