Three Things to Look for in a Wheelchair Transportation Service

With the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act several years ago, businesses, transportation services as well as public spaces have become easily accessible for people with disabilities. Although the progress till now has been encouraging, there is still a long way to go.

In the recent years, there have been great developments made in the area of travel – particularly in major urban cities. There are numerous choices that exist; you even have the option to ride in comfortable vans with good disabled transportation services! Nonetheless, there are some things that you must look out for when deciding what is right for you.

Convenience is not only about having ramps, there should be facilities that make life easier, convenient and more fulfilling!

Image Courtesy : Pixabay
1. The customer service record should be one of your primary concerns

Although a lot of cities have made noble efforts to make public transportation more easily accessible for those with disabilities, the fact is most subway operators, bus drivers and taxi drivers do not have the required training on the best way to interact with and help people with disabilities.

Any kind of private service which is worth its claims will make sure their drivers are not just certified, but also respectful and courteous. A lot of services hire drivers that go out of their way to treat their customers with care and compassion. Make sure you read testimonials and research about the provider online to get a better understanding of the company you are planning to consider.

2. The service provider must tend to your needs

It can be very difficult to travel to work, medical appointments, and the airport on time, especially for someone who uses a wheelchair. Promptness is especially stressful for someone like a veteran who has just recently lost mobility because of combat.

It is important for disabled individuals to make it to their hospital appointments when needed - and also at times in an emergency. The right provider understands and caters to such needs. Most of them will provide door to door drop off and pick up services, and some of them also make the added effort of being available the very day the customer makes the call.

3. A Transportation Service should be built in such a way that it makes your life safer and easier.

As stated previously, at times public transportation may fail you. The ramps made for wheelchairs on buses may not work, or add several minutes to your everyday commute because of how slow they work. Family and friends may try their best to help you out every day but it may get difficult if they have to do it every day.

However, all good transportation services that offer wheelchair transportation utilize roomy vehicles particularly designed for meeting ADA requirements, and make the entire trip as comfortable and as quick as possible. Stress and time are both easily saved when one finds a transport service that identifies and serves the precise needs of the people with disabilities.

These guidelines can assist you in choosing the right transportation service. Begin by researching your choices today, and take full advantage of the many technological advances in the country.