How to Use A Taxi Service When You Are Abroad?

Whether you are traveling for a holiday or taking a short business trip abroad, you will need local taxi services to get from the airport to the destination. While cab drivers are people who are mostly honest when doing their job, there can be times where problems may occur. This blog will offer tips on how to use a cab service abroad.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

While you may be used to hailing cabs in your country, you will feel a lot different when doing it in a foreign country. The first impression you will have of a country is while sitting in a taxi and driving through. It is important that your taxi is safe as you are particularly "vulnerable" –exhausted from the long flight, tired, have valuables, etc. Linguistic and cultural diversity, and no proper knowledge of the terrain leads to uncertainty for a traveler who may feel like the taxi driver may view you as a possible victim. While it is not the case mostly, but it will not hurt if you prepare yourself in advance.

Use the internet to check rates:

Before you reach the destination, use the web for prices of cab services in the specific city where you are traveling to. There is no need to get into details but take a rough idea of what is fair since you can easily use Google maps to get an idea of the distance from the airport. Get used to names of popular taxi companies operating within the city. Keep in mind, companies that take their presence seriously over the web, perform their services professionally.

Do not rush when choosing a provider:

There will be situations when you are searching for a cab with hands full of luggage, and cab drivers start to approach you. It is best not to rush when choosing a cab. Talk to the taxi driver whose vehicle and demeanor offers you the most confidence. Request for a price. You can agree on taking the cab by the meter, or settling on a fixed price. But make sure to obtain the right information about the price and make comparisons with previous estimates.

It is more expensive to drive at a set price instead of the meter, but this will also ensure that the cab provider utilizes the quickest route.


When it comes to the security when riding, the same tips apply in every part of the world. Make sure you store the big suitcases inside the trunk of the cab, and all the important documents and cash should be kept close to you. It is best to take the ride money out during the journey to avoid searching for your wallet in front of the driver. Also, make sure you have change as most cab drivers are short of it. Yellow cab drivers in most countries prefer the passengers to sit at the back seat, follow that rule. Take a picture of the vehicle number and taxi driver before the ride and send it to your friend or a loved one. This will alert the cab driver that you have their details.

With just a little vigilance you can have the most comfortable cab experience no matter where you travel to in the world.