Things to Do in summer at San Mateo

The summers at San Mateo County are certainly worth experiencing. Camping, beaches, wineries and day spas ensure that there is not a single dull moment in your life when exploring this place. Moreover, the community organizes a variety of summer events and camps for adults and kids alike, to keep them amused. Golfing also becomes a major part of San Mateo summers as people are seen enjoying the greens found at Half Moon Bay, Burlingame, and several other parts of the county.

Here are few of the San Mateo must-visits during summer months:
Menlo Park
Located just north of Palo Alto, Menlo Park is an extremely popular place for artists. It is known for the Allied Arts Guild. The Guild has been an oasis for artists since 1929, and still houses several studios and boutique shops. The restaurants close by are perfect for lunch. Menlo Park is also known for its wide variety of shopping options, day spas, and dining. It makes for a popular Bay Area getaway.
Fun and art camps are also organized in this area for children so that they can better explore their creative side.
El Granada
If its water activities that fascinate you then El Granada is an extremely popular destination. The place boasts of breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and bay. Sport fishing is the biggest attraction here. Tourists can use chartered boats for both fishing and for whale watching. Also, for a closer look at the water wildlife, kayaks can be rented.
Moss Beach
For people who love to relax with their favorite poison, Moss Beach is the place to be. The quaint bed and breakfast and the historical Moss Beach Distillery certainly keep the visitors entertained. Apart from this, the beaches, wineries, and beautiful scenery make everyone come back for more.
If you’re into incredible beaches, local shops and fresh gourmet cheese from the farms then Pescadero is the place to be. Harley Farms Goat Dairy is known for its delicious goat cheese. The visitors are also allowed to milk and pet the goats, to experience something very different from their city life.
Several school groups visit the farms to learn how professionals prepare cheese. Apart from this, other great attractions in Pescadero are the Pescadero County Store, Duarte's Tavern, and Norm's Bakery that offers scrumptious pastries and fresh-baked bread.
Other activities offered at San Mateo during Summers
Fitness programs:
Summer is the time to flaunt that toned body. In case you need to work on your core then taking up yoga or Pilates. These classes are a great way to get those ripped abs and to limber up your spine.  Apart from this, you can also take part in several boot camps to get your blood pumping and to get into shape.
Water fun:
Aquatic revelers can deck out in their swimming gear and traverse the waves on top of kayaks and paddle boards.
Fight club:
If learning martial art interests you then your summers at San Mateo are going to be pretty adventurous. The place boast of several karate and boxing studios that help you learn combat. Apart from this, you can also learn the art of fencing from professional fencers.
Horse riding:
Knowing how to ride a horse can certainly be liberating. Enthusiasts can learn how to handle and ride their horses by undertaking private lessons from professionals
Other sports:
Children can be enrolled into basketball and archery training sessions that teach the fundamentals of the game. This helps kids learn new skills and disciplines.
San Mateo is certainly a great place to be during the summers. There is plethora of activities to keep everyone in the family busy and entertained.