The Original Yellow Taxi Cab Company

Taxi cabs have been around for centuries, from comfortable limos or sedans to horse drawn carriages of the yester years, all of them with the purpose to transport people from one destination to another. However, there is no public transport more popular than the great yellow taxi, a vehicle that has become symbolic of the long and colorful history of the United States. Interestingly, most people think that yellow cabs originated from New York, but the fact is original yellow taxi company was started in Illinois by a car dealer, several years ago.

The History:
The original Yellow Cab was started by John Hertz in the year 1915 with spare used cars that came to him through his car dealership. Hertz hired a team of experts to come up with the right color. Ultimately, after a lot of deliberation, it was determined that yellow would be the most noticeable hue on the streets. This day began a tradition that is being followed even today.

Color choice, however, was not the only accomplishment of Hertz. His company also installed the first traffic light on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. In fact, the government was so happy with the improvement in traffic that they repaid Hertz for the cost of installation and expanded the program further. Hertz used the most sophisticated equipment in his cars, including, automatic windshield wipers, Firestone balloon tires, wider rimmed wheels, and the like. It is believed that the use of new tires assisted the business in achieving so much success. And even today, it is one of the largest taxicab companies in the United States.

History Of Debauchery
During the 1920s the Yellow Taxi Cab Company was involved in several illegal activities involving the mobsters. It also had a bitter rivalry with its competitor Checker Taxi which led to several deaths, shootings, and firebombings. In 1925, Hertz sold off the Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company to GM, General Motors. He then sold the remaining interest in 1929. Yellow Cab Co. was later purchased by Morris Markin, the founder of Checker Cab Manufacturing Company.

The Various Owners
Yellow Taxi Cab Company has changed corporate hands several times over the years. However in 2005, Michael Levine bought controlling interest of the company for good. Since then Yellow Taxi Cab and its sister concerns have grown to be more than two thousand five hundred vehicle fleet, diversifying into the suburbs and beyond state lines. Levine along with his partner had also bought the Checker Taxi, to join up the two companies again. Yellow Cab ultimately split into multiple companies across the nation sustaining the Yellow Cab name.

After all these years, the business has continued its tradition of modernizing its machines and dispatch system. Apart from wipers and stoplights, Yellow Taxi Cab Company was also the first company to fit seat belts at the back of the taxis and the first to make use of antilock brake systems. The provider was known to have the first digital dispatch system, and even today it boasts of automated call answering, digital dispatch system with GPS, and instant credit card swiping machines. Yellow is also coming up with eco friendly ideas by testing greener vehicles like Toyota Scion and Ford Escape hybrid.

Yellow Cab has been giving great service to the country not only through its taxis but also through its charitable contributions. It is involved in several charity and civic organizations in the city of Chicago. It has underwritten an English speaking course for drivers across Chicago City Colleges, supported several programs and initiatives for city youth, offered scholarships to drivers, their children and spouses, and supported various aid organizations in the Chicago land area.