Special Recycling Programs in San Mateo

It often becomes difficult to recycle all our household wastes. There are innumerable products and all of them seem to have different rules about how, when and where they can be removed from a house. Here are some useful resources and programs that intend to simplify the recycling process for San Mateo residents.

Curbside Inc.

This company offers free door-to-door service for all San Mateo residents who want to get rid of their:

Ø  Hazardous household waste (such as, insecticides, paint, cleaning supplies, and the like)
Ø  Electronics (such as, TVs, computers, and the like)
Ø  Universal Waste (such as, CFLs, fluorescent lights, batteries)
Ø  The provider can be contacted through phone.

Christmas Tree Pick-up

Most residents have a hard time disposing off their trees after Christmas. There are several programs that run from December 26 to January 31 that intend towards picking up bulky trees. However, residents are asked to remove all decorations and stands before handing them over. Also, trees need to be placed next to the compost cart and have to be cut down if they are over eight feet.

Environmental Health Department of San Mateo

The Environmental Health Department of the county sponsors several collection centers wherein residents can dispose-off hazardous wastes.

If a person owns a small business, he/she can set up a meeting to bring in the hazardous waste for recycling. This, however, is subject to a decreased fee and there are certain restrictions on the total amount of rubbish that can be disposed in such manner. Residents need to get in touch with the environmental health department for information.

Shoreway Environmental Center

In collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul, the center accepts books, clothing, household goods, scrap metal, and car batteries for recycling and reuse. Recyclable materials and household hazardous wastes can also be delivered to the center directly for disposal.  Few of the materials that are accepted include:

Ø  Used motor oil
Ø  Latex Paint
Ø  Used oil filters
Ø  Rechargeable Batteries
Ø  Used Antifreeze
Ø  Computers
Ø  Electronic Equipment 
Ø  Peripheral Devices
Ø  Medication Drop-Off

Residents can dispose-off pharmaceuticals free of charge and safely at the drop box situated at the San Mateo Police Station at 200 Franklin Parkway.

The Transfer Station

The transfer station picks up waste from the resident’s location and transports it to a landfill for no fee.

Two Annual On-Call Pickups

The residents of San Mateo are allowed two on-call hefty item pick-ups each year. A garbage hauler can be scheduled to come pick up large amounts of waste or household items free of charge.

The Environmental Educating Center:

The Environmental Education Center of San Mateo offers guided tours for public and school groups for free. The high-tech facility is utilized for teaching the public and students about the four essential R’s:
Ø  Reduce
Ø  Reuse
Ø  Recycle and
Ø  Rot
Apart from this, broader concepts pertaining to green building and resource conservation are also taught. Residents who want to schedule a tour can easily sign up online.

Transporting it on one’s own:

In case a resident has several small items, pharmaceuticals, or related products to drop off to the closest recycling/pharmaceutical center then he/she can call up a taxi cab. Most drivers driving these cabs are well aware of the location of these centers and can easily take the customer there. Taxi cab is also a convenient option in comparison to a mass transportation service such as a bus that has fixed routes. One of the best ways to book a yellow cab is online through provider’s websites. Most reputed transportation companies offer e-booking facility for their customers.