Recreation facilities in San Mateo

San Mateo boasts of several parks and recreational facilities to help parents enrich the lives of their children. Whatever strikes the child’s fancy, the county probably has it. From guitar to karate lessons, there is something to cater to every need on the Peninsula. The Recreation Department has also created several summer and after-school programs that help a child learn, while having fun.


Staying active is important for a healthy body and mind. It is essential to inculcate healthy habits at a younger age.
  • Outdoor facilities: there are several parks that have walking trails, tennis and basketball courts, and the like. All these are free and widely accessible.
  • Classes: most parks offer recreational classes designed to fit any schedule, interest and skill set.
  • Instructors and staff: park rangers and maintenance crew are welcoming and available to help visitors in any way possible. In fact, these instructors know how to make everything safe, fun, and unintimidating.

The most popular activities offered in San Mateo:


By learning how to dance, children discover new facets of their minds, bodies, and imaginations. Dance has several benefits. For instance, children:
  • Find creative ways for self expression.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Learn discipline
  • Enhance body awareness, gross motor skills, technique and balance.
  • Get performance opportunities to share newly learned skills.
  • Nurture creativity

The Youth Dance Program was established more than forty years ago and has more than 2 dozen instructors. Almost 500 kids participate every quarter in these dance classes.


Swimming is a great way to stay active. San Mateo offers a variety of different swimming programs for youth and children alike. All lessons are taught by qualified instructors who make learning safe and fun.

Martial Arts:

There are multiple martial art programs offered in San Mateo including kendo and karate. Through such programs a child:
  • Builds physical strength and self confidence
  • Learns the movements and skills of traditional Karate-Do
  • Understands karate concepts
  • Enhances body awareness and hand eye coordination
  • Builds existing karate skills and exploring a new sport
  • Enhances socialization skills
  • Be challenged in a safe, non-competitive environment
  • Learns self-defense techniques

Youth Fitness:

There are a variety of fitness activities promoted by the county for children of all ages including, yoga, zumba, personal training, and the like.


Tennis is extremely popular in San Mateo. The place offers well designed programs with a comprehensive pathway for people of all abilities and ages. With fundamentals and fun at the forefront, the child will learn the tactics and skills required to be a lifelong tennis player.


Recreation and park golf programs integrate real time practice with instruction. The youth program in San Mateo is tailored for the young golfer. The place offers:
  • Youth seminars that teach basic rules of golf
  • Special prices for Junior golfers
  • “Under 18” Golfer Club
  • Programs certified by NCGA


Gymnastics is an excellent sport for kids – it’s challenging, exciting, and fun. Recreation and parks offer dynamic gymnastics programs that are favorable to most children. Through these programs, the child will:
  • Develop flexibility and strength
  • Boost self esteem
  • Explore new skills
The classes, facilities, and instructors help in providing an environment where parents can hope for a healthy and active lifestyle for their children. Classes are affordable, so that families can be involved in spite of their budget. Another great thing about San Mateo is the well developed transportation system. The place offers a variety of transit modes including buses and yellow cabs. Parents can easily hire a yellow cab to take their children to different activities.