San Mateo- Haven for Tree Lovers

Trees are extremely important to ensure the people of a community lead a good quality of life. There are several benefits they offer, such as, raising property value, providing privacy, acting as habitat for birds, providing sun protection, and reducing stress. The citizens and authorities at San Mateo understand the importance of trees. Hence they have a rich history and tradition of planting flora all around. In fact, City tree representatives assist and educate businesses and property owners on how to protect and care for their trees properly so that everyone contributes to a greener San Mateo.

Trees have been divided into two categories- street trees and heritage trees.

Heritage trees:

In the year 1968, the City decided to preserve the great trees and promote planting more of them. Heritage trees are an important part of the urban forest of San Mateo and make a great landmark. The authorities consider following as Heritage trees,
    1. Any bay, oak, buckeye, cedar or redwood tree that has a ten inch diameter and is measured at 48 inches over natural grade
    2. Any other tree that has a sixteen inch or more trunk diameter and is measured at 48 inches above the natural grade.

Heritage Tree Regulations:

Due to the protected status of these trees one requires a special permit to remove/prune them. Unless one has a permit, handling the tree in any way is unlawful.

Street Trees:

San Mateo boasts of more than nineteen thousand street trees with approximately 30% of them being heritage.  The flora is cared for by:
    1. Getting rid of dying, hazardous or dead trees
    2. Planting about two hundred street trees every year based on the master plan to make sure there is  diversity in the tree population
    3. Offering pest control for the street trees, if required
    4. Responding to emergency situations

San Mateo hires several arborists (individuals trained in the art of planting) to make sure the trees are well kept. These individuals have the skill to prune, remove, plant and perform preventive maintenance on all kinds of flora.  
Things to keep in mind:
    1. A tree that is twenty four inch in size needs to be planted for every tree that is removed.
    2. When replanting a tree one needs to make a 350 dollar deposit. This money is refunded when replanting conditions are met.
    3. The deposits made are nonrefundable if all replanting conditions are not met within six months of re-plantation.

Tree lovers:

Several photographers and enthusiasts visit the place to look at the large variety of flora found here. The trees also are a great attraction for people coming to visit San Mateo for business purposes. One of the best ways to travel across the city is by hiring a yellow cab. These taxis offer the best connectivity and can take passengers to every nook and corner, where mass transit does not go. There are several companies that provide such services in California. All one needs to do is getting in touch with the right provider.

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San Mateo is certainly a great place to vacation for those looking for a perfect balance between modern and natural surroundings. The place offers the most amazing sites. One can breathe in the nature’s lap or relax at a state of the art resort. There is something for everyone.