Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hire Yellow Cab to Enjoy Daly City Night Life

Daly City, known to be the largest and most prominent city in San Mateo County, has always enchanted visitors with its rich culture and unique recreational activities. Spending time in the city is really no problem, as long as you know the right places to visit at right times. Daly City offers recreational options to people of all age groups and preferences. And, when it comes to having some fun time, one just can’t give Daly City nightlife a miss!

Daly City Night Life Attractions

The city and its neighboring areas have a throbbing nightlife which makes sure that you have really good time from evening till wee hours of the morning. There are dance clubs, stylish bars, pubs, all of which come alive at night. It’s not that difficult to find a bar of your choice in any neighborhood.  Apart from these you can attend live concerts in the famous Cow Palace. It would be just as exciting to explore regional spots like the Oakland’s Fox Theater, Castro Theater, and the Shoreline Amphitheater at night.

Need to Work Out a Safe Night-Out Plan

Daly City’s proximity to San Francisco makes it a great choice for nighttime ventures. Another reason is its wide network of public and private transports that are available throughout night.  In spite of all the facilities, there always remains the need to work out a safe plan if you want to explore Daly City’s nightlife. Starting from picking the places which you want to visit, to arranging transport, a thorough plan is always advisable. If you have a particular place in mind then do enquire the timings and transport options ahead of time.

Why Hire Yellow Cab for a Night Out

When you plan a night out, the one thing which you want to be sure about is a secure way of getting back to your hotel or home. Rather than relying on public transports, one can pick up reputable and reliable yellow cab services in Daly City. There are many companies operating in Daly City zip codes 94015, and beyond, which promise quick and timely transfer. Safety is one important factor these companies consider as each vehicle is fitted with necessary safety equipments to ensure your night journey remains a risk-free one.

How to Look For a Reliable Yellow Cab Provider

If you have decided to hire a yellow cab to enjoy nightlife at Daly City then make sure you pick up a reliable one. To ensure that, explore online and ask few people about reliable yellow cab companies operating in the city. If you have shortlisted a few then visit their respective websites to verify the company track records and what other travelers are saying about them. Don’t forget to check their licensing and insurance credentials before finalizing the booking.

Keep these tips in mind to make your night-out in Daly City the most rocking and rejuvenating one!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hire Yellow Cabs for your Bachelorette Parties

If you have ever been to a bachelorette party then you must know it is a lifetime experience which shouldn’t be missed. The party night usually sees extremely fun filled and sometimes crazy celebrations which include drinking, dancing and carousing all night. The bachelorette party is more about celebrating womanhood and rejoicing the fact that you are going to commit to the one you love. This is reason enough to enjoy and have all the fun with your bunch of buddies.

Throwing a bachelorette party, however, doesn’t mean an impromptu celebration where you just hope that everything turns perfect. Just like any other party this one also demands certain level of pre-planning. Transportation is one important aspect which should be planned in advance as the vehicle is needed almost throughout the day and night. If you want to arrange a bachelorette party then yellow cabs ensure the most easiest and cost-effective transport option. Continue reading to know why.

Multiple Pick-up and Drop-off Points

Inform the yellow cab provider about different pick-up and drop off locations, be it airport, hotel, homes or any other destination, and they will arrange it smoothly, ensuring that your guests don’t remain stranded at any point. You don’t have to worry even if your guests need to be dropped off or picked up at odd hours.

Seamless Luxury Transportation

When you hire yellow cabs from reputable companies, be sure of unparalleled comfort and luxury.  These companies take care in maintaining their vehicles immaculately as a thorough washing and vacuuming is done before each shift. So don’t fret, your bachelorette party girl friends can surely have a great time till they reach the destination!

Party on the Go

If you have always dreamed of a party on-the-go then by opting for yellow cab you and your group can travel to all exciting destinations the place has to offer. This can be followed by a party all night at the bar and dance club. If nothing else, you can plan a day at the spa while sipping your favorite drink with friends. Some might prefer a day of shopping and dining while dropping by a bar, along the way. Whatever the plan is, you can remain stress-free about how to reach the place and return.

Negotiable Rates on Advance Booking

When the occasion is as important as a wedding, saving every single penny helps a lot. Many companies offering yellow cab services present affordable packages to clients, matching their bachelorette party plans. By doing advance booking, you can negotiate the rate even further. This way you can limit overall costs and utilize the saved amount on your wedding.

If you want to plan an electrifying bachelorette party which remains etched in your mind forever, then it is very important to find reliable transport options. Do check out performance record of the yellow cab provider before hiring so to ensure that your group can have a relaxing time on the road.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Yellow Cabs Ensure Safe Prom Transportation for Teens

Prom is one experience which every young girl would love to cherish and include in her list of ‘nights to remember’. Every young boy looks forward to meeting his dream partner on that night. Yet the fact remains is that amidst excitement, fun and sweet feelings, prom night comes with its share of stress too. Youthful exuberance often leads to excessive drinking and driving after prom. There are sad instances when the night ends with lethal car accidents. To prevent such disasters, parents need to play a responsible role ensuring that youngsters have all the fun but within controllable limit.

Prom night transportation is one aspect which demands close attention of parents. Hiring cars for transportation to and from the venue sounds the only feasible option as allowing your teenage daughter or son to drive on a prom night is totally out of question. If you feel hesitant that spending money on a hired car for a single night is too expensive proposition then here are some chilling statistics related to drunk driving which would surely implore you to think otherwise. The prime cause of death for teenagers is car crash of which almost 25% incidents are related to drunk driving by underage drivers. Even disturbing is that the age group of 16 to 19 years are mostly involved in fatal car crashes. 

These disturbing statistics convey one message which is parents have to play a greater responsible role, especially during the prom season. While you shouldn’t prevent your teenage daughter or son from enjoying this special night, but you can surely adopt a cautious approach. Do enquire in details about the prom night plan like venue, is it a pre or post prom party, how long it will continue, and whether they have any other plan for the night. Make sure that your teen is carrying the phone and that it is fully charged, so that you can stay in touch always. Educate your son/daughter about necessary driving tips.

There are some very important safety tips that every teen should follow for the prom night. Drinking and driving is a strict ‘no-no’. Those who have opted for yellow cab services, make sure to note down the car number, driver details and the route information and inform parents about that. If you are listening to music inside the vehicle then keep the volume low so that the driver doesn’t feel distracted. In case you feel the driver is in an inebriated condition then you have every right to reject the cab. 

By hiring a reliable yellow cab service and following the above mentioned tips, it is possible to minimize risk factors related to the prom night. Parents can remain stress-free knowing that each car is driven by experienced driver who knows well how to handle the prom night razzmatazz. The fact that pick-up and drop service is offered right from doorstep further helps. With such flexible and cost-effective transport options, you can be sure of a great ending of the prom night, with memories to cherish lifelong!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Why Corporate and Event Organizers Prefer Yellow Cab

Client transportation has become a significant part of business which corporate houses need to handle responsibly. Often meetings and events get scheduled during weekends, and at locations away from the main office. To ensure smooth transfer of employees and clients, many corporate houses offer the transportation option to and from airport and also to the meeting venue, so that participants don’t miss the schedule. The fact that corporate events or meetings get organized occasionally, the question remains whether it is logical to engage company cars for the purpose?

There are many organizations that need to arrange employee transports, mainly during odd hours. If you are running a small organization then maintaining own fleet of cars can prove to be expensive and somewhat bothersome too. It won’t be prudent investing in a small car which can accommodate hardly four to five persons. This is the reason why corporate houses and event organizers prefer the yellow cab route to provide transportation around town for clients, employees, and colleagues. Discussed below are reasons why yellow cab services are getting popular among corporate clients these days.

Offers service to wide range of corporate clients

Get in touch with any efficient yellow cab service provider and you will be amazed by their vast client base which includes small businesses, large corporate houses, law firms, banks and investment firms, local government organizations and schools, hotels, hospitals and many more. The best thing is that they don’t limit themselves to any specific domain, no matter which sector the client belongs to.

Event transportation

If your firm is organizing a special event at a particular venue and need to arrange pick up and drop facility for participants and special guests then yellow cab can prove to be really handy. The transportation is well organized and timely, leaving no scope for complaints.

Daily commute option for employees

Quite understandably you don’t like to hear lame excuses as your employees reach office late everyday! The simple way out is to arrange cars for employee transfer on a daily basis so that both you and your staff remain tension free. This is perfectly achievable by getting in touch with a yellow cab company that has expertise in arranging office transports. By entering into a monthly arrangement with the company you can negotiate the price too.

Airport transportation for corporate clients

You planned to receive an important client from the airport but all of a sudden an emergency came up. Don’t fret! Just book a reliable yellow cab service provider, provide them the flight details and they will make sure that your corporate client is picked up from airport in time and transferred to hotel safely. This is precisely the reason why many small firms and big business houses hire cab services, particularly for airport transportation.

Be it dedicated transport service, event transportation or shuttling documents for corporate clients, yellow cab companies undertake and fulfill every responsibility with integrity and precision. Pick up reliable yellow cab services and save precious dollars!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Plan Exciting Weekends by Hiring the Best Yellow Cab Service in San Mateo

A weekend is always exciting provided it is planned well. San Mateo residents and tourists perhaps won’t find anything to complain about on this matter. There’s so much happening in the Silicon Valley that one weekend is not enough to cover every exciting program and quench your vacation thirst. It all depends on how well you plan comfortable and stimulating weekends with your family and make the most of San Mateo’s rainy and shiny weather. 

While chalking out an itinerary, do keep the transportation aspect in mind without which your entire planning might go awry. Hiring Yellow Cab services is a feasible option as it provides ample opportunities to explore San Mateo and nearby locations leisurely, without putting much stress on your wallet. Here are some exciting weekend happenings which you can track and plan the outing accordingly.

Visit to Farmer’s Market

If you love the aroma of fresh vegetables then a visit to the Downtown Palo Alto or Redwood City Farmers’ Market would surely leave you yearning for more. Connect with the local farmers’ community and purchase some fresh vegetables produced locally. Such markets not only offer a sell-purchase platform but also help foster social gathering and communication.

Have Special Sunday Brunch

What a weekend is without some finger-licking delicacies! Attend the Sunday Brunch at your favorite eateries and whet your appetite for freshly cooked food along with freshly prepared and hand shaken cocktails. It’s not only the food and beverage that draw visitors to these restaurants and pubs, but the enchanting ambiance that adds value.

Enjoy Art and Sculpture Exhibition

Make the best use of weekend by visiting art and sculpture exhibitions organized by local artistes. There are several galleries in and around San Mateo that hold such exhibitions, presenting art connoisseurs unique opportunities to appreciate fine art and sculpture works of talented and award winning artistes from up close. If lucky enough, you might get a scope to shake hands and exchange views with your favorite artistes too during the weekend!

Visit the Museum

“Free First Fridays” organized by the San Mateo County History Museum have become quite popular. This is the day when the museum opens its door to visitors for free and also conducts exclusive programs for children and youngsters which can be participated without any fee.

Apart from these, there are Happy Hours arranged by breweries, live music shows organized by different bars and animal shows to spice up your weekends. It is obvious that San Mateo has a lot to offer for every age group. Even if you don’t feel like attending any of these events, feel free to hire a Yellow Cab from any trustworthy company in San Mateo and take a tour along its iconic highway. Go for tide pooling or just relax with your family and friends, marveling in the breathtaking view of San Mateo beaches.

It’s time to let your hair down this weekend and make the most of San Mateo events. Do enquire beforehand about the program/location timing and book the Yellow Cab accordingly. This would help save time and cost while you make the most of a customized transportation option.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Yellow Cab Services for Airport Transportation in San Mateo

San Mateo, a very prominent county located in California, boasts of a highly strategic location. It is easily accessible from San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. A two hour drive from Sacramento is all it takes to get you to San Mateo. The three major international airports are just a half hour’s drive from San Mateo. While the San Francisco International Airport is 7 miles far from the central point of San Mateo, Oakland International Airport is 25 miles away. Then the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is a mere 28 miles away from the county. 

The strategic location of San Mateo has helped it to grow gradually and now it boasts of a diverse business base. This has resulted in increasing footfalls of travelers who frequent the place for business or official purposes. Then there are many recognized colleges and universities, located within a 30 mile radius, which draw students from far-off locations. Such a scenario has resulted in rapid expansion of San Mateo’s public transportation system. Simultaneously, demand has grown for yellow cab services among tourists. Discussed below are few reasons why yellow cab services are often picked up for airport transportation.

Specialized airport transportation by expert drivers

There are yellow cab providers who offer customized services on request. Pick-up and drop from/to airport is done precisely the way you want. Punctuality and professionalism remain their forte which means once a cab is booked; you can remain tension-free about reaching the airport/hotel in time.

Major airports covered by San Mateo Yellow cabs

In general, all recognized yellow cab operators of San Mateo cover the three major international airports as mentioned in the beginning. Still it is always advisable to enquire in advance whether the cab provider that you have picked up covers the particular airport where you need to reach.

Safe driving at odd hours to airports/hotels

The transfer from airport to hotel or vice versa, at odd hours can be risky, if you are not with a reliable and experienced driver. By booking trustworthy yellow cab providers from San Mateo, you can be assured of a comfortable and worry-free journey to and from the airport, no matter how odd the timing is. Responsible drivers are provided, who drive you safely to your destination.

Special offers for corporate/business travelers

There are many yellow cab companies which offer attractive packages to travelers who frequently visit San Mateo or nearby locations for corporate/business purposes. This is undoubtedly an apt arrangement for both parties. While this relieves the businessperson of the hassle of negotiating with new yellow cab companies every time he lands up at the airport, the cab company remains assured of a steady clientele too.

From the above discussion, it is evident that yellow cabs do present one of the most feasible airport transportation options in San Mateo. Do verify the company’s track records and its offers. Negotiate price but not at the cost of quality. After all you don’t want to be left stranded at the airport by booking an inefficient yellow cab provider!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Yellow Cab Services for all your Medical Appointments

Long term illness or disability can play havoc with your regular lifestyle. The one problem typically faced during this stage is arranging transportation to visit the doctor on a daily basis. You start exploring several options like hiring cars regularly, or opting for public transport, but end up confused. If a private car hire sounds too expensive then travelling by bus might not appear that comfortable, more so if you are suffering from certain medical conditions. 

Yellow cab services can offer quite an easy and cost-effective solution in such a scenario. Some might wonder if it might be too costly hiring a yellow cab to serve the purpose but the answer is ‘No’! There are many service providers who can arrange the transportation covering your specific medical needs, keeping in mind the cost constraints. Be it a daily visit to the therapist or an occasional visit to the doctor, they make sure that your medical schedules are maintained precisely the way you want. Discussed below are few benefits of hiring yellow cab services to keep your medical appointments:-

Timely visit to the Doctor/Healthcare center

Keeping doctor’s appointments, often at odd hours, can become a real source of worry if you don’t have proper transportation. There are yellow cab service providers who play quite a responsible role in this regard. Just let them know when you need to visit the doctor or healthcare center and the cab will be there waiting at your doorstep within the mentioned timeframe.

Emergency visits at odd hours

Medical emergencies can arise anytime if someone is suffering from disabilities or illnesses. Arranging a car at short notice can be quite difficult. If you have connections with any reliable Yellow cab operator then they can be approached anytime in case you need to visit the healthcare center or physician for emergency purposes.

Economical daily visits to the Doctor/Therapist

A daily visit to the doctor or therapist can turn out to be really expensive if you have to rely on your own vehicle. Compare the energy cost with that of hiring a yellow cab and the latter definitely sounds like an economical option. There are service providers who chalk out a package for your daily doctor/therapist visit, making sure that it doesn’t exceed your budget.

Careful and compassionate riding

When the yellow cab is hired from an experienced and reliable company, you can be assured of one thing, i.e., a careful and compassionate approach. These companies hire drivers who not only have the requisite license and experience but also have that sympathetic approach often needed to handle customers suffering from medical conditions. They take extreme care to drive them safely to their destination.

From the above discussion, it is evident that yellow cab providers are well equipped and experienced to handle clients who need it for medical visits. Facilities like easy online booking or over phone, availability of affordable packages are few reasons why customers prefer such services for daily or occasional travels. So stop worrying about how to keep the daily doctor/therapist appointments. Just pick up the best yellow cab company from your vicinity as a transportation option and keep yourself in good health!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Yellow cab services for senior citizens

Old age shouldn’t be related to immobility. It also doesn’t mean you limit movement of elders inside homes or outdoors due to the lack of adequate transportation. On the contrary, the freedom of old age should be celebrated by visiting friends whenever you want, arranging short weekend trips while maintaining the regular schedule of visiting your doctor or therapist. 

While it is understandable that arranging transports for elders can be indeed problematic since other members of the family remain busy with their hectic schedules, some feasible alternatives can be worked out in favor of seniors. Yellow cab service for senior citizens is one option that can be explored easily without worrying about expenses. Instantly available as per your time schedule, such services can be of great help to fulfill your daily or occasional travel requirements. Here are few reasons which might implore you to look for reliable yellow cab service providers for seniors at home:-

  • The service can be arranged to suite every travel need

    A regular visit to the local grocery store, shopping mall, doctor’s office or therapist can be arranged without hassle. The cab can be picked up for an occasional visit to a friend’s place or a weekend trip with family. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about parking hassles as the cab driver takes care of that, relieving you of unnecessary travel worries.

  • Safest commuting options for seniors

    When hiring a reliable service provider, you can be assured of the safety aspect. Each cab is driven by experienced and certified drivers who are caring and courteous enough to understand the requirements of seniors. Timely pick-up and drop, safe and slow driving, are particularly stressed upon while transporting elders. Most of the yellow cab services maintain an extensive fleet of immaculately maintained, smoke- free vehicles so that seniors feel comfortable riding in their cars.

  • An economical commuting option

    Compare the cost of yellow cab services with that of owning a personal vehicle and the first option definitely sounds economical. Owning a vehicle not only involves an initial investment but you need to be aware of recurring expenses related to gas costs, car insurance and maintenance. After retirement, bearing such costs on a regular basis can prove to be a financial burden. Apart from the obvious convenience of having the car whenever you want, saving costs is one prime reason why more and more seniors are picking up yellow cabs.

  • Enjoy lucrative discounts

    There are many yellow cab companies which offer attractive discounts for seniors, especially for those who need the service on regular basis. Evaluate the package cost with that of hiring the cab on a daily basis, and you would find that the first alternative helps save a significant sum.

  • Booking facilities over phone/mail

    You can do an instant booking online or over the phone and ensure that the car will be at your doorstep within the specified timeframe.

If you are finding it increasingly difficult to use public transport or arrange a private vehicle, then yellow cab provides the most feasible solution. Explore the best option from nearby service providers and enjoy hassle free commuting!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Affordable and Exclusive Yellow Cab Services for College Goers

College days have their unique charm. This is the time when you want to have own vehicle and drive around the city with friends. And of course, you would like to have the vehicle so that daily commute to college becomes easy and less time consuming, especially on exam days. If parents are still not convinced about allowing you to drive on your own then yellow cab services can come to your rescue. 

The very first thing which might come to mind is hiring a cab for daily travel and that too to college! Isn’t that too much a luxury? Actually no, if you are can get in touch with the right service provider! There are yellow cab services which offer several facilities and flexible options for college goers few of which are discussed below:-

Travel in a group and pay less

When it comes to hiring a yellow cab, the best idea is to arrange a group from within the locality so that each enjoys facilities of a personal vehicle and paying a nominal amount. Pick-up and drop is done right from your doorstep and that too at a convenient time. 

Cab services any time any day

There are many reliable cab service providers which make sure that students can access their services anytime. It’s not that you have to wait for hours to get connected to customer care. Just access the taxi app from your Smartphone and the car will be there right at your doorstep!

Maximum security guaranteed

Yellow cabs provided by reliable companies come equipped with high-tech security systems of which the GPS tracking devices deserves special mention. The cab company can keep track of the driver’s records. Thereby, it can gauge how long the driver takes to meet his customer from the moment the cab has been dispatched. The system also helps monitor if the driver resorts to unsafe driving or any other unscrupulous activity. Such a safety cover makes students feel secure while travelling.

Clean and comfortable travelling

Each car is maintained meticulously with compact exteriors and spacious interiors. Plush seating arrangements, audio systems, opening side windows, sliding doors, low-annoyance horns and many other features give you the feel of driving your own car!

Entertainment options

There are many cab companies which have arrangements with local bars, body shops, and eateries so that you can enjoy good food, great beverages and other services at best prices. If you want to socialize during the weekend or plan an outing with friends, then also yellow cabs can be hired for convenient and inexpensive rides around town. Mostly these charges are adjusted with the monthly car rental package. 

Demand will keep growing for futuristic yellow cab services especially among office or college goers who need to commute daily but want to avoid public transports. Arranging the cab as a group not only helps save costs but relieves you of daily driving stress. The most promising thing is that with this step, you will be contributing towards a social cause too by reducing your carbon footprint.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why Hire Yellow Cab Services When Traveling Alone?

Traveling alone can be fun provided you are adequately protected. This means you should feel comfortable with the mode of transport that you have opted for, to explore the new place. While visiting a place for the first time, the primary concern remains on how to reach the destination from the airport, more so if the arrival time is an odd hour. Then while preparing the list of spots to visit, you may find some locations are quite odd, for which private transportation is needed. There again arises the safety issue as you need to be very careful while hiring a private vehicle to take a tour of remote, secluded places.

Yellow cab services offer the most comfortable and safest solutions for tourists who prefer to travel alone. Over the past few years, demand for such cab services have increased manifold because of the net of security and reliability that they provide for tourists. Here are a few features which have made yellow cab services a preferred option, especially among single tourists.

Ø Passenger care

There are reputed yellow cab companies which are committed towards providing safe, reliable and on-time taxi service, matching the client’s schedule and preference. So if you are a single tourist who needs guidance about the new place and its specialties, the cab company personnel would guide you promptly in preparing the right itinerary. It might be related to a pick-up and drop to the airport, locating the right hotel within your budget, finding out the right eatery or preparing the tour plan; you can be sure of getting the right guidance from the cab driver or company staffs.

Ø Latest technology

It sounds surprising but there are many yellow cab companies which are very particular about upgrading their techniques, whenever anything new hits the market. With the GPS tracking system, these companies keep track of the exact location of vehicles and inform customers how long it will take for the taxi to reach their place. The Digital Dispatch System is a leading technology which allows cab office to dispatch a vehicle to any location within its service area just with the touch of a button. The GPS tracking system is quite helpful for single travelers as the company can remain alert and take immediate action if it finds that the cab has deviated from its scheduled route with the passenger.

Ø Experienced drivers

Yellow cab companies with sound track record are very particular about hiring drivers who are experienced, tech-savvy, polite, knowledgeable about the service area and sensitive to passenger needs. Their drivers are aware of all operational policies, procedures, defensive driving practices along with strong technical driving skills. Apart from these, cab drivers are trained on customer relations. They are also taught how to handle passengers with special needs. It is further ensured that they have detailed geographical know how of the place and accurate map reading skills too.

So if you are a single traveler planning to explore a new place entirely on your own, then do give yellow cab a try but only after ensuring its sound track record.