Plan Exciting Weekends by Hiring the Best Yellow Cab Service in San Mateo

A weekend is always exciting provided it is planned well. San Mateo residents and tourists perhaps won’t find anything to complain about on this matter. There’s so much happening in the Silicon Valley that one weekend is not enough to cover every exciting program and quench your vacation thirst. It all depends on how well you plan comfortable and stimulating weekends with your family and make the most of San Mateo’s rainy and shiny weather. 

While chalking out an itinerary, do keep the transportation aspect in mind without which your entire planning might go awry. Hiring Yellow Cab services is a feasible option as it provides ample opportunities to explore San Mateo and nearby locations leisurely, without putting much stress on your wallet. Here are some exciting weekend happenings which you can track and plan the outing accordingly.

Visit to Farmer’s Market

If you love the aroma of fresh vegetables then a visit to the Downtown Palo Alto or Redwood City Farmers’ Market would surely leave you yearning for more. Connect with the local farmers’ community and purchase some fresh vegetables produced locally. Such markets not only offer a sell-purchase platform but also help foster social gathering and communication.

Have Special Sunday Brunch

What a weekend is without some finger-licking delicacies! Attend the Sunday Brunch at your favorite eateries and whet your appetite for freshly cooked food along with freshly prepared and hand shaken cocktails. It’s not only the food and beverage that draw visitors to these restaurants and pubs, but the enchanting ambiance that adds value.

Enjoy Art and Sculpture Exhibition

Make the best use of weekend by visiting art and sculpture exhibitions organized by local artistes. There are several galleries in and around San Mateo that hold such exhibitions, presenting art connoisseurs unique opportunities to appreciate fine art and sculpture works of talented and award winning artistes from up close. If lucky enough, you might get a scope to shake hands and exchange views with your favorite artistes too during the weekend!

Visit the Museum

“Free First Fridays” organized by the San Mateo County History Museum have become quite popular. This is the day when the museum opens its door to visitors for free and also conducts exclusive programs for children and youngsters which can be participated without any fee.

Apart from these, there are Happy Hours arranged by breweries, live music shows organized by different bars and animal shows to spice up your weekends. It is obvious that San Mateo has a lot to offer for every age group. Even if you don’t feel like attending any of these events, feel free to hire a Yellow Cab from any trustworthy company in San Mateo and take a tour along its iconic highway. Go for tide pooling or just relax with your family and friends, marveling in the breathtaking view of San Mateo beaches.

It’s time to let your hair down this weekend and make the most of San Mateo events. Do enquire beforehand about the program/location timing and book the Yellow Cab accordingly. This would help save time and cost while you make the most of a customized transportation option.