Five Tips to Ensure You Reach Airport in Time

You are a meticulous planner who loves to plan a trip well in advance. You scour the internet for best hotel deals and cheapest airfares. You even do a thorough research of the place you are going to visit and gather precise details about places of attraction, local eateries, shopping centers, business areas and so on. Be it an office trip or a family vacation, you make sure everything has been planned in advance. However the problem is even after adopting such a careful approach you just can’t avoid last minute anxiety. Sleep eludes the night before the trip as you keep worrying whether you have forgotten anything.

If you keep visualizing the ‘Home alone’ situation till the time you board the flight, pondering over whether burglars going to trample your place, then you are not alone! For fidgety travelers like you, here are five simple tips which need to be followed before leaving home to catch the flight.

Keep Passport and Other Documents Ready

You know how important the passport is and plan to put it in a separate wallet but that never happens. On reaching the airport you realize the passport is not there! To avoid such dreadful situation, put the passport in your purse the night before or keep it next to the door so that you will notice it before leaving. If you have done booking of flight, hotels or cars online then take print-out of confirmation mails in case you fail to access your email while travelling.

Keep Important Phone Numbers Handy

Make sure you have all the phone numbers ready, like emergency numbers, service numbers, your friends’ contacts or office numbers, which you might need on reaching the new place. Besides saving the contacts in your mobile, do jot down the numbers in your diary so that you can refer these whenever needed.

Check the Flight Time before Leaving

Don’t forget to confirm the flight timing before leaving. In case the flight is delayed you can have some more time to check out the arrangements before leaving. A good idea would be to verify the flight timing from the airline website the night before and double-check a few hours before leaving.

Book a Taxi in Advance

Reaching the airport in time is very important for which you need a reliable transport option. If you don’t want to deal with the traffic hassle and reach airport late, then it is always advisable to book a yellow cab or shuttle service in advance. Make sure to book a cab which would pick you up from your specified destination and in specific time. A good idea would be to opt for a local cab company who knows the place well and can follow the shortest route to take you to the airport in time; all these while you enjoy a relaxed back-seat ride.

The above mentioned tips can help save precious time and reduce stress thus making sure you don’t have to hurry to board the flight.