Five Best Features of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

When a person becomes wheelchair-bound, that certainly hurts his/her self-esteem. Restriction in movement means you need someone’s assistance with every step, be it going to the local grocery store or visiting your friend nearby. This is surely not desirable if you are hale and hearty otherwise. The one feasible solution which can be opted in such scenarios is a wheelchair accessible taxi. Armed with various accessibility aids, this mode of transport can make your life much easier. Discussed below are five attractive features of such taxi which make it a viable option for wheelchair bound passengers.

Access via Wheelchair Ramps

Boarding the taxi comfortably is the very first hurdle which passengers with restricted mobility face. This has been taken care of with wheelchair ramps which come in portable, vehicle-mounted or modular form. These are designed perfectly and inclined suitably to allow the mobility device to navigate smoothly. Some taxis also have an intermediate step to simplify the boarding process.

Swivel Seat for Seamless Movement

For passengers suffering from limited mobility the swivel seat with good back support can provide adequate comfort. These seats extend to the exterior of the car that allows hassle-free movement of the passenger into the vehicle, without anyone’s assistance. These swivel seats are available in both manual and electrical versions. While some seats are installed on the left side, some can be found on the right side, i.e. the passenger side.

Hearing Aid Induction Loop

The induction loop system particularly assists hearing aid users, who need to communicate with the driver from time to time. The hearing aid induction loop works even in noisy environments thus enabling the passenger to converse efficiently with the driver or co-passengers in the front seat.

Adequate Floor Lighting

Most wheelchair friendly taxis come with ‘ambient’ lighting. These are actually low-level floor lights which are placed in door handles, foot wells, and consoles. Such lighting system is particularly helpful for disabled persons trying to board the taxi at night. The technology not only prevents potential accidents but also renders a rich and expensive touch to the interior, thus making the passenger feel cheerful throughout the journey.

High Visibility Grab Handles

Entering and exiting the vehicle becomes hassle free with high visibility colored grab handles. Especially those who are visually impaired can find these handles extremely helpful. These handles come with soft surface and no sharp edge, thus ensuring utmost safety for the passenger.

Apart from the above mentioned features, wheelchair accessible taxis further provide expansive interior for unhindered movement of the mobility device. Once the wheelchair is positioned properly there is the seatbelt which restraints the device safely and securely. Passenger safety remains utmost priority of the driver. He always makes it a point to check the passenger’s seating arrangement before starting the car.

Depending on where you live, features of wheelchair accessible taxis might vary. So it is always advisable to confirm the facilities in advance, before you book a cab for wheelchair user.