Safety Tips for California Commuters

California is a pretty amazing place to live in, especially if you love Hollywood, art and architecture. Of course, no state or city is perfect, and California does have its risks as well. If you have just moved to a city in the golden state, you can certainly make use of these tips to keep yourself safe:

Be careful during rush hours and busy seasons

Rush hours always post more risks when it comes to using public transport. The more packed the buses, the more chances they give pickpockets to steal. Also, there is a greater risk of crime during the summer time, simply because thieves know that there are more tourists during this time.

Map every place you wish to visit

Making it obvious that you are new in the city can attract negative attention. If you don’t have a route planned out yet, make sure you plan it in your mind so that you won’t be caught scratching your head in the middle of a street.

Stay near authority

If you sit close to the driver, there is less chance of something unfortunate happening. Criminals prefer positioning themselves in places where it will be very difficult for the authority to catch them.

Do not keep anything in the back pockets

One of the riskiest parts of your clothing is the back pocket because it is one area you cannot see or protect easily. It is a piece of cake for pickpockets to grab anything without you noticing it.

Keep all the valuables hidden

If you have expensive gadgets worth hundreds or thousands of dollars it is best that you avoid broadcasting or flaunting them on the bus. Expensive gadgets serve as magnets for criminals on public transport system.

Use a yellow cab instead

If you are new to the city and unfamiliar with it, it is best to call or grab a yellow cab instead of using public transit. You can easily book a cab online and ask for a pickup during any time, no matter where you are located in the city. Good taxi providers will make sure you’re taken to the desired destination safely. It is also advised not to experiment with public transportation during the wee hours or at critical times as you are still new.

Public transportation may be cheaper in comparison to taking a taxi but it is not always the best or safest option. This is particularly true for newcomers; make sure you take plenty of time before experimenting with different modes of transit.