Tips to Avoid Driving Under the Influence this Festive Season

Get to your parties and get together safe by following our tips and choosing one of the riding options given below!

This is the season to be merry and enjoy a couple of drinks! Your timetable is brimming with parties and what better way to celebrate than with festive cocktails and champagne.  Make sure you keep your car in perfect shape, and most importantly make sure you are safe and stay away from driving under the influence.  Here are a few ways you can arrive safely in every party you are invited to:

Public Transit

A great option during the festive season is public transport. As a measure of safety, a lot of cities extend their subway hours to discourage DIY cases. Sometimes cities may even start free rides on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Even if they are paid, public transit ensures that you can enjoy the festivities freely without the worry that you have to drive home.

Limousine Service

If you make sure to book a limousine in advance you will get a guaranteed ride to and from the destination whenever you wish. The ride may seem pricey, but if you split it with a bunch of friends it will not be as expensive as it sounds.  It is almost impossible to get a taxi on New Year’s Eve.  Booking a limo ahead of time will ensure a personalized and safe transportation method.

Yellow Cabs

Private yellow cab service is available for people at all times. Irrespective of where you are, if you call up a reputed taxi service, they will dispatch their closest available cab ride and make sure you reach your destination on time and safely. This makes for an amazing service at nights such as, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve when calling up other providers goes in vain.  To calculate how much a cab ride should cost you, get a quote from them by either logging onto their website or giving them a call.

A yellow cab is certainly a preferred choice when compared to public transit or limo service. This is because they have the convenience of picking you from the destination, something you won’t get with public transit. Also, they are cheaper than a limousine service.

Calling up a Friend

If you have had a lot to drink it is your responsibility to make sure you either call a cab or a friend. You can either take turns to become the gazette drivers for a party so that each one of you gets the chance to enjoy.

Whichever option you end up choosing, make sure you plan in advance.  The holiday season is the most difficult time to book or hail a cab or take a public transit.  You don’t want to be someone who makes a last minute decision to drive on your own just because you have no other option. Arrive safely by planning ahead. Hope you enjoy the festivities!