No Bad Drivers at Serra Yellow Cab Inc

At Serra Yellow Cab we are very proud of the professionals who drive for us. In fact, they are among the best cab drivers in the San Mateo region. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that our drivers have to meet certain requirements to qualify to sit behind the wheels. These requirements include:

1. They should be at least twenty five years of age.
2. They should have a valid license and a good record of driving.
3. They should pass every criminal background check.
4. They should be able to complete our orientation.
5. They should have the right amount of experience.

Apart from following a diligent hiring process, we strive to inform and encourage our team of taxi drivers to be responsible, demanding nothing but safe driving behavior whether they have a customer sitting at the rear end or otherwise. This helps us follow responsible business practices within our area of working.

Experience Is Key!

Our experienced drivers do not just know the best routes to and from the destination, they are also well aware of the amount of time required to get to point A from point B at different times of the day. They are well aware of the varying traffic patterns and the best routes to take and to avoid during busy times. Apart from this, experienced drivers are also able to recommend good sightseeing spots if you are a tourist. They have a pretty good idea of the most popular dining and entertainment spots and the places you must avoid. Our cab drivers are nothing less than a fancy concierge at a luxury hotel and good ones come in very handy to vacationers and business travelers alike.

The Fleet Is Also Important

We are proud of our drivers. However, we also do our bit by providing them with well-kept cars. The cabs play an important part in making a journey worthwhile. You are more than welcome to ask us about the type of vehicle we are sending for you when you call us to book a taxi. A lot of times, bigger vehicles such as, SUVs make a good choice as they are able to transport several passengers which is important if you are in a group.

Cleanliness of the vehicle and maintenance are extremely important to us as no customer would want to ride in a vehicle that stinks or does not work properly. Our well maintained cabs ensure that there are no mid-way break downs. You will never see any of our vehicles rattling or belching smoke. Our alert staff is always assessing the mechanical soundness of the fleet. Moreover, all our vehicles are cleaned every day.

As a company we are very careful about our vehicles as well as the people driving them. The drivers are instructed to be courteous and friendly to the customers to make their journey comfortable. We also take complaints seriously and try our best to improve customer experience by using their reviews and opinions.