Best things to do in Redwood City

Redwood City is a part of San Francisco peninsula and while is not the most popular destination in California, it does offer several worthwhile attractions. Redwood is a forward thinking city and has several modern attractions. If you ever choose to visit the City, here are a few things you can do:

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1. History Museum of San Mateo County

San Mateo museum is certainly one of the biggest attractions of Redwood. The museum has several numbers of exhibitions exploring and demonstrating how life was during the past decades within San Mateo County. Displays comprise of an 1880’s general store and a household depicting the life in California. There is also a big collection of archived materials and books.

2. Redwood Morton Community Park

This park is used by locals for activities including, BBQs, tennis, ball games, skateboarding, working out, and baseball. The Redwood Morton Community Park is also utilized for events all through the year including art displays and tea parties. The park is the biggest in the Redwood City and offers a great place to relax or be active depending on how one feels.

3. Pulgas Water Temple

This amazing structure was created in 1934 and was intended to celebrate the bringing of water one hundred and sixty miles to the Bay Area from California. The entire project of bringing water cost a $102 million dollars. Several columns in the temple pay respect to the Greeks and Romans whose techniques were utilized in the water movement. The place is now open for people during weekdays and provides an amazing photo opportunity.

4. Fox Theatre

This is a historic theater and is listed as one of the most historic places. The theater depicts a range of performances such as, comedy, musicals and live music. It first opened in 1929 and several stars including Vanessa Williams and BB King performed there. Fox was closed in 2009 due to financial trouble but it was reopened and was well worth a visit.

5. Gourmet Haus Staudt

A rustic beer shop and garden provides a taste of traditional German cuisine and spices and a range of German beers. If you feel thirsty while looking around the shop, then you can always relax at the adjoining beer garden. The garden has many quality beers and authentic German snacks and dishes. The garden’s atmosphere is welcoming and its a great place to hang out when in redwood.

6. Unleashed Art Gallery

Unleashed Art Gallery is the premier art destination which features upcoming artists. The main focus of the gallery is on offering new artists an opportunity to shine and this in itself has made the site popular with people in Redwood. The art style is normally contemporary fine art though photography and other such works are also displayed occasionally.

7. Edgewood park:

This is an amazing place for hiking while admiring the sheer beauty of the wildflowers and grasslands. The park is easily reachable. The grasslands and wooded areas offer the best habitat for wildlife including snakes, deer, and jackrabbits.

With so much to do and see, a trip to Redwood will never disappoint you. However, make sure you hire a yellow cab to take you around to make the best of your time.