Things to do in San Francisco in 2018

San Francisco is an interesting place with millions of things to see and do. Here is a list of things you can do while visiting!

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San Francisco Chinatown

China Town in San Francisco is the largest and oldest, being one of the top attractions of the city. Visitors can look at shops, have dim sums, visit markets and temples built during California Gold Rush.  One can go to the Chinese Historical Society or book a Segway tour or Chinatown walking for insight in the neighborhood’s culture and food. Make sure you have some cash handy as most of the small shops do not accept cards.

Muir Woods

The Muir Woods is certainly a must-see destination if you are planning to visit San Francisco. It is home to the last of the coastal redwood forests. You can relax, hike, or picnic among the huge trees for a unique experience only a few minutes away from the city. There are also several outdoor attractions such as, Stinson Beach and Fort Baker, providing great visions of the Golden Gate Bridge.


This is a former federal prison which held infamous criminals and is now a historic landmark and an extremely popular attractions in the area. Hear stories from inmates who stayed there and walk by the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge during your ferry rides.

Golden Gate

You cannot leave San Francisco without stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoying its amazing views. The iconic, bridge spans 1.7 miles and connects the northernmost point of the city to Marin County. This famous landmark sees visitors from across the world due to its panoramic views.

Twin Peaks

Known for offering the best views in the city, these two hills are right at the middle of San Francisco. The Peaks provide visitors a completely free and easily accessible way to see downtown San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and the bay. It is one of the best places to see sunsets, sunrises, picnics, or just to take a long walk.

Union Square

The beautiful grounds of Union Square, surrounded by hotels and department stores, might not look like a very interesting place for hanging out. However, stay awhile at the bench or get a seat at the café and you will discover the best people-watching within the city.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a busy waterfront laden with restaurants, shops, and several attractions. There are sea lions sunbathing and posing with people for photos. There is also a historic ships collection and plenty of other things to do.

With so much to see, San Francisco should certainly be in your list. However, make sure you make your travel easy by hiring a yellow cab to move around!