Great Places to Eat in San Mateo

San Mateo boasts of some great restaurants sprinkled in every nook and corner of the city. Here are some of the most popular eateries people go to when they want to enjoy a good meal:

Great American Grill (Hilton Garden Inn)

The Great American grill offers delicious California cuisine made with fresh ingredients. The grill has a very casual atmosphere and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. There is also complimentary Starbucks coffee which is served every morning.

The Melting Pot:

The Melting Pot is one of the finest restaurants in San Mateo. The place offers amazing alcohol and wine specials every week. In fact, there is also a fifty percent off on all wines on Monday. Dinner menu comprises of a variety of salads, chicken entrees served with fresh vegetables and delicious dipping sauces. The restaurant also serves vegetarians.

The Counter:

The Counter is a new burger franchise that's spreading around California steadily. The place offers people a personalized experience by displaying a large number of options for creating their own custom burgers (more than 300,000 combinations). From beef to turkey and from chicken to fish and veggies -- the staff can put almost anything between the two pieces of bread. The sauces, toppings, and sides are also endless. The place certainly offers great food and an excellent atmosphere.


Astaria is known for its small yet creative menu. Some of the appetizers include shredded potatoes with jack cheese, Wild Mushroom Stogies, Garlic Fries that are topped with onion strings, and the like. The dinner menu features several beef items but also offers chicken, seafood, pork chops and some vegetarian dishes as well. Apart from this, interesting varieties of pizzas made with fresh dough and ingredients are also served.


Luna is a Japanese restaurant that serves an interesting variety of dishes. The most popular page of the menu--and also the highly recommended is the Japanese Tapas. The variety includes Japanese style bay shrimp, sauteed beef, tofu steak, and the like. The creations in the section often include traditional Japanese elements combined with other kinds of styles and food of cooking not usually found in Japanese dishes.


Himawari is another Japanese restaurant that serves ramen, a popular Japanese dish. Ramen typically contains noodles, in a meat-based, salty, broth with several toppings such as, green onions, sliced roasted pork, and eggs. All the dishes found at Himawari are known to have broth that uses chicken, pork, and seafood base. Hence, it's certainly not a vegetarian delight.

Other items include appetizers that feature fried tofu, gyoza, fried meats, kimchi, along with fried rice plates, salads, and sushi rolls.

While Mexican and Asian food is very common in California, South American food is normally more difficult to find. The abundance of eateries offering South American cuisine in San Mateo is pretty impressive and several of these restaurants deserve a visit. There is no dearth of Brazilian, Peruvian, Salvadoran restaurants. Hence, San Mateo can rightfully be called a food lover’s paradise. 

Traveling to the restaurants:

Alcohol is a big part of an elaborate American meal. In fact, certain dishes seem ordinary without a glass of wine, especially during dinner. Hence, to really enjoy the food at one of these restaurants, one needs to leave the driving to someone else. The best way to travel in and around San Mateo is to hire a yellow cab. The driver will not only know the best restaurants but will also make sure the diner returns to his/her place safely after enjoying the meal.  The best part is these cabs can be pre-booked via phone or through online reservations. They can also be called on the spot.

The trick, however, is to find the right company. It is advised to stick to a provider that is reliable and affordable. There are numerous reputed transportation businesses in San Mateo that offer such services at excellent prices.