Safety Tips to Help Taxi Drivers and Passengers

Yellow cabs are a popular way to travel and have been meeting public transportation needs for a very long time. However, there is certainly a vice with every virtue. Here are a few safety tips that both the parties, the drivers as well as the passengers, must consider for staying safe.

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Safety Tips for Passengers:

1. Pre-Booking and Pre-Planning:

Pre-booking and pre-planning are two extremely important things you have to do to avoid any kind of unfortunate situation. Most cab providers have online portals where you can book your taxi before the date and time of your travel.

2. Be Aware of Local Taxi Rules

Rules of cabs vary from city to city. While at some places taxi drivers are not allowed to charge extra money for luggage, in others you may have to pay extra. Therefore, before hiring, make sure you educate yourself with the taxi rules of the city to avoid getting duped.

3. Make Sure You Know Your Service Provider Well

When booking a yellow cab provider for yourself, make it a point to note down the details such as the taxi registration number as well as the name of the provider. Never feel shy about asking the taxi driver for his ID card and license to verify his association with the cab company. You are legally allowed to ask for such information in case you need it to file a complaint or even to recover misplaced belongings.

4. Pay Extra Attention

If it’s your first time in a specific city, booking a cab will help make the journey easier, but this may not always be the case. Your cab driver, to cheat you, may deliberately decide on a long route. For averting such situations make sure you always carry a map of the city and also a pencil to mark the route.

Safety Tips for Yellow Cab Drivers

It is extremely unfair to blame just the taxi drivers for taxi crimes. Even drivers get robbed and lose money. However, by being careful they can prevent such incidents.

1. FrequentCash Drops

It is advisable to not carry a lot of cash; taxi drivers are advised to make regular cash drops during the day. However, always carry some change. This precaution will ensure that you don’t lose out on money.

2. Be Alert

As drivers have to work alone and work late nights, it is extremely important for them to stay alert. A yellow cab driver should be well versed with city routes as this can be helpful when traveling to areas that are crime-prone. Cab drivers need to be even more attentive on night shifts. Reduce risk by avoiding notorious city routes.

3. Maintain Eye Contact

As soon as the passengers get into your taxi, maintain eye contact at all times. It will communicate the message that you are not going to be intimidated and will recognize them if they try to execute any kind of crime.

With these safety tips in mind, both the driver and the passenger can ensure their own safety.