Traveling safe in San Mateo County

Like most thriving counties, San Mateo also faces its share of crime and criminal activities. Residents and tourists are asked to stay safe while police departments work overtime to ensure no mishap takes place.

Crime files:

The latest arrest was made of a convict that had committed more than twenty burglaries across the county. The 29 year old was found to possess stolen properties from robbery at the time of his arrest. Another shocking case was that of a woman who was badly injured at a side walk. She was apparently beaten up by muggers.
DUI cases also abound in the county with young adults indulging in drunken crash. In lieu of such instances, law-making bodies insist residents to keep their houses protected with security alarms and avoid walking at night or taking lonely routes during travel.  One of the best ways for residents and tourists to ensure their safety is to take yellow cabs while traveling. There are several private companies in San Mateo that offer all kinds of cabs. From luxury sedans to the classic yellow taxi, there is one to fit everyone’s budget.   

Taxi Cabs for all occasions:

Whether one needs an airport drop off or pick up, a wine tour, a city tour or just a taxi ride, most companies boast of taxi fleets comprising of only the latest models that suit different transportation needs at competitive rates. These taxis are state-of-the-art with:
Ø  Spacious interiors so that the customer can sit comfortably
Ø  Energy efficiency that helps keep the overall rates down
Ø  Inbuilt credit card machines for customer’s convenience
Ø  Inbuilt GPS system to make sure customer reaches on time
Apart from this, to ensure complete customer security, the drivers hired by most transportation companies undergo a background check. Cab drivers are made to learn the shortest and safest routes in and around the city. They also need to take driving tests and sit for regular exams. Drivers who drive rashly or are prone towards criminal behavior are laid off immediately and also reported to authorities. These companies take complete precaution to ensure their customers remain safe. In fact, drivers are also kept in touch with the ground staff at all times. This helps keep track on the cab.

How to get a cab?

Most cabs can be "flagged" or "hailed" on the street side as they approach. Another alternative is a cab stand. Taxi stands are normally located at railway stations, airports, major malls, hotels and other places where huge number of passengers are likely to be found. Another way of booking these cabs is through the internet. Most providers have functional websites that allow e-booking. All users need to do is fill in a simple form and mention the dates and time they need cabs for. Taxis are normally available on time and at the exact date.
Hiring a taxi is the best way to move around San Mateo County, especially for tourists who are not aware of the cities. They can easily be duped by mugs that are at a look out for tourists. The best way to hire a transportation company is to search for it over the internet. Reading reviews and testimonials from other users helps in narrowing down the search. Another way to go about it is to ask family and friends for suggestions. Cabs that are recommended through word of mouth are certainly worth a try. It is also good to analyze the prices so that one chooses a provider that is well priced. However, the most important criteria for choosing a company should be the amount of safety it provides.