Driving Around San Mateo during the holidays

None of us like to think about our own mortality, but if we don't drive safe then there is a real chance that we might get injured or hurt someone else. Holidays are particularly the time when people become careless. Apart from increasing their chances of crashing, they also run the risk of getting a hefty fine that might put a serious dent in the holiday spending and enjoyment.
The following tips can help the citizens of San Mateo in staying safe during the festive season.

Avoiding driving alone or at night:

There are a lot of burglars and drunkards wandering the streets at night. Hence, it is best to travel with a companion. People who travel alone are usually susceptible to robbery. It is also advisable to keep all car doors and windows locked while moving in or out of the car. Setting the alarm or using an anti-theft device is a good idea.

Avoiding Drinking and driving:

Holidays are all about get-togethers and parties. It is only obvious that one may have a couple of drinks while socializing with loved ones. Here are some facts that need to be kept in mind:

How many drinks can a person have to stay under 0.05?

In general
Ø  Men can drink 2 standard drinks in an hour and then one drink every hour after the first hour.
Ø  Women can drink 1 standard drink in an hour and one in every hour after the first hour.
Drinking and driving is a complete ‘no no’. Hence, the best way to deal with this situation is to hire a taxi. Several yellow taxi providers offer 24 hour service during the holidays. In fact, they make sure there is no wait time so that clients do not have to waste a minute.
However, when waiting for the taxi to arrive, it is a good practice to keep a secure hold on one’s belongings.

Planning ahead

If planning to travel from one city to another. It is best to:
Ø  Have rest stops in a couple of hours
Ø  Plan not to speed but spare extra time for any delays
Ø  Arrange some fun activities for the kids during the trip
People who decide to travel by their own vehicles must check the condition of their automobile to make sure it’s in tip-top condition. Before taking a trip, it is advised to book the vehicle in for a complete safety check by a decent mechanic. It is also a good idea to run the vehicle through the following checklist:
Ø  All lights (including brake lights, indicators and headlights) should be working
Ø  Wipers, horn and washers should operate properly
Ø  The brake and clutch should work properly
Ø  The hoses and cooling system must work properly
Ø  The oil levels must be correct
Ø  Tires must be inflated to the pressure specific for the vehicle.
During peak holiday seasons, such as December, it's important for drivers to stay calm and patient, as extra traffic is imminent. Keeping extra time to reach a destination is a good idea. In fact, it's better to get late than to not arrive at all. It is foolish to speed to arrive early. It is also a better idea to hire a taxi instead. These cabs are driven by professionals who know the best and shortest routs around the county and are also reliable when it comes to driving safely. There are several companies in San Mateo County that offer such services at great rates even during the holidays. Their services can be used when one wants to go shopping, visit a loved one, attend a party or simply travel from one city to another. Most of these providers also have an online booking system through which cabs can be booked before hand for set dates.