Yellow Cab Wheelchair Transportation for People with Special Needs

Travelling can be fun provided you are in fit and healthy condition. However, a fun-filled outing can turn cumbersome and painful for people suffering from health conditions or disabilities. A temporary immobility or permanent ailment can come in the way of regular commute to workplace or making social visits. Then if the condition is not that serious hiring an ambulance becomes pointless. Such a dilemma is often faced by individuals with special needs. Does this mean they stay put at home and deprive themselves of the attractions of outside world? Absolutely No!

The one best and most affordable option is to hire Yellow Cab Services, after enquiring whether they cater to individuals with special needs. Not all cab services offer special arrangements for disabled passengers. So the query is very important especially if the person is wheelchair bound or is having some leg support. Discussed below are few aspects one should clarify while hiring yellow cab wheelchair transportation services, in case he/she is suffering from certain disabilities or health problems:-
Who can hire wheelchair yellow cab transportation?
The Yellow Cab being basically a taxi service, they may not cater to patients suffering from serious ailments. So it’s never advisable to hire such cab service for a patient if he is on life-support or in completely immovable condition. In general, these cab services impose one rule that of allowing passengers in wheelchairs provided they are in "transfer-capable" condition.
Does the company provide customized vans?
This is a very crucial point to clarify if the passenger uses wheelchair or some other kind of movement support. Ideally such a van should have fully modified lowered floor with rear-entry access to easily accommodate wheelchairs and scooters up to a certain width. Besides the van should have additional space for at least two to three more passengers, if they need to accompany the disabled person.
Does the company charge extra for wheelchair transportation?
This is also an important point that needs to be cleared before finalizing the booking. There are yellow cab service providers which allow wheelchair and up to two to three additional passengers ride at no extra cost. Then again some companies might levy an additional charge for the specialized service provided. Even if there is some extra charge, it is usually quite reasonable as compared to other specialized transportation options. Further make it a point to enquire if the company offers any special package or discount for long-term booking.
Does the booking needs to be done in advance?
The fact that wheelchair accessible taxis are not needed on a daily basis so the company might not have one ready if the booking is done last minute. So make sure to do the booking well in advance and enquire clearly whether they will be able to provide the customized cab on specified date and time.

Yellow cab wheelchair transportation primarily aims at offering dignified transport alternative for individuals with disabilities and special needs. Make the best use of it and divert your life towards normal track from the route of social isolation!