What to Expect When Using A Wheelchair Taxi

It is difficult to know what to expect when you are using a wheelchair cab for the first time, you may not know how to book the right vehicle or what to ask for during the booking. This is a helpful guide for those who have not used a wheelchair taxi before.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
Can a wheelchair cab carry more then one passenger?

A lot of wheelchair taxis have the license to carry two wheelchair passengers and around 5 passengers that are able-bodied. On the other hand, some vehicles can only carry 1 wheelchair passenger and around eight passengers who are able-bodied.

The number of individuals a van can carry depends on its size and the policies of the vehicle provider.

How does one book a wheelchair cab?

There are several ways to do it. Firstly, a passenger can login to the website of a cab provider and fill up the form to book a cab online. Another way to do it is to call the cab provider’s number and request a booking. You can book for a later date or for immediate use. While booking, make sure you tell the customer care operator that you require a wheelchair taxi and not a normal taxi, this will ensure you get the right vehicle on your doorstep. Also, if you have any other requirements, be sure to inform the booking operator.

Is it possible for me to remain seated in the wheelchair at the time of travel?

If the wheelchair can be properly secured, there is no issue with you remaining seated for the entire trip. Another element that is considered is that the wheelchair weight with the passenger must not exceed the lift’s weight limit. You can also sit on another seat within the cab till the time the wheelchair is secured at the back.

Is it mandatory to wear a seatbelt?

When you travel in a wheelchair cab, it is extremely important that everyone on board is wearing a seatbelt. The occupants of the wheelchairs should face forward and must have a proper belt securing them. Apart from this, there should also be a way for the passenger in the seat, to be released quickly from the cab in case of an emergency or an accident.

Are wheelchair cabs safe?

Wheelchair cabs have been designed to keep the comfort and safety of the passenger in mind. They adhere to the standard requirements and are well tested before being used. Hence, wheelchair cabs, when booked with reputed providers, are safe.

A great way to make transport easy for the elderly, injured or physically challenged is to book a wheelchair taxi van. However, make sure you choose a provider carefully. It is important that the vehicles are well equipped and in a good state. The drivers driving these vans must be experienced and must know the best way to secure the passengers in the vehicle. A great way to find out about these taxi cabs is to search online or to ask friends.