Tips for Seniors to Connect During Social Distancing

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, a lot of seniors find themselves isolated at their homes. This is a lonely time for the older ones as they miss out on meeting friends and family. It can be extremely isolating for those who are emotionally dependent on visits from friends and family. Here are some ways for keeping your seniors connected while sheltering during social distancing.

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Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. have been around for decades and have billions of people that log in daily. One way to help seniors stay connected is by creating their accounts on these platforms so that they can be in touch with their entire family at all times. They can stay in all the social circles and get regular updates. Apart from this, they can also post pictures and let people know about their health during this challenging period of confinement.

Seniors can also be taught to use a messenger for private conversations. Also, there are numerous games available online to keep the mind sharp and to interact with other social media users.

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Virtual Game Night for Families

Arrange a virtual family game night for your senior parents. Get in touch with other members of the family and arrange a time and date to play. There are numerous online gaming companies that permit you to play even when everyone is at different locations.

You can also make use of a video conferencing application to make sure the seniors of the family are able to talk to and see everyone while playing some interesting games. Also, you can ask all family members to prepare the same snacks, such as burgers or pizzas, so that it feels like a party.

Mail and Cards

Writing letters is now a dying art form. However, this pandemic season may give our older generation the opportunity to pass down this skill to the youngsters. Begin by inspiring your seniors to exchange handwritten letters or cards with friends and family. Purchase a stationery box that replicates the senior's taste along with a stamp booklet.

Also, encourage friends and family to write back. Ask parents who have young kids to motivate their children to make a drawing or other such pieces of art. After the cards and letters begin to arrive, they can be put on display in the living room like during Christmas.

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Arrange a Wheelchair Access Van

As the lockdown relaxes, seniors can hire yellow cabs that offer wheelchair access to travel comfortably around the city and meet family members. Wheelchair access vans are great to travel around, especially for those with disabilities or difficulty walking.

There is no doubt that these are challenging times. You must understand the frustration that seniors feel missing out on connections and social events. However, it is important to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. With just a little creativity, you can certainly make life easier and enjoyable for everyone.