Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Vans: All You Need to Know

Comfortable transportation is an extremely valuable asset that a lot of people take for granted. For those who are wheelchair-bound, comfortable travel normally means riding in a van that offers wheelchair-access. Wheelchair accessible taxi vans provide dependable transportation to people with special needs, giving them the freedom to go to appointments, run errands or just enjoy trips on the road. Here are a few things you should know about these vans to help you choose one that will suit your individual needs.

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Wheelchair Dimensions

If you are planning to hire a wheelchair-accessible van for transporting your loved one, it is important to first know the dimensions of your wheelchair. The dimensions will help you choose the right vehicle as per your needs. The vehicle must be able to fit the wheelchair and other mobility equipment.

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Here are a few dimensions to consider:

Height from the individual's head to the floor when he is sitting in the wheelchair

Wheelchair’s width

Wheel’s width

Individual’s weight

It is best to seek advice from the taxi company experts to know what will work best for you.

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All good wheelchair access van providers have ramps to ensure that the wheelchair rolls inside the van easily. There are two kinds of ramps: in-floor and foldout ramps.

Foldout Ramps: Foldout ramps are the most popular type. They can be either electronic or manual. When they are not in use, these ramps normally rest upright within the closed sliding door of the van. Foldout ramps do well when they are placed on curbs; they are an economical option for wheelchair accessible van providers.

In-Floor Ramps: In-floor ramps go under the van’s floor. These ramps can be electronic or manual.

Van Entry

Vans come with either a rear entry or a side entry. This point of entry is important depending on whether you are hiring these special yellow cabs for a congested area or for an area with ample space.

Side Entry: When it comes to the side entry, you can exit and enter safely through the side door away from traffic.

Rear Entry: These vans do not require a huge parking space so they can be parked anywhere. A channel is fitted in the middle of the floor of the van. This channel allows the wheelchair to navigate the distance.

Additional Features

Wheelchair accessible vans come with several extra features. Items like tie-downs for wheelchairs, wheelchair docks that are electronically monitored and transfer seats are all options that make the van customizable as per the needs of the customer.

When choosing a yellow cab company offering wheelchair accessible vans make sure you go for someone who offers a state-of-the-art fleet with experienced and knowledgeable staff. They should also be friendly and reliable, someone whom you can trust your loved ones with. It is best to read reviews about the company online before hiring them.