How to Tip a Cab Driver

Tipping your taxi driver is similar to tipping anyone else. Proper amounts may differ depending on the circumstances, city and the distance covered, but a tip equal to 15% of the total fare is considered normal. In case the fare is less than ten dollars, give a 10% tip (never less than one dollar). Also, add an extra dollar if the ride was good.

Ask for the Fare: 

As soon as your trip is over, your driver will tell you the charge. Make sure you calculate the tip keeping the fare in mind or hand them a ballpark amount by offering something close to a 5 dollar or 10-dollar bill increment.

All reputed taxis offer a fare ticker that permits you to watch the rate of the ride as you get closer to your destination. In case you are in a hurry, utilize this for predicting, preparing and calculating your tip as soon as it's time to get out of the cab.

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Did the Driver Help You with Your Bags? 

Add to the tip if the driver has been kind enough to help you with your belongings. Add a couple of dollars per baggage. However, if you had more than five bags, then add more than two dollars per baggage. Same applies if the bags were heavy. While these may not be firm rules, they are guidelines that will help you tip well.

Try to Give an Even Bill: 

In case the amount was approximately an even amount, just offer an even bill and ask them to keep the change. Example: $12.28 is close to $15. This way you do not have to calculate the tip percentage. But the extra change will give the driver a reasonable amount.

Gauge the Ride Quality: 

Weigh factors such as the driver’s knowledge about the area, service speed, his effort and his demeanor. Such indices are extremely subjective – so make sure you listen to your gut and adjust the tips accordingly. You can tip about 5% to 10% if you found the service to be poor. Tip 15% if the cab ride was nothing exceptional but comfortable. Tip 20% if the cab ride was really good.

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Consider Service Speed:

The cab driver must take the most effective route to make sure you get to the destination comfortably. In case the ride was longer than expected due to excessive traffic, then you cannot blame the driver. However, make sure you look out for drivers who intentionally drive slowly or take long detours to increase the fare.

Did Your Driver Go That Extra Mile? 

In case the driver does not offer to assist you with your luggage, then do not feel the obligation to tip more than the standard. If they go out of their way to help you get to your destination and also if they were extremely helpful in giving you tips about city attractions, then they deserve a higher tip than the average cabbie. By keeping these tips in mind, you can surely take the confusion out of what you should be tipping a cab driver.