Avoid Taxi Scams When You Travel

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When it comes to taxi scams, tourists become the biggest targets because they are normally unaware of the local custom and language and are less informed about the currency and the area in general. Cab drivers are known to overcharge, taking additional fees and longer routes with the worst-case scenario being stealing belongings from unsuspecting tourists. For ensuring that you do not get scammed by a cab while traveling you must always plan ahead, only take licensed and well-marked taxis and make sure their meter is working before you board a vehicle.

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Be Aware of the Fastest Route

It is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the place you are going to and the many routes that can take you there. Some cab drivers will end up scamming tourists by taking longer routes and deliberately running up the meter. Therefore, when entering the cab, direct the driver on which route to take. This will let the driver know that you are aware of the routes and will help you avoid potential scams.

Depending on the traffic and time of the day, there can be quicker alternate routes.

Research Cab Regulations and Customs Before Traveling

In several countries, it is not customary to tip a cab driver. In a lot of areas, cabs will charge extra for additional passengers, extra baggage or during the rush hour. You must always research before your trip to get a basic idea of common cab regulations and customs. This can help you know what to expect and you can spot a scam.

For example, if a cab driver tries charging for extra baggage, but that is not normal practice in the area, then it is most likely to be a rip-off.

Know the Going Rate

The ideal situation is when a taxi driver makes use of a meter and the passenger has to pay the amount displayed on the meter. Unfortunately, some drivers may end up scamming you by asking you to pay weekend or evening rates. Some drivers may also say that the meter is not functional and try charging an excessive rate. Because of this, it is best to know the rate well in advance.

For instance, you can request your concierge for the typical rate from your hotel to the place you wish to go to. This can assist you in case you are overcharged.

Before you get into a cab, make sure you ask the cab driver how much the fee will be. While they may not know the exact rate, they can give you a ballpark figure.

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Make Sure You Take Cabs That Are Well Marked

A lot of passengers may get scammed by taking an unlicensed or unmarked cab. These vehicles often market cheaper rates that will look appealing to a passenger who is on a budget. This is characteristically because unlicensed cabs are not required to follow regulations and several of them can end up being total scams. Due to this, you must always take cabs that are well marked when traveling.

The yellow taxi must have a logo and must also display the telephone number.