How to Use a Taxi Service in San Mateo ?

If you reside in a big city, yellow cabs are the quickest and most efficient means of transport. However, using a taxi service in San Mateo for the first time can be confusing. Learn how to book a cab and keep yourself safe during the ride.

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Call a Cab:

Call and book a yellow cab rather than hailing one. It is best to search for a company online. When you find the company’s phone number, call them and ask for rates. If you are okay with it, give them your address. Wait for the cab outside and let the driver know where you wish to travel to as you get inside the backseat.

Make sure you call the cab company at least twenty minutes ahead of your intended departure, particularly during high traffic hours.

Even though most taxi companies offer 24/7 service, some may not be available. Always check the policies before calling them.

Use an Application:

All good taxi services in San Mateo have mobile apps or websites for quicker service. You can simply log in to their website or download their application, fill out your details and a cab will arrive at your place at the designated time. Make sure the details you enter are correct and stay where you are till your cab driver arrives.

Most companies offering online booking also have provisions for paying via the app.

Check for the driver’s ID

It is mandatory for all cab drivers to carry and display their identity badges. The badge must have the driver’s recent photo, full name, and the name of the company he works for. In case you don’t find it, ask your cab driver to show you his ID.

Do not take the cab if he refuses to show you his ID. 

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Avoid Drinks and Food

Always ask the cab driver what their food and drink policies are. In case they have a policy of no drinking or no eating, make sure you stick to the rules. Some cab drivers follow strict rules for preventing spills. Hard drinks are a big no-no.

Avoid bringing strong, pungent food inside the taxi as the smell can linger for a long time. Always clean up before you exit the taxi and take any trash or wrappers with you.

Be Polite

When a driver tries to converse with you, be kind. Politely tell him that you're tired and don't feel like holding a conversation. Do not abuse the cab driver if the traffic causes a delay and also avoid troublesome behavior like insensitive comments, yelling, or obscene jokes.

Do not ask your cab driver to break the law or the speed limits. Safety is extremely important. Driving irresponsibly puts the driver’s job at risk.

Leave a Tip

Apart from the fare, tipping your taxi driver is considered polite. Twenty percent is the normal rate in California, but you can offer more if you feel your driver was particularly helpful. Usually, passengers tip extra for late-night rides.

With these tips in mind, you can certainly be more confident when booking a taxi service in San Mateo for your next trip.