Monday, 25 September 2017

The many benefits of using a taxi service

Whether you are just a tourist or are waiting to buy a new car, you will need a cab at some point in California. A taxi in the state is one of the most convenient ways of traveling. Knowing that you can hire a cab, especially when there is an emergency or an unforeseen event; would be a relief to any person without transportation. Even the simplest situations can tempt you to call a yellow sedan at times; you may just want to relax at the back seat with someone else driving.

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The many advantages of a taxi cab!

It is easier to hail a cab:

Remember all those movies that illustrated the difficulty of getting a taxi in a big city. The actors edged closer to the curb, waving their arms, whistling. And still, every taxi would just pass by without stopping. That was perhaps the reality during the 90s, but it is not the truth today. It is very easy to use a cab service. Most providers these days have websites that list their phone numbers. You even have the option to reserve a cab online by quickly filling out a form. Apart from this, new phones have apps that can help you connect to different drivers in no time.

Such dramatic advances have increased the possibility of getting a cab without the hassle of hailing a taxi. Now, you get the facility of pick up and drop off at your doorstep.

Your Car keeps breaking down:

Using a taxi cab service provider is a comparatively stress-free way of dealing with your travel needs. You can book a cab many days ahead for a trip to another city or to the airport. For casual trips such as, grocery shopping, you can ask for a cab with a sizable trunk. In case you need a taxi to both pick you from and drop you off to a restaurant, you can ask for that, as well.

The Bus Takes Too Long

Cabs are certainly more expensive than public transports such as buses but buses are not the most convenient. Have you ever thought about how much time it will take to wait for the bus to arrive at your destination? There are so many bus stops and the speed of the bus itself is so slow. Moreover, most bus stops are not planted precisely where you have to go. You will have to walk (and sometimes for a very long distance) to finally get to the place where you intend to reach.

Cabs are the most convenient choice. You do not have to stop multiple times and wait for other people to exit and enter. In a cab, you can sight see and enjoy the ride knowing that the taxi driver will alert you once your destination has arrived. There is no longer the need to keep a watchful eye on bus stops! Moreover, a taxi will drop you to the exact location and not at some convenient point.

With so many advantages, it is best to book a cab instead of inconveniencing yourself by using the public transport or a private car.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Evolution of the Taxi industry in California

Yellow cabs are a very important part of the Californian lifestyle. However, there have been several remarkable changes in the taxi industry when it comes to the type of vehicles and services used, from horse drawn carriages to the automobiles of the 21st century.
In the middle of the 1800s, carriage services saw a faster and newer model known as the hansom cab. A man named Joseph Hansom came up with a lighter, smaller carriage that only needed one horse to drive it. The coaches of the hansom cab would easily traverse the busy streets and travel about the traffic. Due to this, these vehicles became extremely popular.

The coming of the new age!

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Yellow taxis as you see them today, first came into existence in the United States during the early 1900s. At that time electric cars were extremely common, but gradually they started losing popularity over gasoline vehicles. One of the greatest innovation in the cab industry happened when the taximeter was invented, an instrument that calculates the taxi fare in most of the cabs and from which taxis got their names. As the popularity of gas powered cabs grew, countless number of independently owned fleets of taxis began to emerge.

Another big innovation after the innovation of a taximeter occurred in 1940s with the development of two way radios. This new technology helped dispatch offices and taxicabs to communicate and serve clients more efficiently in comparison to the methods used previously. The characteristic yellow color that is normally depicted today came about during the 1960’s. Even though yellow taxis were existent since the 1920s (thanks to iconic companies of Chicago) they then became a norm when the city of New York created a law declaring that all cabs should be of yellow color to help differentiate private transportation and unlicensed cabs from true taxis.

Yellow taxis are now an icon in themselves in the United States.

As the popularity of yellow cabs grew, California also saw an upsurge of such vehicles. There were so many people who desired to offer to the community excellent cab service. With increasing need, so did the companies, including Serra Yellow Cab. Serra has expanded its taxi services into several local cities which mean a better facility and network. The company also operates in SFO with a fleet of taxis and a standing for upmost customer service.

Serra Yellow Cab provides its customers with a selection of vehicle types depending on the occasions and needs:

  1. Reliable and traditional sedan taxi, inspected rigorously to make sure they are well maintained.
  2. Wheelchair accessible van to meet the needs of transportation for disabled or elderly.

Serra Yellow Cab offers its services and wheelchair transportation in many different cities of California including, Daly City, Colma, Brisbane, Pacifica, Broadmoor, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City and SFO. We even offer an online booking system for the convenience of our users. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Why Should You Use Online Booking When You Need a Cab?

The internet has taken over our lives, making day to day living very easy and comfortable. You can shop for your groceries online, get diplomas by registering for online programs, and even take part in events. Another great facility that is offered through the internet is cab booking. Online booking makes it very convenient to find and book yellow cabs. It permits people using the service to specify details for the type of service they wish to receive before paying for it.

The advent of the internet has certainly made life easy for millions of people. At a time where almost everything is tied to the internet it has become crucial that every business, irrespective of its sector, has a noticeable web presence. For companies offering yellow taxis, virtual or online booking is an extra service designed to bring in convenience. There are several reasons that make online reservations so popular. Here we discuss a few reasons of why booking online is a great idea:

1. When you book through a secure website you get to see the prices at that very moment: When you book through the internet, you do not have to wait until you reach your destination or worry about the yellow cab going through long preventable routes, you are always aware of how much you will be paying beforehand.

2. 24/7 reservations are open: There are a lot of instances when you will have to take a taxi after hours when there are no other modes of transportation. There may also be emergency situations or you may have to pick someone early morning. One of the best tools you have is an automated and immediate system that you can access directly on any electronic device with an internet connection. Customers can book a cab at whatever time and wherever they specify.

3. Excellent customer service: Online booking is a comfortable and convenient way that offers a clear view of payment, availability, and service confirmation. You will be able to save a lot of time and may get a deal that is lucrative and unique compared to a traditional taxi service.

4. Safe online payments: Booking online is a safe and easy way to both pay for and book your service. There is no hassle of carrying cash and you are guaranteed to get to your destination without a need to pay for any extra fee.

While there are several more advantages of booking a taxi online, the aforementioned list should serve as example of how practical using yellow cab websites can be.

At Serra Yellow Cab, we offer the safest and easiest way for you to get a cab by booking online. You can choose from a range of different vehicle types depending on personal requirements and needs- conventional and reliable cabs that you are already aware of and wheelchair vans that offer wheelchair access, to meet transportation needs of the disabled or elderly. We are also proud of the reliability and security our professional drivers offer.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

No Bad Drivers at Serra Yellow Cab Inc

At Serra Yellow Cab we are very proud of the professionals who drive for us. In fact, they are among the best cab drivers in the San Mateo region. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that our drivers have to meet certain requirements to qualify to sit behind the wheels. These requirements include:

1. They should be at least twenty five years of age.
2. They should have a valid license and a good record of driving.
3. They should pass every criminal background check.
4. They should be able to complete our orientation.
5. They should have the right amount of experience.

Apart from following a diligent hiring process, we strive to inform and encourage our team of taxi drivers to be responsible, demanding nothing but safe driving behavior whether they have a customer sitting at the rear end or otherwise. This helps us follow responsible business practices within our area of working.

Experience Is Key!

Our experienced drivers do not just know the best routes to and from the destination, they are also well aware of the amount of time required to get to point A from point B at different times of the day. They are well aware of the varying traffic patterns and the best routes to take and to avoid during busy times. Apart from this, experienced drivers are also able to recommend good sightseeing spots if you are a tourist. They have a pretty good idea of the most popular dining and entertainment spots and the places you must avoid. Our cab drivers are nothing less than a fancy concierge at a luxury hotel and good ones come in very handy to vacationers and business travelers alike.

The Fleet Is Also Important

We are proud of our drivers. However, we also do our bit by providing them with well-kept cars. The cabs play an important part in making a journey worthwhile. You are more than welcome to ask us about the type of vehicle we are sending for you when you call us to book a taxi. A lot of times, bigger vehicles such as, SUVs make a good choice as they are able to transport several passengers which is important if you are in a group.

Cleanliness of the vehicle and maintenance are extremely important to us as no customer would want to ride in a vehicle that stinks or does not work properly. Our well maintained cabs ensure that there are no mid-way break downs. You will never see any of our vehicles rattling or belching smoke. Our alert staff is always assessing the mechanical soundness of the fleet. Moreover, all our vehicles are cleaned every day.

As a company we are very careful about our vehicles as well as the people driving them. The drivers are instructed to be courteous and friendly to the customers to make their journey comfortable. We also take complaints seriously and try our best to improve customer experience by using their reviews and opinions.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair Accessible Van?

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, hiring a wheelchair accessible van can be very helpful and affordable. Here are a few tips that will make it easy to book the right vehicle:


You can opt for a wheelchair accessible van based on your requirements. Providers offer vans with rear entry or side entry. While the former may work better for some, latter may be better for others in certain situations. Entry from the sides means the ramp of the van deploys from the side-door. The user can sit behind the front seats in the middle or in the front-passenger seat, as some vans have removable front passenger seats.

In case you use extra-tall or extra-large power chairs, entry from the back is the best option. Vehicles with back opening offer greater height and width, with a wider ramp. The back entry vans normally feature a ramp which is manually operated, but there are certain providers who also have power ramps. It is best to ask before booking a wheelchair accessible cab!

A rear entry with a long-channel can handle about two wheelchair passengers at a time.


Wheelchair accessible vans make it very easy for people bound by wheelchairs to enjoy freedom of movement. Whether it is going to a doctor’s appointment or just traveling for a change of scenery, these vehicles can make a huge difference. Such cabs also have enough space if your family members also wish to come along.

How to choose a provider?

Look around:

Check out taxi cab providers who offer this service to compare their charges. The best place to look is online.

Determine your budget:

One of the most important factors to consider is the budget. Different providers have different charges. It is best to figure out your own budget and then look for companies offering the same price levels.

It is important to note that wheelchair accessible vans may cost more than basic yellow cabs. Also, do not make money the only criteria to choosing a provider. Make sure they are reputable and dependable as well.

Ask as many questions as you want:

Do not hesitate in calling the customer care department and asking them as many questions as you like about their services and vehicles. Ask them about the qualification and expertise of the drivers, quality of the vehicles, their rates, what type of vehicles they offer, and the like. It is best to be satisfied with the company before booking a cab from them.

It is also advisable to avoid providers who have a poor customer service.

Read testimonials and reviews:

Visit reputed review websites on the web to find out what people are saying about the specific company. This is one of the best ways to shortlist cab providers.

When planning to hire a wheelchair access van, keep the above mentioned tips in mind and make sure you get a van that does not just fulfill your requirements but also at a competitive rate.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cab Safety Tips for Women Travelers

Many crimes against women happen when they are traveling in a taxi cab. However, if you live in a city in California it is almost impossible to live without a cab unless you have your own car. Fortunately, there are many ways you can stay safe during your journey. Here are a few tips:

Ask for an ID proof of the driver before boarding:

You can ask for a driving license, the driver’s company ID or a genuine photo ID. And if possible, click a few pictures of the ID and send it to a family member or friend by message.

Always use the GPS:

Make sure you keep your GPS 'On' in the mobile phone or in the vehicle, if any, till you’ve reached your desired destination. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the driver is going in the right direction and not to a remote spot. Doing this is particularly important if you take cabs at night. This is the time when drivers normally take different routes to quickly get to a destination or if their intentions are not right.

Cab drivers usually recommend shortcuts. Do not agree to take the short cuts, particularly if they pass from isolated patches.

Take the cab’s picture:

It may sound awkward to take a cab’s picture at that time, but since your safety at stake, take pics and send them to friends and family.

Use speed dial for emergency calls:

Make sure that the phone numbers of close friends and family members are there on the speed dial list. When there is an emergency, you can get in touch with someone with just a press of a button.

Cover up any expensive jewelry:
It is best to hide any expensive jewelry, accessories, etc. Anything that may lure a potential criminal should be covered while traveling by a cab.

Call someone when traveling at night:

When you board a cab make sure you dial a family member or a trustworthy friend and talk to them the whole time. Tell them about the cab number and where you’ve reached. This will deter any potential criminal from making a move. This is one of the best ways to stay secure.

Carry a pepper spray:

Carrying an instrument that can help you defend yourself is always a good idea. Make sure you buy a can of pepper spray and keep it in your bag at all times. It is one of the best defenses against criminals.

Hire a cab from a trustworthy cab service:

There are several yellow cab services available in California but not all of them can be regarded safe. There are many with a bad reputation. When choosing a provider make sure you read their reviews online. You can also ask friends and family for references. For instance, Serra Yellow Cab is one of the safest in California and caters to many cities.

By following these tips you can rest assured that every trip will be safe and comfortable.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Traveling with a Disability

Rise in the disabled population has also seen an increase in the number of disabled travelers. This has urged transportation providers to offer better disability accommodations. If you are thinking of traveling and you have a disability, it is extremely important to travel with medications and medical devices and research well about the place you are planning to travel to. This blog will tell you the best way to travel with a disability. 

  1. Ask someone to join you. If you intend to do long and extensive travel, keep in mind that there are many airlines that do not let disabled people travel without a companion. The rights of the disabled vary from nation to nation, so a companion can assist in navigating new environments. You can also hire a travel nurse to escort you on the trip, especially if you suffer from a serious medical concern.
  2. Set an appointment with your doctor before traveling. The doctor can tell you about unforeseen medication or travel risks. Get the required supply of medication for your trip, plus a little extra to cover any delays.
  3. Book the trip with a company that caters especially to disabled people. There are several travel companies that cater to people with disabilities. You can even buy a package or tour that has already been set up to cater to your specific disability.
  4. Use a phone to book your travel arrangements or meet the agent personally.
  5. To receive disabled access and accommodations, you must reveal your disability approximately 48 hours before time. Email or internet booking will not always include a choice to divulge your disability.
  6. Research about the destinations before you get there. You can use library books, such as Lonely Planet, to get a brief idea of how reachable the area really is. There are also several websites over the internet that offer advice on the best places for disabled travelers.
  7. Invest on flights without many layovers. Getting on a flight can be extremely uncomfortable for a lot of people who have disabilities. Getting access to a wheelchair may also take a lot of time, so make sure you book a direct flight.
  8. Call up the airline to request a seat that will be convenient for your transfer assistance and disability. Choose a seat that is closer to the bathroom or an aisle seat. Avoid sitting close to the emergency exit, since those seats require that you stay prepared to help other passengers.
  9. Book cabs designed for the disabled. Cabs for disabled are equipped to house wheelchairs and assist senior citizens as well as the disabled to travel from one place to another with maximum comfort and safety. The drivers of such vehicles are trained to assist the users and help them get in and out of the cab.

With just a few precautions and these handy tips, you can rest assured that your trip will be a fun and exhilarating experience. Happy traveling!