Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Sights and Attractions of San Jose

San Jose is one of the largest cities in California with several attractions. People visiting downtown begin by visiting a convention in the famous convention center of San Jose which is named after Tom McHenry, a former mayor. It is a modern facility that gathers a lot of attention. Apart from this, here are a few attractions that make San Jose fun:

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Great America

Searching for a way of keeping the family entertained? Great America at San Jose offers an amazing mix of attractions for individuals of all ages. Make the most of the thrill inducing coasters and much more. Also, make sure you bring a camera with you to capture all the great memories you make.

Santana Row

This place is more than just a mall. The shopping outlet has some of the poshest brands and some popular local brands. Shopping lovers can spend several hours ambling through the district with a cold coffee or can rest at one of the outdoor seating and spend the entire day watching the shoppers go by.

Mountain Winery

Situated in Saratoga, this winery came into existence more than a century ago. The winery is no just known for its decadent collection of quality wines but also its outdoor area which is used by big musicians to host major events.

Municipal Rose Garden

This garden covers almost six acres of land. One can wander through the pathways looking at the beautiful flowers while soaking in all the sunshine.

San Pedro

One of the best dining choices in San Mateo is the San Pedro Square Market. The area hosts a range of different restaurants and shops. One can sample everything from tapas to wood-fired pizza, and more. This market also hosts several events such as trivia night and karaoke for keeping the patrons entertained.

Flea Market at San Jose

The flea market in San Jose offers a range of things that you can do. You can stroll through beautifully colored aisles that are dominated by stalls, and then have something to eat at a food vendor. In case you are traveling with children, take them to the arcade.

The art museum

If you are someone who loves to look at contemporary and modern art then this place displays a range of exhibitions that are fascinating to people. From photography and painting to light installations and sculptures, you will have to take out a few hours to really enjoy this museum.

Cathedral Basilica

Situated at downtown San Jose, this place has a spectacular structure. Built in the year 1803, this building has undergone some major renovation as well as rebuilding. No matter what religion you follow, there’s something very inspiring and calming in the intricate architecture of this church.

Japan town

It is an extremely authentic Japan town within USA, drawing in tons of customers every day. It is known to offer the most delicious Japanese food, shops, and a range of different theaters and galleries. A day in this place will be packed with fun.

If you are coming to San Jose for a vacation, it will certainly not disappoint you. There is so much to do and see here. However, make sure you choose the right transportation to such as a yellow cab to have a comfortable traveling experience.   

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Hiring a Taxi for Reliable And Safe Wheelchair Transportation

Finding the right mode of transport when planning to go for a medical visit, is one of the most difficult tasks. You may have issues with your mobility that may make getting in and out of the house difficult, and a normal motorized scooter or wheelchair may make travel practically impossible. However, the truth is - you can get to your appointments on time and without sacrificing your comfort.

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Here are a few points you must consider before using any form of transport to travel with a disability:

1. Accommodating your issues with mobility

Whether you have your own vehicle or are planning to take public transport, taking care of your mobility issues may be difficult. Buses are not designed to be easy to exit or enter for someone with a disability or requires some assistance getting around. Even passenger vans are difficult to use. Hiring a yellow cab to ensure a reliable and safe medical transportation is the best idea. These vehicles are designed for easy exit and entry.

2. Scooters and wheelchairs

The issue of traveling with a scooter or wheelchair is pretty significant, even when it comes to standardized, folding wheelchairs. When you add batteries and motorized components, it gets even harder. Working with someone who is a specialist in handling medical transportation solutions is extremely helpful. For example, you will find several cabs equipped to ensure that traveling with a motorized or non-motorized wheelchair or scooter is a hassle-free and a simple process. Vehicles that are accessible are not only larger, they are also designed with security systems and ramps to lock the chair when riding. Moreover, there is sufficient room for other people who will be accompanying the person on board.

3. For Old people

A very good advantage of hiring a yellow cab is that a lot of companies are specialists in offering senior citizens with compassionate, caring travel service. Old people have their own set of requirements for the vehicles they use for travelling (handles for easy access, lower entry points, etc.), but at the same time they also need professional drivers who realize the characteristic differences in transporting younger vs senior passengers. For example, old people cannot cope with several stops or waiting time that is too long, and may require physical assistance frequently for getting in and getting out. Drivers of wheelchair accessible vans are trained for handling assistive devices, such as walkers, canes, and more. Hiring the right company can offer so many benefits.

As far as wheelchair transportation is concerned, hiring a reputed cab company is extremely important. Not every company provides medical transportation, or is a specialist at providing this kind of transport service for older citizens. The best way to find good companies is to ask friends and colleagues. You can even consider asking the hospital or your doctor. Another great way to find out about a company’s reputation is to search online. There are plenty of forums and websites that offer the right information.  

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Taxi Cab Etiquette - The Do's and Don'ts of Back Seat Driving

Following certain etiquettes while using a yellow cab may not seem important but it can make a huge difference in your travel experience as well as the experience of the driver. Understanding what to do and what not to do is extremely important. From knowing exactly how much you should tip to filing a complaint against a driver.

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Here are a few etiquettes you must always follow:

1.Knowing the cost: Different providers ask for different rates, even if they operate in the same city. Some may offer vehicles that are relatively cheap while others may charge more than the market rate. For such reasons, it's always a good idea to know how much you will have to pay before getting into it. Rather than stopping a cab and driving to your location, ask the driver how much it will cost you. While he/she may not be able to give you the exact figure but they will be able to give you a ballpark figure, if they do not have flat rates. This can help you in deciding whether  you still need a yellow cab or would rather take some other transportation.

2. Never get impatient: Too much traffic is not the fault of the driver, so do not take out your frustration on them. Getting anxious, irritable or angry while sitting in the car’s backseat is not going to help the situation or open up the jam. Also, do not pressurize the driver to go faster when the cars around are hardly moving. This is pointless and will only make you come across as unreasonable. Rather than showing impatience with the driver over situations that are beyond their control, try to control your own situations.

3. Never forget to tip: Driving a cab all day long is a tough job. Therefore, it is always a good idea to tip the driver. Tip them if you can. A little generosity from you can go a long way in boosting their morale. Normally, you can tip a taxi driver what you may tip a waitress or a waiter: approximately 15 to 20 percent of the bill. In circumstances when the driver was extremely good then you can even tip them a little more than usual. If the driver was rude or went extremely slow even when there was absolutely no traffic, then do not get pressured into tipping them too much.

4. Take down information: Every time you get into a taxi cab, it is good to write relative information down. This includes the driver's name, cab number, date, the time, and also the destination. This does not only help in case you have a complaint but may also help you track the cab if you accidentally leave something. If you call the cab company with no information, it will get you nowhere.

Make your cab journey a pleasant experience not only for yourself but also for your cab driver. There is nothing like reaching your destination with a peaceful mind.  

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Three Things to Look for in a Wheelchair Transportation Service

With the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act several years ago, businesses, transportation services as well as public spaces have become easily accessible for people with disabilities. Although the progress till now has been encouraging, there is still a long way to go.

In the recent years, there have been great developments made in the area of travel – particularly in major urban cities. There are numerous choices that exist; you even have the option to ride in comfortable vans with good disabled transportation services! Nonetheless, there are some things that you must look out for when deciding what is right for you.

Convenience is not only about having ramps, there should be facilities that make life easier, convenient and more fulfilling!

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1. The customer service record should be one of your primary concerns

Although a lot of cities have made noble efforts to make public transportation more easily accessible for those with disabilities, the fact is most subway operators, bus drivers and taxi drivers do not have the required training on the best way to interact with and help people with disabilities.

Any kind of private service which is worth its claims will make sure their drivers are not just certified, but also respectful and courteous. A lot of services hire drivers that go out of their way to treat their customers with care and compassion. Make sure you read testimonials and research about the provider online to get a better understanding of the company you are planning to consider.

2. The service provider must tend to your needs

It can be very difficult to travel to work, medical appointments, and the airport on time, especially for someone who uses a wheelchair. Promptness is especially stressful for someone like a veteran who has just recently lost mobility because of combat.

It is important for disabled individuals to make it to their hospital appointments when needed - and also at times in an emergency. The right provider understands and caters to such needs. Most of them will provide door to door drop off and pick up services, and some of them also make the added effort of being available the very day the customer makes the call.

3. A Transportation Service should be built in such a way that it makes your life safer and easier.

As stated previously, at times public transportation may fail you. The ramps made for wheelchairs on buses may not work, or add several minutes to your everyday commute because of how slow they work. Family and friends may try their best to help you out every day but it may get difficult if they have to do it every day.

However, all good transportation services that offer wheelchair transportation utilize roomy vehicles particularly designed for meeting ADA requirements, and make the entire trip as comfortable and as quick as possible. Stress and time are both easily saved when one finds a transport service that identifies and serves the precise needs of the people with disabilities.

These guidelines can assist you in choosing the right transportation service. Begin by researching your choices today, and take full advantage of the many technological advances in the country.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Hiring a Professional Taxi When You Are Traveling Long Distance

You are planning a trip with your family or friends and then the question appears- who will drive? Unless you love getting behind the wheels and are used to long stretches, it can be extremely tiring. Driving continuously can take its toll. To really enjoy your journey and stay away from the hassle, choose the less complicated option of hiring a cab service with trained drivers assisting you to travel to your destination with no disturbance.

There are numerous benefits of opting for a taxi service when it comes to long distance traveling. It helps in saving up on money and makes the trip more fun.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

1. A lot easier on the pocket – Most people make the mistake of taking their own car and that can make the expenses go higher as you will have to pay up for the costs of vehicle maintenance, fuel and even insurance. Hence, using the services of a yellow cab provider to take you from one destination to another can assist you in saving up on the cash as it will take you right to your destination and drive you home safely when scheduled.

2. Hassle-free – Since you will not have to worry about staying awake, watching the road and refueling on time, hiring a cab service can certainly make life a lot easier. In fact, you will not have to worry about car papers, insurance or even your driving license when hiring a professional cab service provider. Good service providers are always updated with the papers and consequentially make travel hassle free.

3. Professional drivers - Drivers who work professionally are trained for traveling long distances and are well versed with how to handle situations when they are on the road. Apart from this, they know the best and shortest routes around and make sure you travel securely to and from your destination. These individuals are disciplined and keep it professional, ensuring that your travel is comfortable and satisfying.

4. Safe - The professional yellow cab services are insured and accredited to keep the customers safe while traveling to a specific destination. They make sure that the vehicles are serviced regularly and are well- maintained to make them run smoothly, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for the traveler, irrespective of how long the journey is. Apart from this, the drivers also keep first aid boxes and know who to call in case of an emergency.

Long journeys are best enjoyed when the ride is smooth and you have the time and privilege to just sit and relax while someone else takes the wheels. Some people may consider hiring a taxi cab a waste of money, but if costs and time is calculated, one may realize that they are actually a very viable option. However, it is very important to hire a professional service that has the experience of taking long routes. It is best to research well about the cab provider and read the reviews thoroughly to make sure your journey is safe.

Friday, 23 November 2018

How to Have a Safe and Pleasant Taxi Ride

No matter how comfortable you are in driving a vehicle, there will always be times when you have to hire a taxi cab for your transportation needs. During the holiday season, or while going out with friends for drinks or when having numerable stops on the schedule, a call to a cab company is the best idea. With reasonable fares and sophisticated vehicles, you can book a taxi at the click of a button.

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However, here are a few ways you can make your ride pleasant and safe.

1. Confirm before getting in and inform someone of your whereabouts:

When your taxi arrives, make it a point to be absolutely sure that the cab is for you. You can do this by checking if your driver knows your destination and your name. You must also ask the driver for their photo id proof before you board. Photograph the number plate and if you get a chance, take the photo of the person driving the vehicle. Before getting inside the taxi, give a call to a friend or a family member, message them the images and let them know where you are planning to go. Also, check if you have the control of your door and window.

2. Make use of safety apps and GPS on your Mobile:

Make sure you keep your mobile GPS turned 'ON', till the time you are out of the car. This will ensure that the cab is on the right track and going off the track. Numerous applications help you connect to the police instantly. You should have the phone numbers of your close friends and family members on your speed dial list. During any emergency, you should be able to call them immediately.

3. Always take the busy roads:

Never let the cab driver take a shortcut. No matter what they say, stay resolute and ask them to take the high traffic, safe routes. Make sure all isolated roads are completely avoided particularly during nights, even if that means you will reach late. The saying 'it is better to be safe than sorry' should be your guiding rule.

4. Indoor safety in the Taxi:

If you are coming back from a cocktail party or if you are traveling at night, make sure you share the vehicle rather than traveling alone. Never wear expensive jewelry and avoid counting your cash in the taxi. Also, just to be safe, carry a stole or jacket for covering yourself if you are wearing revealing clothing.

5. Stay Alert:

At the time of your commute, never have any personal conversations over the phone. During such conversations, you may end up giving away personal information which may be heard by the cab driver and may be used unlawfully. In case the driver engages you in personal conversation, avoid them. Never give out specifics. Stay aware of your surroundings and be aware of all the landmarks passing by. Also, avoid checking email or playing games on your cellphone.

You must never drop your guard and stay aware and alert of all your surroundings at all times. However, you must also make sure you hire a reputed yellow cab provider for best experience.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Why You Should Choose an Airport Taxi Transfer over Public Transport

Thanks to the developing technology, we have multiple choices while traveling from the airport - including, buses, trains, yellow cabs or subway. However, most people wonder what the best mode of transport would be. The mode you decide on must cater to your needs. Selecting the best means, to and from airport travel must not be done in a hurry.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay.com

Multiple options

Bus or train make a very economical choice if they work in optimum condition. However, when it comes to comfort, they may not be the most profitable. Public transportation is not comfortable particularly when you have to carry bulky luggage. Moreover, you also have to book according to the bus or train schedule, which includes dealing with delays.

Self-drives are a comfortable option as you do not have to travel with strangers and there are no delays. However, such transport does not provide you the opportunity to rest during your journey after a tiresome and long trip. As soon as you arrive, you have to begin searching for parking, which may take time.

Subway travel also has its share of shortcomings as those experienced when using either a train or a bus. In spite of being the cheapest choice, it is not always suitable.

Benefits of Airport Taxi Transfer

There are several advantages of airport taxi transfer which include;
  • Someone will help you carry your language, consequentially saving the hassle of carrying it on your own.
  • In spite of being a little expensive, yellow taxis are value for money because of the guaranteed comfort and peace.
  • In instances where you have to go through your office presentation when heading for a meeting. You can go through the agendas and topics privately.
  • Yellow cab drivers are very kind, polite, and respectful and ensure your ride is comfortable and enjoyable.
  • The cabs always come in good conditions thus helping you avoid the inconvenience that could result from delays due to accidents or breakdowns.
  • It helps you save the expenditure incurred because of leaving your vehicle in the parking of the airport for all the days you will be away.
  • If there is any delay, you will not have to worry as your yellow cab driver will wait. Apart from this, taxi transfer works on a flat price and hence you do not have to worry that there will be changes in charges.
  • As the holidays approach, there are usually too many people traveling and this can cause overcrowding of public transportation. Traveling in a yellow cab can help you save the stress of waiting in queues.
After all the comparisons the differences between taxi and public transport, cabs are definitely a winner. Cab transfer decreases all the drawbacks that one may encounter while traveling. It is both efficient and effective and religiously dedicated to making sure the passengers enjoy their trip when using it.

Cabs are certainly one of the best means of transport. However, make sure you sample cab companies before selecting a company for use. You can do this by getting some feedback from family and friends who has used a taxicab transfer before.